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As a DePaul student, you may need information about the D2L (a DePaul’s learning management system) that you cannot find on the DePaul sites. Or you may be looking for the troubleshooting of the D2L issues you face that you do not find from the D2L DePaul Help and Support.

We think that what you want to do here is to contact the D2L support team in order to get the problem solvings for the D2L issues you encounter. By contacting the D2L support team, you can get the right solution that you can’t get from the DePaul Help Desk.

Then, how to contact the D2L support team to ask questions for the D2L issues? Well, if you really need a way to contact the D2L support team, please see our post below!

Contact the D2L Support Team Via Email

DePaul D2L Email

The D2L support team can be reached out by sending them an email to You can explain what you face about the D2L clearly and accurately so that they can answer your email and give the solutions correctly.

Instead, if you need help in designing a new course, you can contact your department’s instructional designer. Additionally, if you need the information for online teaching resources, you can visit

On the DePaul Online Teaching page, you will get a variety of resources and also the guides to assist you to expand your online teaching skill set and to improve the design of your online courses. Of course, this page will cover some following information:

  • Documentation and Guides: The page provides the resources for getting started teaching online.
  • D2L Request Form: This page will help you with common D2L tasks which allows you to get the D2L request form.
  • Workshops and Training: This page shows you where to find upcoming workshops and training.
  • Who to Contact Support: This page also provides you how to contact a support team that can help you for online teaching.

Additionally, at DePaul University, supporting great teaching and creating transformative learning experiences are top priorities. It’s just as true for online teaching as it’s for teaching in a physical classroom. The suggestions that you can find on this page will help you to create a rich experience for the students including a high degree or personal engagement.

How to Request Help with D2L?

If you need help, you can visit the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). However, CTL is the main source of contact for help when working with the D2L. They totally provide training and help troubleshoot issues in course sites. They also help assist faculty who want to integrate technology into their courses and partner with them to design fully online and hybrid online classes.

Addition, you may get a variety of issues when working with the D2L. If you get any D2L issues, DePaul provides Help Desk Support to assist the users finding the troubleshooting based on the issues they encounter. To get help from Help & Support, you can visit the page here. or you can find the solutions through the Student Success page here.

How to Request the D2L Form?

In order to get the D2L forms, you can request by choosing one of the following forms below!

  • Quiz Request Form

Through this form, you should draft your quiz using a template and then submit it to Faculty Instructional Technology Support. They will then set your quiz up in the D2L and inform you when it’s available for your preview. It’s important to note, you should submit all of your quiz materials at least 5 days in advance to guarantee where it’ll be set up in time.

  • Other D2L Forms

You can also request other D2L forms by copying course content, request a course, combine courses or add TAs. Then, if you have a D2L Sandbox, it will allow you to experiment with D2L features in a course which doesn’t have any students enrolled in it. Meanwhile, if you do not have one yet, you can request one by completing the course creation request form here and put ‘D2L Sandbox’ in the Course Name Box.

  • Course Assistance and Development Form

Through this assistance, you can request help to build out or/and update the contents of a course.

For more information, you can see Online Teaching on the Course Assistance and Development form here. When accessing it, make sure to use the button to access the Request Forms for combining two courses,  copying a previous course, and more in the D2L online learning management system.

How Worthy Is the D2L For Learning at DePaul University?

The D2L has been trusted to be one of the learning management systems that have been used by millions of users, thousands of schools, academic institutions and corporations around the world. The D2L learning management system seems to transform the way the world learns which has grown to include over 750 employees around the world.

In this globalization era, the education system has to look at the world in new ways, this is one of the foundations why D2L was founded in 1999. John, the founder of D2L, believes that one of the most essential things we can help each other is to make sure that everyone should have access to the best possible learning opportunities.

DePaul University is one of the colleges which uses the D2L learning management system. Why does DePaul University use the D2L?

You should know that teaching and learning are DePaul’s priorities. So, whatever the learning system is, if it makes the learning system better, then the system will be applied. That’s why Depaul University eventually chooses the D2L learning system to help the students have access to the best learning system.

This learning system at DePaul University really provides an easy-electronic course system.  With the D2L system, the faculty or educator can  easily give the students online access to course syllabi, discussion board, readings, grades, online quizzes, assignments, electronic drop boxes, and more.

A lot of professors at DePaul use this electronic course system. With D2L, the school’s staff or also educators enable interaction between the faculty and students. In this case, D2L combines the discussion board, email, document sharing, assignment drop boxes, chat rooms, online quizzes, small group areas, and more in one place.

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