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With MyChart, you have direct online access to information from your electronic medical record (EMR). Your medical information such as lab results, medications, appointment information, immunizations and more are stored securely. Here is what you need to know about Dupage Medical Group MyChart.

About MyChart

On MyChart Dupage Medical Group web flyer, it is explained that MyChart gives you direct online access to information from your electronic medical record (EMR). Your medical information such as immunizations, lab results, medications, appointment information and more are stored securely here for quick retrieval.

In MyChart, there are also new, convenient methods of communication with your doctor’s office. With MyChart, you are able to renew prescriptions, send messages and request appointments online. You just have to log in to MyChart which can be accessed at mychart.dupagemedicalgroup.com.

Dupage Medical Group MyChart Guide

Information That You Can See in MyChart

On MyChart Dupage Medical Group web flyer, it is explained that you are able to see information from your medical record such as medications, lab and radiology test results, allergies, immunizations, current health issues, medical history and due dates for preventive care. Printing a Health Summary for your records can also be done here.

Other Things That You Can Do in MyChart

In MyChart, you are able to send and receive secure messages to and from your doctor’s office, request appointments, request prescription refills and receive appointment reminders.

Can We Use MyChart For Urgent Matters?

You are not able to use MyChart to send messages to require immediate attention. If there are urgent medical matters, you have to call your doctor’s office.

Your Information in MyChart Is Secure

It is explained on the web flyer of MyChart Dupage Medical Group that they take great care to ensure the information of your health is kept private and secure. It is because access to information is controlled through personal IDs and passwords. Besides, MyChart also uses the latest encryption technology. It is also explained that all MyChart messaging is done while you are logged on securely to the website of MyChart Dupage Medical Group.

Knowing When My Information Is Updated in MyChart

On the MyChart Dupage Medical Group web flyer, it is explained that when you first log in to MyChart, you are able to provide an email address to which alerts will be sent. It is important for you to know that these alerts will not contain any specific information from your MyChart account, but they will inform you that you have updated information in MyChart to review such as a new message from your doctor’s office, an appointment reminder or new test results.

Can We See The Health Records of Our Family?

You are able to see the health record of your family and this is called proxy access. As explained on the MyChart Dupage Medical Group web flyer, for a child under 12, it permits a parent or legal guardian to log into their personal MyChart account, and then see information about their child. It is also explained that per State and Federal guidelines, if the child is 12, the parent will still be able to access appointments. Besides, they are also able to send messages. However, they will have limited access to the medical record information of the child.

After the child turns 18, the parent can have access to the patient’s medical record information with the authorization from the patient. You are also able to request access to another adult’s health record. It can be done if you help manage that adult’s medical care.

Signing Up for MyChart

If you want to get an access code for your own health record information, you have to complete the MyChart Sign Up Form which is available at the office of your doctor. If you want to get an access code to be able to view a family member’s health information, you have to complete the Proxy Form.

If you turn in the forms at your doctor’s office, your access code will be given to you soon. You are also able to mail or fax the Sign-Up and Proxy Forms to the DMG Health Information Management (HIM) Department. Here is the address.
DuPage Medical Group
HIM Department
1801 S. Highland Avenue, Lombard, IL 60148
630 324 2933 fax

How to Get More Information Than Is Available through MyChart

Do you need more information than what is available through MyChart? If so, you are able to complete DMG’s Authorization for Release of Health Information Form and turn it in at your doctor’s office or mail or fax it to the address/ fax number on the form.

If you want to contact for asking about MyChart, you can contact anyone at your doctor’s office or you are able to call the MyChart Help Desk toll-free at 1 855 2MYCHART (1 855 269 2427).

How to Login to MyChart DuPage

According to the Tutorials Vista site, here are the steps to login to MyChart DuPage.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to go to the DuPage Medical Group MyChart Login site at mychart.dupagemd.net.
  • Then, you have to navigate to the right side of the page to fill out MyChart username and password fields with the appropriate information.
  • After that, you need to click on the Sign In button.

After you are logged in to MyChart, you are able to manage your MyChart account online and access the MyChart services.

Resetting MyChart DuPage Login Credentials

If you do not remember your MyChart Online account login credentials, you have to click on the Forgot Username or Forgot Password link. The link  can be found under the Sign In button on the first page of the MyChart Patient Portal. After that, you have to submit the details below to be able to use the self-service features and start the recovery process.

  • MyChart username (if you want to reset password) or your First Name and Last Name (if you want to retrieve username)
  • Zip Code
  • Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy format

You have to follow the instructions on the screen and answer the security question of your MyChart account. After you complete all the steps correctly, you will get your MyChart username or a password resetting link to change your password in the email address on your file.

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