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You may be looking for the answer key for Edmentum because you are learning this now. However, you may not know where to go. Well, I have searched the information about it and here is what I have found about EdMentum Answers key.

The Answers Key of EdMentum

When I tried to find the information about EdMentum Answers Key, I found EdMentum All Study Guide on Quizlet as you are able to see below.

  • XYZ Affair
    Answer: had strong feelings against France.
  • 3 Branches of Government
    Answer: judicial, legislative, executive
  • Alexander Hamilton
    Answer: Federalist who established a national bank to protect the country’s finances
  • James Madison
    Answer: wrote Federalist paper No. 10 describing how central government would avoid breaking down
  • The purpose of the federalist papers
    Answer: to convince New York citizens to ratify the Constitution
  • 1st amendment
    Answer: gives freedom to practice religion freely
  • James Madison
    Answer: drafted the Bill of Rights
  • Bicameral
    Answer: Legislature that divides power between House of Representatives and the Senate
  • Federalism
    Answer: Divides power between national and state governments
  • 2 documents that influenced U.S. Constitution
    Answer: Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights
  • Order of events in drafting the Constitution
    Answer: Annapolis Convention, Constitutional Convention, Sign, Ratify
  • First 10 Amendments
    Answer: Bill of Rights
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
    Answer: Acts that drove out foreigners and allowed governments to punish opponents
  • The idea that Washington introduced as president
    Answer: Only president for 8 years
  • Judiciary Act
    Answer: established federal court system
  • Sedition Act
    Answer: weakened opposition to federal government
  • Order of events during Washington and Adams presidencies
    Answer: Washington elected French Revolution Proclamation of Neutrality Adams elected XYZ Affair

EdMentum Answers Key

Besides, on US Legal Forms, I also found EdMentum Answer Key Algebra 2 and here are some of the answers key.

Course 15 Numbers and Their Properties
Module: Rules for Exponents and Radicals
Objective: To practice applying rules for exponents when the exponents are rational numbers.

  • When multiplying expressions with exponents, you should add the exponents if the … are the same.
    Answer: bases
  • The term 2×3 us the same as (2x)3.
    Answer: false
  • Any quantity raised to the zero power is equal to …
    Answer: 1
  • A non-zero number raised to a negative exponent is equal to … over the number raised to a … exponent.
    Answer: 1, positive
  • Any quantity raised to the one-half power is equal to the … … of the quantity.
    Answer: square, root

Problem Set:

Simplify each expression

  1. (2x)4 = 16×4
  2. 25 ½ = 5
  3. (r3)5 = r15
  4. (4n)-1 = 1/4n
  5. (9a3) (4a5) = 36a8
  6. (5t)0 = 1
  7. 32b3/4b6 = 8/b3
  8. 84/24 = 44 or 256
  9. 21×6 y4z/ 3x3y2z = 7x3y2
  10. (a2b7c5)-3 = 1/ a6b21c15
  11. (2x3y2)4 = 16x12y8
  12. (2x-3y/6x-2y-6)-2 = 9x2b2/4y14
  13. X1/8 • x3/4 • x9/8 = x2
  14. (4a2bc5)2 • (2a3b2c)-1 = 8ac9
  15. 5x-3y2z-6/ 15x-5y-3z2 = x2y5/3z8
  16. (8x9y6)1/3/(36x10y4)1/2 = 1/3×2


Explain the difference between 4×3 and (4x)3

Answer: 4×3 is equal to 4 • x • x • x, while (4x)3 is equal to 4x • 4x • 4x which is the same as 4 • 4 • 4 • x • x • x or 64 • x • x • x.

To know more the answer key, you are able to access the US Legal Form site and visit link here.

The Way to Get EdMentum Answers as a Student

There are several ways to find EdMentum Answers as a student as you are able to read below.

  • You are able to search on the online courses or platforms such as Tutlance, Brainly and some other platforms. Let’s say that you are looking for the answers key on Tutlance. For your information, that platform is a repository of more than one million questions which are answered by top tutors online. The thing that you have to do is to search your question and if it is available, you have to login to read the answer. You are also able to hire a tutor to help you answer questions for you.
  • You are able to find the answers key from Google. It seems that this method is the first method which comes to the students’ mind when they face a difficulty in answering the questions on EdMentum. You are able to try to find the answer through Google if you are stuck with one or two Edmentum answers and you do not have a clue at all.
  • You are able to try to get answer keys from Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is also a repository where it is same as Google and you have to enter the question and find the best resource for you on that platform. It is important for you to note that some of the edmentum answer keys PDF files that you may find using search engines may be corrupted and you will be directed to other sites.
  • You are able to ask your friend or family to help you. Let’s say that your friends or family members are smart enough on that topic that you need help with. If so, you are able to ask them to help you complete your assignments.
  • You are able to hire a tutor to help you. You are able to pay someone to take your online class for you. One of the platforms which provide it is Tutlance where they claim that they have the very best and experienced tutors who are always ready to help you complete any homework or take online exam for you as explained on their site. They also can do math homework for students.

Accessing Answer Keys for Teachers

If you are a teacher, you are able to access answer key on Edmentum for sure. Answers keys are provided by Edmentum for a lot of the drop box or offline activities. As a teacher, if you want to access the answer keys, you are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to login to Edmentum as a teacher.
  • After logging in, then you have to click on the Help Center.
  • Here, the thing that you need to do is to click on the Support Site which can be found at the bottom left corner after you click Help Center.
  • And then, you need to click on the Courseware Instructor Materials.

There, you will discover a lot of valuable resources and materials.

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