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The Defense Travel System (DTS) is an online system that allows active duty Army, Army National Guard members and Army Reserve to automate temporary duty (TDY) travel. The temporary duty travel includes creating authorizations, making book reservations, generating payment vouchers, receiving approval and also direct payment to their bank account.

Then, you may wonder where you can find DTS Army Training. However, the DTS Army Training seems to bridge the personnel so that they are able to do anything related to the task while visiting. So, let’s talk more about Defense Travel System Army Training through our post below!

How Does DTS Work?

Defense Travel System seems to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end travel management system which allows DoD travelers to make authorization, generate travel vouchers, prepare reservations, and receive split reimbursement between their bank account and the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) vendor.

Defense Travel System operates at more than 9,500 total sites worldwide. DTS today processes over 25,000 transactions and roughly 100,000 unique users access the DTS on a daily basis.

Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Program Management Office DTS (PMO-DTS) runs the program related to technical, acquisition, maintenance and operation oversight of Defense Travel System and the Defense Travel Management Office, OUSD (P&R) has functional oversight.

How to Register in the Defense Travel System (DTS)?

If you have a plan to register in DTS Army Training, make sure to find out available DTS training. You can look for the available DTS Army training  on the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) site here.

Once finding available DTS Army Training, you need to ask your supervisor who your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) is that provides your organization. You also need to contact for assistance with any issues that are encountered when trying to register. After that, your DTA will inform you of the information unique to your organization which is needed to register.

To register in DTA Army Training, you need to meet some documents. After that, the documents are submitted, processed and approved at the organization that is responsible for funding the travel.

After the documents are approved by the organizational approving official, the payment will then be sent electronically to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the traveler’s bank account.

How to Create DTS Documents?

In fact, there are a bunch of documents that you will use for the Defense Travel System (DTS). There are three main documents that you need to create including an authorization, a local voucher and a voucher.

Here’s how to create an authorization!

  • You can create an authorization on the DTS dashboard.
  • Choose ‘Create New Document’.
  • Then, select ‘Routine TDY Trip’.

If it is your first time using DTS, sure it has been more than 30 days since you last validated your profile or your GTCC is nearing or past expiration. To update your personal information, you can navigate to the Profile Validation screen and open it first. Then, confirm or update all information. Last, choose ‘Update Personal Information’.

Here’s how to create a local voucher!

  • To create a local voucher, you can go to the DTS Dashboard and choose ‘Create New Document’.
  • After that, click on the ‘Local Voucher’.
  • Then, you need to enter the Local Voucher Date. You can also enter a past date, though default is current date.
  • After a local voucher is claimed for completed travel, you can enter incurred expenses.
  • You can then enter a ‘Reference’ or leave the field blank.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to answer the question.
  • If you get a question that says ‘Are You Attending a Conference or Event?’ If you choose ‘Yes’, a new window will appear.
  • Then, type in the Conference or Event Name and click on ‘Continue’.
  • After that, the ‘Enter Expenses’ screen will open.
  • You will then follow the further instructions until you successfully create a local voucher.

Here’s how to create a voucher!

  • You also need to navigate to the DTS dashboard to create a voucher.
  • Then, choose ‘Create New Document’ and then select ‘Voucher’.
  • You can choose ‘Create Voucher’ beside an authorization.
  • After that, DTS will create the voucher using the information in the authorization.
  • Then, you can open it on the ‘Review Trip Voucher’ screen.
  • Last, you should update the information in the voucher to reflect the actual events.

Okay, that’s how to create three main DTS documents that you will need when taking DTS Army Training.

How to Create a DTS Account?

In order to use the DTS, you will need to create a DTS account first. Aside from a DTS account, you may have to get a PKI certificate, learn how to use DTS and import/ export partner administrators only. Well, getting a DTS account and PKI certificate typically occur as part of the in-process activities even if you are new to the site.

You can create a DTS account by contacting your DTS Site Administrator (DTA) that serves your organization. You can contact me for further assistance with any issues encountered when trying to register. Afterwards, your DTA will set up your DTA account and provide the information to your organization needed to register.

Aside from a DTA account, you also need to get a PKI certificate that you can obtain by contacting your Local Registration Authority of DEERS/RAPIDS verification Officer for CAC cards.

Once you meet some requirements, you may need to learn how to use DTS. In fact, there are a number of tools that you can use to learn how to use DTS. On the Defense Travel site, you can navigate to the Training Resources link in the Quick Links and Resources box located on the top right of the screen.

Issues You May Face in DTS

You may find an error message that says ‘Your account is locked or cannot be found…’. If you get this issue, you need to contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA). They will receive your account from your prior organization.

You can also find out from your supervisor who the DTA is for your organization. Then, if you still get this issue, ensure that you do not have a second account which needs to be received.

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