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Portland State University provides Banweb which refers to the PSU’s information system. PSU Banweb can be accessed by students, faculty and also staff. Just like accessing the D2L PDX, to access the Banweb, you must also have an Odin Account. Without PSU’s Odin account, of course, you’ll have limited access.

Considering the Banweb is very important to access, certainly as a PSU student, faculty or also staff, accessing the Banweb is a must. Unfortunately, you may already not know the URL to access the Banweb. Thankfully, this post will give you a link to access the Banweb. Here you go!

How to Access PSU Banweb?

PSU Banweb can be accessed at http://banweb.pdx.edu/. Once you access the link, you will be taken into the login login page. After that, enter your account credentials;

D2L PDX Banweb

  • Current PSU student, faculty and staff can login using Odin Account username and password
  • Alumni and former PSU students, faculty and staff can login using PSU ID number and password.

Of course, in order to access the PSU Banweb, you will be required to enter your Odin Account; username or email and password. It means that without an Odin account, you can’t totally access the Banweb. So, make sure you already have an Odin Account.

Why Is an Odin Account Important at PSU?

Odin Account is very important as all admitted students, faculty and staff have to use this account in order to access most online PSU services including D2L, Google Workspace, Wi-Fi, Banweb, computer labs and more. As you know that Odin Account is your PSU computer account that you have received when accepted as a PSU student.

Odin Account password will expire every 180 days. You will then receive emails prompting you to reset it when your password expires. In this way, you have to use the Odin Account Manager (OAM) to change or reset your Odin Account Password. To access the Odin Account Manager, visit the link here.

Why Is an Odin Account Important at PSU

Odin Account Manager is not only for password recovery, but also it can be used to manage some PSU computer accounts such as Odin accounts, shared email accounts, affiliate accounts and privileged accounts. Aside from that, you can also use OAM to turn on and request accounts, reset your password, edit your PSU directory information and configure Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

What Are Benefits of Banweb?

Banweb has plenty of benefits for all parties at Portland State University. Certainly, the benefits that the PSU’s students, faculty and staff get will be different. So, here’s how it breaks down:

  • For students

Through Banweb, the students can find the information on their account including the student records, grades and financial aid.

  • For Faculty

Through Banweb, the faculty can submit class grades using Banweb.

  • For Staff

Through Banweb, the PSU staff can find the employment information, services and also tax information as well as where the class grades are submitted.

How to View Your 1098-T in Banweb?

An 1098-T is a tax form which contains the information about how much of your income went to school expenses in a given year. Additionally, it’s available by the last day of January every year. Sure, you may want to view your 1098-T to check your school tax, here’s how!

  • Firstly, you need to go to https://banweb.pdx.edu/.
  • Then, login with your Odin Account.
  • Choose the ‘Student Services’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Student Account’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Select Tax Year’ option.
  • After that, enter the tax you want to view and choose the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Last, choose ‘1098-T Tax Notification’.

That’s it! You can then view your 1098-T. If you want to view the 1098-T from a different tax year, you can repeat steps 4 to 6.

OIT Help Desk

Banweb is categorized into the Office of Information Technology at Portland State University. OIT provides the Status Page to show the status of core PSU systems in real-time. Even though it carries technology, of course it does not rule out if you get some problems related to Banweb.

In this case, you will need OIT support to give you the solutions for the issues you are facing. Don’t worry! The Office of Information Technology also offers the support online by phone, chat and also appointment, making it easy to get your problem troubleshootings.

You can access the OIT Help Desk Support page here.  At this page, you will see some options on what method you want to use to request the technology support. So, make sure to choose the method depending on how urgent your problem is.

Here are some options to request PSU technology support:

  • By form

You can request technology support with form. To use this method, you can get IT help from here. Through IT form, you can find the answers to many technology-related questions by looking for the knowledge base for help articles.

If you use this method to get help, make sure to choose what problems you face by choosing the topics on the ‘contact us about’ drop-down. The problem topics that you can choose include:

  • Common Requests
  • Account and Access
  • Computer, Printer and Phone
  • Email, Calendar and G-Suite
  • IT Consulting
  • Servers, Storages and Web
  • Software Application Support

After choosing the problem topics, you can then fill the format including a summary of your request, your full name, your Odin username, your affiliation or department, description of request and email confirmation. You can also attach the file to amplify your request.

  • By phone

Aside from using the request form, you can also make a call to OIT support. They totally offer phone support seven days a week, from 8 A.M to Midnight, on holiday and closures are exceptions. You can make a call by dialing this number 503-725-4357 with Toll free: 1-800-547-8887 ext. 5-4357.

  • By chat

The OIT at Portland State University also offers Chat Support from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M to 5PM, on holidays and closures are exceptions. If the support chat is not currently available, alternatively you can submit a ticket here by entering your name, email, your Odin username or PSu ID Number and brief description of the problem.

  • By appointment

The OIT Support also offers Remote Desktop Support by Appointment that you can access here.

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