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Nowadays, Universities usually use the advanced technology to make things easier for students, lecturers and staff. Now, everything can be done through internet connection by the help of software either for paying tuition, attending a class, submitting assignments and more. Deakin University as one of top 20 universities in Australia, also uses this technology.

If you are a student of Deakin University, you will be able to access DeakinSync Student Portal. What is it? It is your personalized student hub where you are able to find everything that you need to succeed at Deakin. Through it, you are able to access your units, manage your enrolment, collaborate with peers, view your timetable and more and you can do this by logging in to your DeakinSync account. If you want to log in to your account, you are able to visit the website of Deakin University, go to Students menu and then click on Log In To DeakinSync. When you click on that, you will be directed to a page where you have to enter your username and password.

Having account at DeakinSync is great because you will just have one place for all you need for your studies. In DeakinSync, there are four major areas including:

  • Across the grey bar, you are able to access administrative essentials such as your calendar, oneDrive, email, timetable and IT Help.
  • Underneath, the white bar includes resource links to the study support, library, campus information and health and well being services.
  • ┬áThen, in the My Learning section, you will be able to find your unit sites.
  • And, in the Featured section, it includes highlighted events, services and opportunities, tailored for you.

Deakin will help you stay organized because they know that students are busy. So, you are able to save your favorite items, receive instant notifications about important announcements and even see the weather forecast in it. You have to take a look at the “Before You Enrol” page to get the instructions about how to activate your Deakin username and password to login to DeakinSync.

When you get an offer from Deakin, there are several number of choices for you including accepting your offer by enrolling online, deferring your offer and declining your offer. If you choose to accept your offer by enrolling online, you can go to DeakinSync to create your username and password. Then, DeakinSyncs will bring you through a series of steps to help you understand your financial obligations and your course structure and rules.

From DeakinSync, then you will be linked through to Student Connect where you will complete your enrolment online. You need to know that your Deakin username and password will be used in a lot of Deakin’s systems including DeakinSyncs, email and Student Connect. Also, it is important for you to know that DeakinSync will confirm the type of place that you have, whether it is Commonwealth supported, domestic fee paying, international fee paying or other type of place. When you need to, you will be able to discover all the information about the cost of courses on your fees website.

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