Egg in Zoology Lab Crossword Clue

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Now, you may have a clue in your crossword where the clue is Egg in Zoology Lab. Since it is a biology term and you may not a biology expert, so you may need the answer for this clue. Let’s find the answer for this clue here.

The Answer for Egg in Zoology Lab Clue

If you are trying to answer a crossword and then you find a clue which says Egg in Zoology Lab, the answer for this clue is:

  • OVUM

This clue appeared in the Daily Themed Crossword on October 19th, 2021.

Egg in Zoology Lab Crossword Clue

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About Ovum

In the crossword above, the answer for Egg in the Zoology Lab clue is ovum. But, what is ovum? When you were at school, you may have learnt about it, but you forgot about it now. So, for improving the knowledge about it, let’s read the explanation about Ovum according to Britannica below.

Ovum, or ova in the plural form, is human physiology, single cell which is released from the female reproductive organs. It can develop into a new organism when it is fertilized with a sperm cell.

When the ovum develops, the walls of the follicle will expand by adding new cells. The follicle and ovum will move slowly through the tissue of the ovary. They do it until they cause a bulge in the surface of the organ. There is usually a fluid secreted by the follicular cells in the hollow cavity between the egg and the follicular wall. With it, the ovum keeps moist and it gives a suitable growing environment. What will happen if the follicle ruptures? If it happens, the egg will be released from the ovary and it is captured and guided by the fallopian tubes. The egg is moved to the cavity of the uterus by muscular contractions of the fallopian tubes.

In the ovum, there is a central nucleus which contains the genetic material of female. Together with the genetic material in the sperm cell, it determines the inherited characteristics of the child. There is a cell plasma surrounding the nucleus. The cell plasma is also called yolk and it contains nutritional elements essentials to the developing egg cell.

Let’s say that an egg is not fertilized in 24 hours of its eruption. If so, it will start to degenerate. If the egg is fertilized, it will experience a series of cell divisions. Let’s say that at an early stage of its development the egg which has been fertilized splits into two parts that continue to grow. If it happens, it will become identical twins. However, if the division is incomplete, it will become Siamese twins where it will be born physically joined. What about fraternal twins? It happens when there are two separate eggs which are released and independently fertilized.

As explained on Wikipedia, in all mammals the ovum is fertilized inside the body of the female. The ovum is one of the biggest cells in the human body and usually it can be seen with the naked eye without having to use a microscope or other magnification device.

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