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Do you need D2L training at Kennesaw State of University (KSU)? The training is important for you so that you will know how to use D2L during you are a part of KSU. Here, we will inform you where you can get D2L training at KSU.

D2L Training at KSU

You are able to find D2L training from KSU on the official website of KSU in the D2L Brightspace Training page. On this page, there are links to the information about D2L and also videos that you can watch. The materials include how to get started, how to add and create content, how to manage discussions, how to create assignments, how to distribute quizzes, how to tracke grades, how to manage your class, and the party tools used in D2L.

Here, we have some materials from the D2L training at KSU that can help you to know more how to use D2L.

D2L Basic Tools at KSU

The first thing that you have to do is about My Home Page. This is the first page that you will see after you log in to D2L. In the My Home Page, you are able to see the most prominent navigation feature available namely the Minibar.

My Home Page

There is also My Course Widget. What is it? It shows three new course notification icons including Unread Assignment Submission Files, Unread Discussions and Ungraded Quizzes. You are able to filter courses by term.

My Course Widget

What is Minibar? It gives you consistent access to the My Home Page, course alerts and personal settings regardless where you are in the Learning Management System (LMS). Here are the things that you can access in the Minibar.


  1. My Home

You can click here if you want to go back to the homepage.

  1. Course Selector

You can use it to choose your courses.

  1. Messages Alerts

It will inform you about unread mail and unread instant messages.

  1. Subscription Alerts

It will notify you about new blog posts and subscribed discussion forums, topics and threads.

  1. Update Alerts

It will inform you about new and updated Announcement items, Due Dates and End Dates, and also newly posted grades.

  1. Personal Menu

It allows you edit user specific settings, like your Profile, Notifications and Account Setting. If you want to log out of the LSM, you can do that here.

What is Course Home Page? Here you can get quick access to important course information such as Calendar items and Announcements. How to access your Course Home Page?

Course Home Page

  • First you have to click the Course Selector icon.
  •  And then, click on the course that you want to enter.
  • You will see that the Course Home Page for selected course appears. Also, you have access to the course Navbar and other widgets detailed below.

a. Navbar. It provides links to course-specific tools.
b. Role Switch. It toggle instructor and student view.
c. Calendar. You can view upcoming events in the course calendar.
d. Content Browser. You can view course modules.
e. Announcements. It shows active course announcements.
f. Updates. It informs you about new and updated Announcement items, Due Dates and End Dates, and also newly posted grades.
g. Admin Tools. It determine advanced settings such as Classlist and Homepages for your course.

Now, how about Navbar? You are able to find it at the top of the Course Home Page. Here, you will be provided links to course-specific tools. Here are the tools that you will find in the Navbar.


  1. Course Home

It will bring you back to the Course Home Page.

  1. Content

You can manage content for your course here. You can also create, edit, copy, move, and delete topics and modules here.

  1. Discussions

You are allowed to set up discussions here for the students in your class. Participants in your class can post their own discussion threads to the topics that you make and respond to the other discussions of the students.

  1. Assignments

Students can submit papers here to you so that you are able to receive and grade their work.

  1. Quizzes

Assessments can be created here for your students.

  1. Other

It provides you access to numerous other tools such as Groups, Attendance and Rubrics.

  1. Classlist

You are provided with a list of the students in your class. If you click on a specific name in the list, there will be a window which opens and it permits you to compose an email message to that student. You can also obtain metrics here, permitting you to see how students are performing in your class.

  1. Grades

It permits you to post grades for the students in your class.

  1. Course Admin

You are able to find a variety of administration tools on this page such as Dates, Groups, Import/ Export, and File Management.

How to Access D2L Brightspace

How to access D2L Brightspace at KSU? You are able to follow the simple steps below.

  • First, you have to navigate to http://d2l.kennesaw.edu.
  • Then, you have to click on the Login To KSU D2L Brightspace.
  • You need to enter your NetID and NetID password in the provided fields and then click on Log In button.
  • After you have logged in to D2L Brightspace, you will see the Home Page appears on your screen.

How to Edit Our Profile

If you want to edit your profile at D2L KSU, you can follow the instructions below.

  • First, from the Minibar, you have to click on your Name and then click on Profile.
  • After that, there will be the Edit My User Profile page which appears. All fields are optional and you are able to fill out the fields that you want to share with your students such as your web site web address.
  • If you want to personalize your profile with a photo, you can do that by clicking the Change Picture button.
  • The Select a Profile Picture window will come up and then click on My Computer.
  • You need to drag and drop the picture that you want to use for your profile picture into he box saying Drop File Here or Click Below.
  • Now, click on Add button
  • You will see your picture appears on your profile page.
  • At last, click on the Save and Close at the bottom of the page to complete your profile.

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