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Do you like watching Shameless? An American comedy-drama television series which aired on Showtime. In this series, one of the characters is Lip. In his family, he is the smartest member. Because of it, you may wonder whether Lip graduates from college or not. Let’s find out about it here.

Does Lip Graduate College?

In the series, he is the second-eldest Gallagher child. He is also the most academic where he is a student with straight A so that he gets 4.6 GPA. However, even though he has intelligence and he has excellent mechanical skills, he consciously wastes time acting like other people in his town. The intelligence that he has is used to  make money for his family such as taking the SAT for other students or avoiding the cops when he sells beer and marijuana from an ice cream truck.

According to Shameless Wiki, in season 4, the story shows that Lip starts as an undergraduate at Chicago Polytechnic Institute.But then, he finds that college is more difficult than he thought. He is not able to study for 10 minutes to get an A. He gets a D on a paper about Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and often he comes to class without having a pen.

According to Screenrant, if it were not for Fiona’s constant nagging, Lip would never have graduated. And if Mandy did not apply for him, he would not have attended college. At college, he did some effort, but then he was expelled because he was not able to control his temper. He also failed to fully realize that his actions can affect his future.

Does Lip Graduate College

Lip’s Personality

According to Shameless Wiki, here is Lip’s personality. As explained earlier, Lip is very smart for his age. He can boast a high GPA and he has a genius IQ. However, he can be very irresponsible and self-sabotaging. Besides Carl, Lip is the only member of the family who has a juvenile record. Often, he gets into trouble just for the sake of causing mayhem. Lip is a loner and maybe because of it, he does not have close friends.

Lip becomes self-destructive where it is a common symptom of being an adult child of an alcoholic. Part of emotional problems owned by Lip are because of the high expectations that his family puts on him where his family hopes that he will make something of his life and help them in turn. Lip does rebellions against social norms. He refuses to apply to college or finish high school. These things that he does lead to big problems such as graduating late, floundering in his first semester of college.

Nevertheless, Lip is loyal to his family and also he protects his younger siblings. It can be seen when he took over as guardian after the incident of Fiona in Season 4. The abilities of Lip to caretake rivaled Fiona’s at this time. It is because he could handle the responsibility well and he did not have a problem tending to the needs of his family.

You are able to see his playful side which shines through in his interactions with Liam and other children. When Fiona struggles, he keeps everything from falling apart. Nevertheless, Lip is not always wise. It can be seen when he likes to break into cars, steal science equipment and smash windows. There was also an action where he was caught doing carjacking schemes with Steve/ Jimmy to be able to buy Florence + the Machine concert tickets for his girlfriend. Besides, Lip is also combative and pugnacious. He is not afraid to back down from anyone who challenges him and he will vent his frustration by getting into fights and destroying property. The smarts that he has is also used to pull off lucrative cash schemes.

Even though he has a number of bad personalities, but he is a deeply sensitive person who has trouble being vulnerable and his issues with women point to fragile self-esteem. When he becomes a parent, he is very happy and he wants to be a better example to his son Freddie than his parents were to him. He feels exasperated with the responsibilities of a parent, but he holds own and cares for his child.

About Shameless

According to Wikipedia, here is the description about this series. Shameless is a comedy-drama tv series from America. This show was developed by John Wells. This series aired on Showtime from January 9th, 2011 to April 11th, 2021. This series is an adaptation of the British series of the same name created by Paul Abbott. The setting of the series is on the South Side of Chicago.

The premier of the ninth season of this show was on September 9th, 2018. This show became the longest-running original scripted series in the history of Showtime. In January 2019, this show was renewed for a tenth season and the premier of the show was on November 10, 2019. In January 2020, the show was updated for its eleventh and final season. Then, the premier of this show was on December 6th, 2020. On December 14th, 2020, Showtime made an announcement that they were airing a clip show series during Season 11, Shameless: Hall of Shame. There, it contains new scenes which are juxtaposed with clips from the show with the aim to sum up the journeys of the characters during the prior 10 seasons.

In this series, you can see that it depicts the family which is poor and dysfunctional where it is the family of Frank Gallagher. Frank is a single father of six children namely Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. He spends his days drunk and his children learn to take care of themselves. The producers of the show sought to distinguish this production from previous American working-class shows. They did it by highlighting how Frank’s alcoholism and drug addiction affect Frank’s family.

This show obtained a number of awards. Two of them were in 2012, it won PRISM Awards for Comedy Series – Substance Use Prism Award and also Best Performance in a Comedy Series by William H. Macy.

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