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Shippensburg University has a learning management system known as D2L Brightspace. This one provides the classes with an online environment.Read the whole article to figure out how to use D2L Brightspace.

In case there are any questions or issues accessing D2L Brightspace, feel free to contact the Student Helpdesk at 717-477-HELP (x4357). If you do not feel like want to talk to the representative of Shippensburg University directly, the alternative way that you can do is to send an email to helpdesk@ship.edu.

Shippensburg University

Logging into D2L Brightspace

  • The first thing that is needed to be done is to open a browser and navigate to the D2L page of the official website of Shippensburg University at d2l.ship.edu.
  • You will be presented with two options. Since you are going to go to the D2L Shippensburg University, please choose the icon on the left one, which is the icon of the Shippensburg University.

Logging into D2L Brightspace

  • Then, enter your username and password.
  • When everything is done, the last thing that you have to do is to click on the Login button.

Logging into D2L Brightspace

Accessing Courses in D2L Brightspace

There are two ways that you can try to navigate to a course in D2L Brightspace. The first one can be used no matter where you are at in the platform and the second one is only available from the Organization Home page. Keep in mind that the courses that have not started yet may show up in your course list but they will not be able to be clicked until the course has officially started.

Method 1:

  1. First of all, you will have to find the Waffle Icon and click it. If you have no idea, it is located in the top right hand corner.
  2. Then, click on the course that you want to enter.
  3. If you want to pit a course to the top of the list, all that should be done is clicking on the Pin icon found in the right of the course name. After pinning, please refresh the page to see the change.

Method 2:

  1. Once you have logged in to the D2L Ship, firstly, scroll down to find the My Course widget. My Courses is where you are able to see thumbnails for all the courses that you are currently enrolled in. feel free to access any of them by simply clicking the image of the course.
  2. By doing so, you will be brought to the homepage of the course that you just picked.

Navigating the Course Home Page

The Course Homepage is the one that you will be able to see the first time you access your course. Here, there are Course Events (Calendar), Announcements, Course Overview and Content Browser widgets. Feel free to keep or remove these widgets included in this place if you like. Besides, it is also possible to add additional widgets.

There is a Navigation Bar, which is like the gateway to the main areas of the course that will be accessed often. It can be used to access all the content included in the course in addition to several other key tools and resources.

  • Course Home: By clicking this one, you will be taken back to the Course Home Page.
  • Content: This one will direct you to the main content area of the course. It is known as the student main hub where they will be able to access each course content, including course materials, assignment folders, discussion activities, quizzes, and many more. In this place, you are also allowed to make assignment folders, discussions, quizzes, and so on directly.
  • Classlist: By clicking this one, you will be shown all the students who are enrolled in your course.
  • Grades: This one will bring you back to the gradebook. It is where you will be able to setup your grade items as well as grade scheme. Do not forget that when you navigate to the grades area for the first time, you will be asked to setup your gradebook through the setup wizard. It is recommended to do so and please follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • Groups: With this one, you are allowed to make and assign the online groups to be used in class activities.
  • Class Progress: This one makes it possible for those who want to track the progress, completion, grades, and many other things for all the students in the course. The students are also able to see this but the only thing that they can see is the information about themselves.
  • Course Admin: In this one, you will be able to access all the tools and areas of your course.
  • Student Services: In this one, you will be able to find the useful links for you as a student of Shippensburg University.
  • Announcements: This one is where you will be able to see any announcement that is released by the instructor.
  • Calendar: This one will show you all the events that have been set by the instructor for you. Apart from that, you also have a chance to make your own tasks if you want.
  • Course Overview: This one will give you the information about how the students are doing in the class.
  • Content Browser: This one is a shortcut to any top contained within the Content area. This one is able to be used if you want to quickly open any content area topic as long as you know which module that item is contained in. If you want to use this one, you can just click on the module where you want to view the content it has. In the modules, there might be sub-modules or topics. Clicking a topic will take you to the item in the content area directly. You will be able to view the items contained in the widgets by clicking a module or sub-module. For anyone who wants to go back to the previous list, all that should be done is to click the Home button in the Content Browser.

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