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At Oakland Community College (OCC), you will have to use D2L. So, it is important for you to know how to use it. Here, we will give you a guide about D2L OCC so that you can use it well when you become a student of OCC.


Oakland Community College (OCC) has an app that you are able to download on Google Play. Through this app, you are able to access various things including D2L wherever you are. The name of the app is OCC Connect. OCC Connect will be able to help you to keep connected to Oakland Community College. A great feature can be accessed by you anytime anywhere so that it makes your campus experience more effective, more efficient and more fun.


What are the main features of this app? They are listed below.

  • Courses

It can manage your courses on the go by accessing your course schedule.

  • Registration

It has a function to search and register for your planned courses wherever you are.

  • Grades

You are able to check your final grades on the go through this.

  • Student Financials

You are able to easily check your account balance and make a payment.

  • Notifications

With this feature, you will stay informed with personalized announcements which are sent to your device.

  • Library

You are able to access library resources on the go.

  • Bookstore

Here, you are able to find the books that you need for the courses that you are taking.

  • Important Numbers

You are able to find all main campus phone numbers easily through this app.

  • Maps

You will be able to know your campus.

  • Directory

You are able to find the faculty, staff and call them from the app.

  • Events

With this feature, you will not miss another important event.

  • Social Media

You are able to access OCC social media networks.

  • Learn Management System

You are able to access D2L on the go.

  • Student Email

With it, you will connect to an OCC email.

  • Transcript Request

You are allowed to request your transcript on the go.

The app was last updated on June 5th, 2020. The size of the app is 4.4 M and it has been installed more than 1,000 times. The current version of the app is 5.4.0 and if you want to download this app, you need android 4.3 or higher.

D2L Product Used by OCC

As you are able to see in the Oakland Community College website in the System Availability, you are able to see that Brightspace by D2L is one of them. Brightspace is one of the products from D2L where it was built using microservices and operates as a software as a service. It combines web components and Google Polymer, HTML5, and responsive web design to give a user interface that is able to work on any mobile device. In one cloud-based platform, it combines several things such as Learning Repository, Learning Environment, ePortfolio, Video Recorder, Virtual Classroom, eTextbook platform called Binder, and mobile apps.

According to the D2L website, Brightspace offers a great mobile experience for faculty and students on any device via a responsive design which adapts to any size of screen and can be paired with mobile apps to optimize common tasks. The features make it easy for students to be able to access tools using assistive technologies. Also, the interface is intuitive and the templates are built-in so that it makes it easy for instructors to design courses, grade assignments and create contents.

Besides, with Brightspace, you are able to keep students progressing with engaging course content. You are able to add some personality directly to course content with in-line audio, video and the other media from internal sources, content repositories or external sites. It can help increase engagement with integrated video capabilities which permits you to be able to use video based assessments, embedded feedback and web conferencing. Students are permitted to document and share their learning journey as it happens with the Portfolio tool.

What else? Brightspace can motivate learners with personalized learning experiences. Brightspace gives motivation to students by gamifying the course and recognizing their individual achievements with awards and certificates. If you want to share content with class, it will be easy because of an integration with Google Drive and the ability to post media from the YouTube video community or other favorite sites. It also has different course delivery methods or pedagogical approaches and those include online, blended, and competency based-education. You are able to explore them to suit your needs.

Brightspace can also enhance teaching with powerful tools for faculty. So, you are able to quickly assess work and provide feedback across all courses from one location with Quick Eval. Not only that, you are able to give meaningful feedback easily with in-line annotations on documents, rubrics and feedback through video and audio. Is there another thing? You can post announcements easily, link to content and assignments on a single page with the activity feed. You are able to use one spot for you to be able to update and one spot for your students to check.

With Brightspace, you can make data-driven decisions with built-in analytics. Faculty can make a comparison to each learner’s performance in the course quickly by using the Class Progress Dashboard. Brightspace can give you student level reports and detailed grade statistics where it will permit granular analysis of learners’ performance to help them to improve. By having access to learner data, it permits you to be able to analyze it with business intelligence tools or integrate with your SIS student information system and other systems.

With Brightspace from D2L, you can cooperate with their experts for the service and support that you need. You will get a personalized implementation and training experience which focuses on what you need and get rid of what you do not need so that it will optimize your time and resources. Brightspace Community is a space which is interactive for all users to explore to be able to find answers to questions, share ideas and experiences and also you can connect with peers and D2L experts and more.

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