Does Penn Foster Do a Graduation Ceremony?

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Before the pandemic of Covid-19, Penn Foster always carried out the graduation ceremony celebration annually. During the pandemic, Penn Foster was forced to stop the graduation ceremony. Recently, the government has relaxed rules on mobility restrictions, as the pandemic appears to be over soon.

Then, you may wonder whether or not Penn Foster will conduct a graduation ceremony 2022, considering the pandemic of Covid-19 is not completely over. If you’re looking for information about the Penn Foster graduation ceremony, you can dive into our post to find out the real facts about it. Here you go!

Does Penn Foster Do a Graduation Ceremony

Will Penn Foster Conduct a Graduation Ceremony in 2022?

According to the current information about Penn Foster graduation ceremony available on its official website, Penn Foster will not be conducting an in-person graduation ceremony in 2022, for the health and safety of Penn Foster’s faculty, graduates and the guests.

Penn Foster will not also hold the virtual graduation ceremony, instead the Penn Foster graduates can still celebrate their graduation with their family and friends at home. They can also share their graduation photos with Penn Foster on some social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Will Penn Foster Host a Virtual Graduation Ceremony?

As we’ve mentioned, Penn Foster will not also host a graduation ceremony virtually. Instead of conducting a virtual graduation ceremony, Penn Foster will design a digital yearbook that will create a memento for their graduates and then allow the faculty, family and friends to share congratulatory messages.

If you need more details on how to take part in the digital yearbook, Penn Foster will then share more information with all qualified graduates via email. The cancellation of this event will not deliver any effects on graduates who receive their completion documents.

Even though there’s no graduation ceremony, Penn Foster graduates will still receive their diploma or degree and become a Penn Foster Graduate, after you’ve passed all your courses and fulfilled all payments. Each graduate’s diploma or degree will be then mailed. It is known that Penn Foster graduation is purely ceremonial and there are no official diplomas or degrees that will be distributed at the event.

How to Get Graduation Costumes to Celebrate at Home?

Even though you can only celebrate your graduation at home with your family and friends, wearing a graduation costume is such a must for you. If the graduation ceremony is hosted at campus, you do not have to seek on the graduation costume, as they may be available at campus.

However, finding the graduation costume is not complicated, since there are a number of online stores that provide a variety of graduation costumes, one of them is really provides some graduation stuff such as regalia, class rings and also diploma frames. In addition to purchasing the graduation costume directly from, you can also buy them from and additional merchandise can be bought through Spring.

Here’s how to buy the graduation costumes on!

  • You just simply visit Jostens’ store here.
  • After you are at Jostens homepage, you may need to click on the ‘Shop Your School’ button.
  • Then, you can enter ‘Penn Foster’ on the available option.
  • After that, you will be taken to the Penn Foster store page.
  • On the Penn Foster shop page, you can click on the ‘Graduation Shop’ button.
  • On Penn Foster graduation shop, you can browse all graduation items.
  • Now, you can start purchasing graduation items here.

Congratulations! You can now purchase a variety of graduation stuff on in the section of Penn Foster Graduation Shop. It’s important to note, cap and gown are currently not available online. Instead, you can contact your sales rep here.

Get to Know Penn Foster Graduation Tips

While the graduation ceremony is not hosted on-person at Penn Foster campus, but knowing some graduation tips is a must in preparing for the next graduation celebration. Here are some graduation tips you need to know:

  1. Make sure to finish and pass any remaining lessons and exams. The lessons and exams should commonly be completed by May. If you do not complete any remaining lessons and exams, you will not be eligible to walk the stage.
  2. Register and buy your graduate tickets. Of course, you need to register and purchase a graduate ticket, so that your name will be called during the ceremony.
  3. Prepare your cap and gown. Even though you should not wear a cap and gown in the graduation ceremony, but it is very recommended.
  4. Invite your family and friends to cheer on you. To share your happiness, you can invite your friends and family who have supported you along the way.
  5. Make sure to reserve a hotel room immediately if you have got a long way to travel.
  6. Ensure you are familiar with the venue’s security policies. During the graduation ceremony, you need to follow the rules of the event venue to make everything stay safe.
  7. Not to be late. You will need to arrive at the event venue no later than the allotted time, as you need to register, receive your tassel and prepare to walk the stage.
  8. Make sure to remember to be proud of what you have achieved.
  9. Decorating your graduation cap is very recommended.
  10. Check out the photos from previous graduation to get pumped for the current graduation.
  11. Make sure to pack your comfortable shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes will be required, as you will be standing on concrete floors for a long time.
  12. Gain a feel for what the graduation ceremony is like. Make sure to watch the whole ceremony from start to finish.
  13. Share photos of your diploma or degree on your social media to capture your moment.
  14. Make sure to get noticed by sharing your graduate story.
  15. Give inspiration to potential and current students by signing up to be a guest on their Alumni Spotlight Podcast.
  16. Be ready for your close-up by capturing memories of your big day with your family, friends and other students.
  17. Make sure to prepare for career success by attending the student success and career fair.
  18. Try to update your resume and LinkedIn.
  19. Planning your graduation celebration with your family at home is a must.

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