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The Pima Community College always tries its best to provide the access to learning without being limited by the time, place, or distance. In order to enable the community of students to access the Pima Community College courses taught entirely online, Desire2Learn, which is also more known as D2L, is used by the Pima Community College. This one is also helpful to access hybrid courses taught both in face to face classrooms and online and traditional face to face courses with supplementary materials online.

In order to access the D2L Pima, you will need to log in. This post will uncover the D2L Pima login and some other information.

D2L Pima Login

D2L Pima Login

In order to log in to the D2L Pima, the first thing that you need to do is to go to the login page f D2L Pima. Here is the link that will take you to that page: https://d2l-dev.pima.edu/d2l/login. Before logging in, you are required to check the system, which can be done by clicking the link saying Please click here for a system check before log in. By clicking the link, you will be taken to the System Check page. The checks on the System Check page makes sure that your browser is properly configured to use the system. If all the checks passed, the information on the screen will look like this:

System Check

The following checks ensure that your browser is properly configured to use the system.

All checks passed!

Critical System Checks


Pass – Your web browser supports JavaScript.


Pass – Cookies are enabled in your browser.

Non-critical System Checks


Pass – Your browser is fully supported.  

Once you have passed everything, it is time for you to go back to the login page. In this page, you need to scroll down the page to find the Username and Password columns. Upon finding these two, please enter them. When everything is done, do not forget to press the blue Log In button.

In case you do not have the username, password, or both, you need to register first. There are two options that can be used to register in the same login page. The first one is External Self-Registration and the second one is External Self-Registration2. Both of them will take you to the Registration Form. In the page where the Registration Form is located, you will have to choose one of the options between I have an existing username and password and I do not have a username and password. After choosing one, do not forget to click on the Submit button and follow the rest of the steps.

About Desire2Learn or D2L

The man named John Baker made Desire2Learn or D2L in 1999. Everything started when his engineering class was getting challenged to look at the world in a new perspective by throwing some questions that had never been asked before by anyone.

At that time, Baker was aware that technology was on fire but he knew that his university was left behind. The question that he had was about how people could use technology to transform learning. He always thinks that ensuring that everyone gets the access to the best possible learning opportunities is one of the most important things people can do to help each other. Thanks to his mind, right now, D2L is teaming up with people all around the world to provide the learners that was hard to imagine.

About Pima Community College


  • Nickname: Aztecs
  • Type: Public community college
  • Established: 1969
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • Academic affiliations: Space-grant
  • Chancellor: Lee Lambert
  • Academic staff: 368 full time instructional and educational support faculty
  • Students: 75,039 annual enrollment (2005-2006)
  • Undergraduates: 62,252 (2005-2006)
  • Other students: 12,787 non-credit (2005-2006)
  • Campus: Five campuses, four education centers
  • Colors: Orange, blue, white
  • Website: www.pima.edu

Pima Community College, or PCC is short, is considered as a public community college that is located in Pima County, Arizona. It has a total of five campuses, four education centers, and a few education learning centers for adults. More than 144 programs are provided with traditional and online instruction by this college. In addition to these, it also offers some other things such as workforce training, non-credit personal interest classes, and post baccalaureate certificates.

Pima Community College is included as one of the biggest multi campus community colleges located in the United States. Its rank varies between fourth and tenth largest. The good thing about this college is the fact that it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Pima Community College has produced some successful individuals, including Ned Norris, Jr. (former Chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation), Warren Faidley (storm chaser), Abdi Abdirahman (Olympic long distance runner), D. J. Carrasco (professional baseball pitcher), Erubiel Durazo (professional baseball player), Horacio Llamas (professional basketball player), Shakir Smith (professional basketball player), Donald Toia (professional soccer player of MLS), Mihn Vu (professional soccer player of USL), Seth Baczynski (professional mixed martial artist, 10x veteran of the UFC, contestant for The Ultimate Fighter 11 and 25), Anthony Birchak (professional mixed martial artist, 4x veteran of the UFC, current color commentator for Rizin Fighting Federation), Dominick Cruz (professional mixed martial artist, 7x veteran of the UFC, the former 2x UFC bantamweight champion, the final WEC bantamweight champion), Efrain Escudero (NJCAA All American wrestler, professional mixed martial artist, winner of The Ultimate Fighter 8, 12x veteran of the UFC), Drew Fickett (professional mixed martial artist, 7x veteran of the UFC), Jesse Forbes (NJCAA All American wrestler, mixed martial artist, contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 2, 3x veteran of the UFC), Chad Griggs (professional mixed martial artist, 2x veteran of the UFC), Rich Hale (professional martial artist), Danny Martinez (professional mixed martial artist, 4x veteran of the UFC), George Roop (professional mixed martial artist), James Terry (professional mixed martial artist), Jamie Varner (NJCAA All American wrestler, retired mixed martial artist), Ed West (professional mixed martial artist, Bellator MMA veteran) and many more.

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