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As a math-learning platform, DeltaMath has the ability to link test items as test corrections. DeltaMath platform actually helps the students and teachers to stay-connected in a class, so the teacher will easily check the student’s answers, while the students will easily correct their answer if they answer the questions incorrectly.

If you are a teacher and want to work easier, you may consider using DeltaMath. However, it’s highly recommended for you to look for the reviews of the DeltaMath tool. If you are wondering whether or not DeltaMath is reliable to work with, you can dive into our post to find out what people say about the DeltaMath tool. Here you go!

DeltaMath Review for Teachers

How Does DeltaMath Work?

DeltaMath, a web-based platform allows the teachers to make digital math assignments or test corrections for middle and high school students. This tool actually offers guided lessons only for a few skills. Those sets are a fast way for teachers to distinguish assignments and an easy way to assist students catch up or review.

The teachers should not limit their use of the test corrections to unit assessments. However, it can also be a helpful option to reteach and remediate a student who may need a little review. As a teacher, you can also create a warm up with unit prerequisite skills and then link a test correction activity to guided questions sets. Well, this way aims to help struggling students keep up with the class.

How to Access DeltaMath?

All a student will only need an email address and a teacher-provided code or link to access a DeltaMath’s class. They can easily find upcoming, completed and also past-due assignments on their dashboard, even if they have been signed up for more than one DeltaMath class.

Even though there are many more features available the teachers can access with a DeltaMath Plus account, the free account seems to be easy and does everything it promises. If the students get login problems, they can work normally again, as the update is fairly quickly. So, the students can achieve a set goal or maintain the highest success rate.

Pros and Cons of DeltaMath

According to some internet sources, the pros and cons will always work together. It is known that DeltaMath claims to give the students and teachers easy math practice with useful test correction features. However, there are still pros and cons of this tool. Here are they:

  • Pros

The feature of the test correction available on DeltaMath actually provides individualized practice to reinforce skills.

  • Cons

The practice and interface sets are not particularly friendly or engaging. However, it takes some time to set up the test corrections.

What Do Teachers Say About DeltaMath?

After taking a little research to find the review of DeltaMath, based on the teacher’s opinion, we finally got some opinion of what the teachers said about the DeltaMath tool from

At this site, a teacher named Bob V, a classroom teacher at Galesburg Augusta High School, Galesburg United States reviewed the DeltaMath tool. He said that the teacher dashboard on DeltaMath is very useful that allows for formative assessment as a daily practice.

The step-by-step solutions to problems that are answered incorrectly give the students meaningful feedback and also allow them to get two attempts at answering correctly after being notified that the first attempt is incorrect. Aside from that, it also gives the students an opportunity to find their mistakes which improves learning.

He stated that the class starts with a problem from the previous lesson. The teacher dashboard then allows him to instantly see if most students understand which then allows him to teach the next lesson. He thinks the DeltaMath tool is very awesome for formative assessment.

The fact that the students will be able to receive two attempts to answer correctly actually allows them to check their work again to see in which they have made a mistake. So far, the step-by-step solutions are very helpful where the teachers can use the dashboard during independent practice to see which students are struggling. Moreover, the teacher dashboard also provides information on how long a student takes to solve a problem.

Positive reviews

We will also show you some positive reviews that we got from several internet sources. Here are they:

  • Natalie Hurley, Watertown, New York stated that DeltaMath is very helpful when she was assigning the subject of Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus to her students. So far, DeltaMath builds fluency and mastery. The functionality of DeltaMath is designed for teacher and 21st-century learning.
  • Josiah Shoemaker, West Chester, PA stated that DeltaMath has been a game charger for himself and his students. The students actually get extra practice when they need it. The videos available on DeltaMath actually give another way of describing a concept.
  • Victor Arias, Pereira, Colombia stated that he has been using DeltaMath for more than 3 years. So far, this tool works greatly and the platform also has changed the way he taught and the way his students learned.

Negative reviews

In addition to showing some positive reviews, we also show you some negative reviews that we got from Most of the reviews come from the students and their parents. Here are they:

  • No N. reviewed on March 14, 2021 and stated that DeltaMath website is so bad and always ends up making him wrong when that’s fact. The site makes users confused, as it does not show what people actually struggled with to the teacher.
  • Anonymous S. reviewed on May 9, 2022 and stated that DeltaMath website sucks and is nothing but boring repetitions of the exact same thing. The account also revealed that DeltaMath does not teach anything and it is just simply an electronic worksheet, not’ math done right’ as the website advertises.
  • Lily R. reviewed on December 20, 2021 and stated that DeltaMath website is totally unhelpful. When she/he gave it to the students for homework, the help videos did not work at all. They finally add more problems if you obtain one wrong too.

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