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How to login to D2L OCC? For those who want to find out the information about the way to login to D2L OCC, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to reveal that information. Also, we are going to inform some information related to Oakland Community College (OCC).

What is D2l OCC?

D2L OCC is the learning management system (LMS) software that you use at Oakland Community College (OCC).

  • For face-to-face, hybrid or blended, and or online courses.
  • A lot of tools to create attractive and customized learning experiences.
  • Analytics to assist you understand and monitor learner and program performance.
  • Set-up automatic emails to provide kudos or encourage learners to take action

D2L OCC is Oakland Community College’s online portal for the classes which allow the students to stay connected with their coursework 24/7. It is a great learning tool for all students, including the graduate, undergraduate, and online students. Every professor utilizes D2L OCC in their own way, however some do not use it at all. For those who have questions about the usage of D2L OCC in a specific course, you will be able to visit your professor.

How to connect to D2L OCC?

If you want to connect to D2L OCC, you are able to visit the D2L site online in your web browser. Also, you are able to view your D2L classes at the official University mobile app. Aside from that, you are able to download DDL OCC application on Google Play Store or App Store.

How to log in to D2L OCC?

Well, this is time for you to know the way to login to D2l OCC. Actually, it is very easy to login to D2L OCC. Here are steps to do:

visit official page https://oaklandcc.desire2learn.com

  • At the first step, you have to enter your MyOCC username
  • After that, you have to enter your MyOCC password to log into D2L OCC.
  • Make sure that you enter the right username and password so that you are able to login successfully.

Enable to reset your MyOCC password?

There is a way to reset your MyOCC password when you have forgotten it. The password reset button is able to be accessed from MyOCC. After the Password Reset option is selected, you are going to be asked for your Last Name and SSN or Colleague ID/Student ID to validate your identity.  Then, you are going to be asked to choose from a drop down list which personal email on file to receive the temporary password (there may be more than one personal email address on file).  An error message will happen if there is no non OCC email address on file.

To use this feature, a non OCC email address is needed. Please be sure to register your personal email address by logging into MyOCC, choose the Student or Employee menu. Then, you have to change or add email link. If you have forgotten your password, you are able to reset it yourself by going to Reset my password.

If you are unable to reset your password, as the student, you are able to contact the Enrollment Services office @ 248.341.2280 during campus service hours. For College employees, you are able to contact the Information Technologies Support Center for assistance with resetting a password.

How to Customize your Profile?

Do you want to customize your profile? Of course you can do that. In your Profile, you will be able to help your professors and classmates get to know you by adding some information including your nickname, your goals, your favorite TV shows, and more. On the web version of D2L OCC, you are able to click on your name in the top right corner of the screen to open your Profile page.

How to find Class Materials?

Do you want to find the class materials? Simply you can do it. For this case, if you want to find class materials, the Content page found under the Materials tab is where you are going to discover things like the assignments, reading materials, course syllabus, additional resources, and more. Aside from that, you are also able to check the completion progress on your tasks here.

D2L OCC Student Help

The students with questions about their course and course materials are able to contact their instructor. D2l OCC Student Help is also available to D2L students experiencing problems with the D2L system. For your information, the D2L Helpdesk is available 24 by 7 including weekends and holidays 855.772.1235 (toll free). Please use supported technology to make sure a positive experience.

About Oakland Community College (OCC)

Oakland Community College (OCC) is a community college. It is located in Oakland County (Michigan). According to the research, Oakland Community College (OCC) was found in 1964. Oakland Community College (OCC) is also one of the biggest community colleges in Michigan. Since 1971, Oakland Community College (OCC) has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Aside from that, the College has a Carnegie Classification of Associate’s Colleges: High Transfer-High Nontraditional. Oakland Community College offers lots of different Associate degrees and certificate programs. Some students and faculty in OCC Culinary Arts program have been awarded state, national, and international culinary awards.

History of Oakland Community College (OCC)

Historically, Oakland Community College (OCC) opened in September 1965 with two campuses: Highland Lakes, a renovated hospital in Waterford, and Auburn Hills, a former Army Nike missile site in Auburn Hills. In September 1967, the Orchard Ridge Campus opened in Farmington Hills with buildings made by Philip Will known for his partnership in the Perkins and Will architectural firm. In the year of 1980, a new campus opened in Southfield which replaced a temporary location in Oak Park. Then, the Southeast Campus System expanded through the purchase and remodeling of buildings at a site in Royal Oak. Eventually, the Royal Oak buildings were replaced by a new campus complex which opened in the year of 1982.

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