Does Course Hero Give Wrong Answers?

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You may want to use Course Hero, but you may doubt whether the answers given in Course Hero are right or wrong. As we know that anyone can be a tutor there and there is probably a chance where the answer given by the tutor is wrong. To be clear about it, let’s read the information about it here from several sources.

Does Course Hero Give Wrong Answers?

As explained on the GradeBees site, Course Hero gives correct answers. The reason that can make you believe is that there are tutors who answer your questions, especially for paid subscriptions. When those tutors apply for the job as a tutor in Course Hero, they include their certificates, diploma, and more which show that they are eligible to be a tutor on this platform. Then, the team of Course Hero checks it and decides to accept them if the team thinks that they are eligible. So, the tutors should have quality.

However, even though Course Hero has experienced tutors, there are some answers which may be wrong. The reason is because some answers may be uploaded by students to get unlocks. So, what do we have to do? It returns to you. When you use the answers on Course Hero, you have to be careful. If it is possible, you can check the answers from other reliable resources. On the GradeBees site, it is also explained that the correctness of the answers usually relies on you. Furthermore, that site claims that when they compared Course Hero and Chegg, they found that the latter is more accurate in answers.

If you are satisfied with the answers that you got from Course Hero, the tutors will be paid. However, if the answers given by the tutors have low quality, the tutors will not be paid.

On the Course Hero site on the Support section, there is an explanation about what we have to do if the answer that is given by our tutor is wrong. The Course Hero explains that if there is still time to be able to get a new answer, you are able to return to the Question thread and then you can rate the answer given by the tutor as ‘helpful’ or ‘unhelpful’. It is important for you to give the specific reason why you are denying the answer. So, the Support Team in Course Hero is able to solve your problem appropriately. Furthermore, they also explain that you have to report incorrect information within 30 days of the requested deadline. Let’s say that the deadline has passed or you have accepted the answer. If so, you have to contact the Course Hero Support Team by using the Contact Us button on the Course Hero site.

Is Using Course Hero Categorized into Cheating?

When you do your homework with the help of Course Hero, you may eventually think whether what you do is categorized into cheating or not. It is because you may access that site and then ask your homework questions and then instantly you get the answers on your book or laptop and then you submit it to your teachers. Well, to make you clear, here is the explanation about whether using Course Hero is cheating or not according to the Course Hero site on Support section.

It is not cheating if you use the resources on Course Hero to supplement your studies, expand your resume skills, or enhance your understanding of a topic. It is because taking the initiative to get the help that you need or explore new topics is important for your successful future. However, the Course Hero team also acknowledges that there are some students who do not use Course Hero in the way that was intended. It is important to note by Course Hero users that Course Hero does not tolerate copyright infringement, plagiarism or cheating in any kind of methods. If there are users who misuse Course Hero to get an unfair advantage, submit content owned by another member as their own, or violate any regulation, law, ethics code or school code, they will be able to be banned permanently from Course Hero platform.

The team of Course Hero has tried to work hard to be able to build and maintain an education resource which has quality and they are proud because they are able to work with educators, administrators, students and parents to guarantee that the integrity of the Course Hero site is not compromised.

Tips to Use Course Hero

If you want to use Course Hero, make sure that you do not violate the copyright and do not plagiarism. So, to be able to use Course Hero wisely, you are able to read some tips to use Course Hero below according to the LearnPar site.

  • Make sure that you do not use the same copies. When you use the answers, avoid writing the answers word by word. As explained on LearnPar site, there are some methods to avoid duplicating the same content. You can do that by rewording the sentences, using a synonym or changing the voice in the sentences.
  • You have to paraphrase the answer. It means that you have to formulate the answers so that it can appear unique and original. To be able to paraphrase it, first you have to read and understand the type of answer that is given by the Course Hero. After that, you have to write it in your own words without deviating from the meaning of the answer.
  • You have to use the solutions for comparisons only. Course Hero can be used by you responsibly and make sure that you can escape the cheating trap. It can be done by checking the answer and then comparing it with what you researched. If you find that the tutors gave the response in a manner that agrees with your given solutions, then you will realize that you are doing the right thing. However, if you think that their answers deviate a lot, some adjustments can be made to your pieces and make them sound rich and informative.

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