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Do you want to refinance in Earnest? If you have this plan and you do not know when to start, you are able to ask to the customer service of Earnest. Here, we have the contact that you can use for contacting Earnest customer service including phone number, email address and mail address and also we have some FAQs related to refinance student loan in Earnest.

Phone Number of Earnest Student Loan Refinance

If you have some questions about loan refinance or other things related to Earnest student loan, there are some contacts that you are able to use including via phone, email and mail. You are able to choose one of the methods.

If you want to contact Earnest through phone number, you are able to contact them at (888) 601-2801. This phone number is available from Monday to Friday at 8 am to 5 pm. If you prefer to send email, you are able to send your email to hello@earnest.com. Do you want to contact Earnest through standard mail? Then, you are able to send your mail to PO Box 9250, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9250.

If you have an active personal loan in repayment and then your personal loan is serviced by the trusted partner of Earnest, System & Services Technologies (SST). You are able to get their support team at 1-866-798-9888. This phone number is available from Monday through Friday at 7 am to 10 pm CST and on Saturdays it is available from 8 am to 12 PM CST. This number can be contacted if you need their help for these things:

  • If you are having problem in making payments.
  • To update your personal information.
  • To change your contact information.
  • To make payments.
  • To make changes to your autopay.
  • To find your statements.
  • If you need transaction history.
  • To find your loan or account number.

Some FAQs About Refinancing in Earnest

To help you understand more about refinancing in Earnest, there are some frequently asked questions from the official website of Earnest. Here, we have the summary of it.

  • Who are eligible for refinancing with Earnest?

It is a solution for employed or graduates who have high-interest, unsubsidized Direct Loans, private loan or Graduate PLUS loans. To be eligible to refinance with Earnest, make sure that you have a strong history of financial responsibility. You also must have an income that supports the life of the Earnest loan and your everyday living expenses. And here are the requirements that you have to meet:

    • You need to be least 18 years old.
    • You must be a United States citizen or has a 10-year (non-conditional) Permanent Resident Card.
    • You live in a state where Earnest lend.
    • Your student loans were used to pay for a completed degree from a college or university which is accredited under Title IV.
    • You graduated or you are in your final semester.
    • You are employed or have consistent income in USD.
  • What is the distinction between student loan refinancing and consolidation?

In consolidation, multiple student loans are combined into one. It means one monthly payment instead of having to juggle a lot of different ones, sometimes with some loan companies. When you consolidate, the rate of your interest will be a weighted average of the interest rates on the loans that you combine. You will not save money on interest rates, but it is able to make life easier by reducing the amount of time you spend to manage different payments. How about refinancing? It can be done with one loan or some and involves getting a new loan with a different rate than before because of the changes in your financial situation. When you refinance, usually you work with a company to pay off the original loan and get a new unified loan at a lower rate.

  • Can we refinance our current Earnest student loan refinance again?

Refinancing your Earnest loans again may be allowed to meet your financial goals. For being eligible, you have to make four months of consecutive, on-time payments to your current Earnest loan. You are able to start it by logging into your profile and then access the Products tab. After that, scroll down to Student Loan Refinancing. You can check your rates using the rate estimating tool in Earnest site. After you check your rates and then you want to move forward with a full application, there are several things that you need to remember.

    • The new loan that you will have must be $5,000 or more.
    • If your request approved, your whole Earnest loan balance will be paid off with the new loan.
    • To get lower rates, Earnest team will review your current financial profile.
    • The application will ask you to consent to a new hard credit inquiry to be able to review your most recent credit report.
    • The balance of your connected financial accounts is out of date.
    • Current market rates implements.
    • The process is now estimated to take approximately 20 days.
    • The option to refinance is only available to clients who are now living in a state where Earnest has a license to lend.
  • Now, we are enrolled in school, can we refinance?

You are able to be eligible to refinance your student loans while you are attending school. However, it depends on your current school enrollment and loan status. Enrolled in school half-time or more? You are only eligible to refinance if you are in your last semester before graduation. Enrolled in school less than half-time? If your loans are now in repayment, you are eligible to apply for the refinancing of the loans which are from a previously completed degree.

  • What will happen to our loan if we go back to school?

Earnest team offer postponement up to 36 months for you who return to an accredited graduate school at least half time. If you want to be eligible for postponement, your current enrollment status need to be more than half-time. To confirm your enrollment status, you will be requested additional documentation by Earnest team. The acceptable forms of documentation are an official letter on school letterhead which confirm the start and end dates of the program that you are enrolled in and verification form from the National Clearing House.

  • What makes refinancing our student loans with Earnest different from other refinancing or consolidation options?

The student loan refinancing in Earnest is unique because it has merit-based rates; no fees for origination, prepayment or anything else; no middlemen, precision pricing, and radical flexibility.

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