Does Respondus LockDown Browser Record You without Permission?

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Talking about a student’s exam record, the LockDown Browser provides a Respondus Monitor, a webcam to allow recording the students during online exams. This app will record the student audio and visual through a webcam. The Respondus Monitor app also uses industry-leading video analytics.

If you’re a student who will use the Respondus LockDown Browser, you may wonder whether this secure browser records you without permission. Certainly, this is such necessary information for you, as it’s all about the license.

So, let’s find out more information about Respondus Monitor Permission in our post!

Does Respondus LockDown Browser Record You without Permission1

Respondus Monitor Permission

In fact, when an institution licenses a Respondus Monitor or also LockDown Browser, it’s important for the institution’s instructor to communicate this to the students. It means that the instructor will have the authority to record the student audio and visual during the online exam.

By first communicating the use of the Respondus Monitor to the students, they can certainly give approval and permission to the instructor to record them during the online exam both visually and audio. So, the students will prepare their computer that meets the system requirements which allows the instructor to record their exam.

The point is, the Respondus LockDown Browser will allow you to use the Respondus Monitor with your permission, as your instructor will communicate first when the exam needs to use the webcam. So, the students will be ready to take an online exam with the use of Respondus Monitor.

It’s important to note, in a certain situation, an instructor probably will not communicate beforehand that the students should use the Respondus Monitor, as an exam requires you to use the webcam feature. In this circumstance, the instructor will be able to access the information about the exam sessions and can review the recorded videos.

How Does the Respondus Monitor Work?

In fact, the Respondus Monitor is intended to be a preventive measure, so that the students will not have a chance for cheating, or viewing any sources online, as their activities during the online exam will be recorded. The students who will be recorded should have access to both the monitor and functional webcam.

With the use of this app, it will flag any behaviours which indicate instances of cheating. Then, the instructors will be able to view the recording and decide for themselves. In addition to recording student audio and visuals, the Respondus LockDown Browser can also be installed in each of the student’s devices.

However, it will assure that they are able to pre-check the sound recording status before starting to take the tests. Once the status check, the student can navigate to the course to attend the test in the LockDown browser itself.

It’s important to note that Respondus Monitor is only designed to record ambient sound. While the usage of a monitor is not able to record an audio response to an exam question. The only exception is the availability of a built-in audio response recorder in case students need to record for a foreign language class.

To take advantage of this app,  the faculty member needs to utilize advanced settings in the LockDown Browser dashboard, allowing another app to use a microphone in the same browser during the online exam.

After the setting is turned on, the ambient sound will not be recorded by Respondus Monitor, as it should release the microphone to the other apps in order to run functionally. Certainly, there will be a number of solutions for Kiosk browsers which are available in the market that can restrict and adjust the functionality of your site.

Aside from that, the Respondus LockDown Browser will lock down other apps in Kiosk Mode during online exams. Well, if you have a solution, it may allow you to configure the browser to full mobile device management (MDM) without any inconvenience.

How to Use the Respondus Monitor?

When your instructor allows you to use the Respondus Monitor for a test, you need to use a computer with a webcam and also a microphone. To use this app, your instructor will set the Respondus Monitor first. Of course, the additional settings will show in the LockDown Browser Dashboard, if your institution licenses the Respondus Monitor.

To use the Respondus Monitor, it will require you to use the Respondus LockDown Browser with a webcam. After that, there will be a bunch of options available for Respondus Monitor. Then, to require the students to use a webcam during the exam, the instructor needs to choose the ‘Require Respondus Monitor for this exam’ option.

In case of giving the options to the students to either take the exam with a webcam or in a proctored testing lab, certainly, the instructor has to select an option which says ‘Either Respondus Monitor or a proctored lab can be used to take this exam’.

Certainly, a password will be required to access your test. Now, you can select the items that you can include in the Startup Sequence. Last but not least, most settings in Respondus Monitor are optional, so you have a right to either enable or disable what you need for exams.

Here’s the Startup Sequence before using the Respondus Monitor:

  • You have to review and agree to the Terms of Use.
  • Sure, the Webcam Check will confirm first where your webcam and microphone are working well. The first time the Webcam Check is done on a computer. Then, the Adobe Flash will allow you to choose ‘Allow’ and ‘Remember’.
  • The following steps of the Startup Sequence will be depending on the settings which are selected by your instructor. Certainly, you need to follow the instructions. Aside from that you also need to note your progress along the top of the screen.
  • If you face a problem, you should choose the ‘It’s not working’ link for problem solvings.

Then, the test will start after the Startup Sequence is completed. Keep in mind, you’re not allowed to exit LockDown Browser until the test is submitted for grading.

Okay, that’s the information that you have to know about the usage of Respondus Monitor. Make sure to understand how to set the webcam to record your online test.

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