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Every skill in MasterClass will be taught by professionals through a series of videos and workbooks. Of course, if you learn with professionals, you will get a great theory and practice to improve your skill. What you want to get through learning will be obtained in MasterClass.

If you are interested in electronic music production, you will learn with Deadmau5. It is known that Deadmau5 is a Canadian renowned electronic music producer, musician and DJ. If you want to take Deadmau5’s class in MasterClass, you may need the real review of people who have taken his class. Let’s see the review of Deadmau5’s class in MasterClass below!

deadmau5 MasterClass Review


In MasterClass, Deadmau5’s courses consist of 23 video lessons, totalling 5 hours and 25 minutes of content. If you take the class, you will receive a 61-page that accompanies the workbook to help guide you through the lessons. You will also get the chance to connect with others who are taking the course.

Deadmau5’s courses aim to let you see inside deadmau5’s MasterClass and assist you to decide whether it is something you may be interested in or not.

It is known that the course will also come with two companion PDF documents. First, a 60-page guide for the class contains some useful information gleaned from the videos but it is mostly filler. The other, a three-page fundamentals guide is mainly intended for the complete beginner, since it has some basic definitions and information on where to find free trials of DAWs and plugins.

What Will You Learn in Deadmau5’s Course?

At the beginning of the course, deadmau5 will give you lessons with the process of being electronic music producer and the course will be divided into two equal length lessons, one on theory and the other on practice.

The next lesson will include

  • building your home studio
  • turning melodies into arrangements
  • developing melodic structures
  • an introduction to synthesized sounds
  • experimenting with modular synths, digital vs analog synths
  • shaping sounds with effects processing
  • two lessons on making beats
  • structuring songs, remixes, mixes
  • mastering case study on ‘Snowcone’
  • starting your producing career
  • understanding the music business, and then finally three lessons on live performance: the music, the technical side, and the show

To make it easier for you to understand Deadmau5’s course, we’ll break it down into some sections, here are they:

Lesson 2: Deadmau5 Process (Theory)

With a broad overview of how he puts together a track, deadmau5 kicks off his class. Of course, fans of the genre seem to find this one interesting. It is likely not often that we get to hear the theory of what makes a good track. So far, it was really refreshing.

In the first lesson, it will take you through:

  • Finding a way of “not thinking” when composing
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Making things your own, not copying
  • Experimentation
  • The ‘mister potato head’ bin
  • Why 23 seconds can be a track

Furthermore, this lesson gives you an idea of how much of an enigma that he really is.

Lesson 3: The deadmau5 process (Practice)

In this lesson, you will learn about:

  • How to start a track from the base
  • How to put together bass notes
  • Why you have to become familiar with your DAW
  • Creating a song with the root chord
  • Using trial and error with the DAW

Lesson 4: Building your studio

It is known that Deadmau5 spends a lot of time building his own studio. In this course, you will get to know how he started building his studio until he finally succeeded. Well, what you will learn in this lesson includes:

  • Information about deadmau5’s complete set-up
  • Information about DAWS and what they are
  • Why hardware must come later
  • How to work open ear
  • Information about using Studio monitors
  • Why it is about the ideas, not the gears

Lesson 5 & 6: Developing melodic structures and turning melodies into arrangements

In those lessons, you will learn about:

  • Resolving
  • Using drone notes
  • Introducing and stacking harmonies
  • Bass notes
  • Lead lines
  • Spacing
  • Using an arpeggiator in a melody

Lesson 7: Introduction to Synthesised sounds

In this lesson, you will learn the synthesised sound introduction including:

  • Making new sounds
  • Waveforms and filters
  • Using envelopes and LFO’s
  • Topics  you can learn from your first synth

Lesson 8: Experimenting with modular Synth

This lesson will teach you:

  • Cross-modulating simple waves
  • Adding effects
  • Playing sequenced notes
  • Experimenting
  • Getting familiar with the patchwork

Lesson 9: Digital vs. Analogue Synths

What you will learn in this lesson includes:

  • The way to hear the difference between analogue and digital synths
  • Referencing pitch with the digital synth
  • Making unique sounds with the analogue

Lesson 10: Shaping sounds with effects and processing

Here, what you will learn includes:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Creating original sounds
  • The secret to a fat bass
  • Using reverbs
  • Adding space and depth
  • Why bad input = bad output
  • Fixing bad output with processing

Lesson 11 and 12: Beats Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

This lesson will learn about the art of the beat that include:

  • Building a kick sound
  • Phase cancellation
  • Balancing drums and melody
  • Secrets of a good snare sound
  • Letting the drums breathe
  • Using a transient designer

Lesson 13: Structuring songs

In this lesson, you will learn about the structure including:

  • Copying, subtracting and adding
  • Finding the right track length
  • Thinking ahead to the live set
  • Why there’s more to this music than drops

Lesson 15: Remixing

This lesson will teach you how to choose the right track, the reason why you should aim to rework, not remix and how to remix deadmau5.

Of course, there are remaining deadmau5’s courses you will learn in MasterClass, but we will only show you some of them.

What Do People Say About Deadmau5’s Course?

A review of the Deadmau5 course is available at The author shows a very great review of the Deadmau5 course in MasterClass. The author said that taking Deadmau5’s course is so worth it, as this course teaches you how to start getting into making music and production.

So far, you will get a lot after taking Deadmau5’s course. Aside from that, you will also obtain many great insights from someone who is truly at the top of the game. With an affordable price, it’s so worth it to take Deadmau5’s course and start making your own studio right now.

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