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The Deakin Student Portal is an online access which is provided by the Deakin College for all students. By using the Deakin College Student Portal, the students can do many things. You have to know that the Deakin College Student Portal allow the students to view their attendance, check their scores, view their class schedule, check their grades, print their transcripts, view the information related the Deakin College and much more.

By the way, are you a student of Deakin College? If so, we are sure that you come here in getting further information regarding the Deakin College Student Portal. Well, let us discuss about that here.

How to login the Deakinn College Student Portal? As a new student of Deakin College, you are going to need to use the Student ID that supplied on your letter of offer as your username. Then, for password, you are able to use your date of birth in the following format yyyymmdd. So, the first thing that you have to do to login as a new student of Deakin College, please enter your Student ID on the username column and your date of birth on the password column. After you have already entered your username and password correctly, then you can continue to login the Deakin College Student Portal by clicking Sign in button. In other case, if you are having issue when you are logging on please contact Deakin College by calling at +61-3-9244 5197.

As returning student of Deakinn College, you can also login by doing some steps above. In this case, you will be able to login by using the same username and password used in the old Deakinn College Student Portal. It is very important for you to know that the passwords are case sensitive. So, for this case, we suggest you to use Chrome when you are trying to login the Deakinn College Student Portal. Then, if you are having issues logging on please or contact Deakin College by calling at +61 3 9244 5197 or you can also send email to

Deakin College Student Portal not only can be used by the students of Deakinn College, but also by the Staff and Lecturers of Deakinn College. For you who are a staff or lecturer at the Deakinn College, you are able to login to the Deakinn College Student Portal by entering your username and password. For note: Your password may have changed. To get your new password, you as the staff or lecturer must contact the Deakin College IT department. After you get the password, then you are able to login to the Deakin College Student Portal by using that password.

How do you do if you forget your password? For this case, you can click on the link written ‘forgotten your password’ to get back your password or reset password. Then, you have to enter your username and click on next button. Additionally, for any Deakin College Student Portal or other IT related matters please email IT Help.

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