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In DCPS, you need to know a lot of things so that the learning process will go well. One of the things that you need to know is about Canvas Course Companion. What is it? Here, we will inform you about it so read this article until the end.

Learning with the Canvas Course Companion is one of the things that students will do in DCPS. In grades PK-5, you will have CCC (Canvas Course Companion). It incorporates all subjects. For grades 6 to 12, every course such as Math, Science, Art has a companion which serves as a learning hub for students. In the course companion, there are student learning materials, assignments, meeting schedules, quizzes, instructional videos and course information. Also, Canvas has accessibility features. What are they? They are immersive readers, translation and dictation.

Central office curriculum teams have been making lessons which are engaging and interactive for most core content areas. CCC or Canvas Course Companions are activities, assignments or projects which can support the core content and grade-level standards. Teachers will give students activities which are formative and they are known as Required Curricular Tasks (RCT). Students will receive these similar tasks in all high schools. So, the performance is able to be compared from classroom to classroom and from school to school.

Teachers will communicate expectations to the students regularly and they also will keep the students informed of their academic status. What happens if the students submit the assignment late? Well, the students who submit the work assignments late will not be penalized by the teacher through the Canvas Course Companion.

Well, talking about using Canvas for learning at home, you also need to know how to log in there. But, you do not need to be sad because the way to login is very easy. Canvas will be used by students and teachers to keep learning at home resources in one place. Through canvas, they will be able to access student schedules, teacher assignments, Microsoft Teams live lesson links and more.

According to the dcpsreopenstrong site, families are encouraged to log on to Canvas before the first day of class on August 31st. You have to make it part of your back to school checklist so that it is able to be part of your daily learning at home routine. Also, you are able to download the free Canvas Student app for android or iOS devices.

With Canvas, attendance will also be recorded based on the student logging into Canvas each school day between 6:00 am to 11:59 pm. If the student has been logged into Canvas, any activity in Canvas will transfer to attendance. It means that once you are in Canvas and then you click on the link for the day’s activities, click on a Teams meeting link, open a course, work on an assignment in ClassNotebook in Canvas will translate into attendance for that day.

If you need help with student login/ passwords or other technical issues with accessing learning platforms or DCPS issues device support, you are able to call the hotline at 202-442-5885.

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