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It is important for you to know how to login to D2L Normandale if you are a student of Normandale Community College. It is because the learning process uses D2L and you will have to access it for submitting your assignments, checking grades, taking quiz and many more.

How to Login to D2L Normandale

To login to D2L Normandale is very easy to do. You just have to use your StarID to login. However, before you login, you have to make sure that you run a system check to see whether your device is appropriate for running D2L. If you have checked it, and then  it shows that your device can be used for accessing D2L optimally, then you can continue.

To login to D2L Brightspace of Normandale Community College, you have to access Normandale Community College website. Here is the link https://normandale.learn.minnstate.edu. After you go to this link, you will be in a page where you find some information about D2L. There is also a box containing Sign on with StarID button. This button must be clicked by you. After clicking on it, you will be brought to a page where you can sign onto D2L Brightspace for Normandale Community College. So, the thing that you have to do is to enter your StarID and also your password. After that, hit the Sign On button.

D2L Normandale Login

How to Reset Password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the Reset Password link under the Sign On button. After clicking it, you will be brought to a page where there are some options including Reset My Password, Sign in to Profile, Activate my StarID and What is my StarID. The thing that you have to do to reset your password is to click on Reset my Password option.

Then, you will be taken to a page where you have to choose one of the options to reset your password if your have forgotten it or if you are just having problem signing in. Here are the options that you will find on that page.

  • I know my Tech ID (8 digit student ID)
  • I know my email address
  • I have a verification code
  • I have my library card
  • I know my State employee number (8 digits)

Preffered Browsers for D2L at Normandale Community College

According to Normandale OnlineEducation Youtube channel, when working in the D2L environment, it is recommended for you to use Chrome. If you do not have it yet, you are able to download it from Google. There is a version for both Windows OS and Mac OS.

Are you worried about pop ups and tracking? If so, then you are able to use Mozilla Firefox. This browser can be downloaded from Mozilla.com and it tends to have more secure features. However, it is important for you to know that it may block you from certain content in D2L firstly. Generally, you just have to be careful when you are working in the D2L environment that your security issues will be low. So, you will be safe.

If you like to use Safari, it is important for you to note that there have been some consistent issues with various content in D2L which need some deep diving to fix and it is not well supported. So, it is recommended for you to use Chrome or Firefox with D2L.

How to Get Started with D2L Brightspace

What is D2L Brightspace? It is the main online tool that you will use to have an access to course materials whether you are in a face to face, hybrid or taking part in a fully online course. To be able to access D2L Brightspace, there are some ways.

  • Via the Normandale D2L site. If you access D2L Brightspace through it, you will be brought to D2L Brightspace.
  • Via the Normandale homepage. If you access D2L through this way, you can find the D2L link  in the upper right corner. So, simply click on it and then click on the Sign On with Star ID button.
  • Via the Minnesota State website. If you choose to access D2L Brightspace through this, you have to choose your institution’s specific D2L Brightspace login.

After you login to D2L Brightspace, there are two main places where you are able to access your course which permit you to switch between courses easily. Those main places are listed below.

  • Course Selector/ “Waffle”

When you are in the D2L Brightspace, you can see the Course Selector or “Waffle” which is located at the top of the page. You have to click on it and then you will see a list of your active courses. You are able to click the Thumbtack icon beside any course in this list. By doing it, you can pin it to the top for quicker access. If you want to jump between courses quickly without returning to the homepage, you can use Waffle.

  • My Courses

You can find My Courses widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage. It will show you images of all your courses. If you click on an image, you can access the course. You will also see small icons which appear on the course tiles when you have assignments to submit, unread discussion posts, and quizzes that you have yet to take.

Getting Help Related to D2L Brightspace

If you find some issues when you want to use D2L Brightspace and you need general information about D2L, StarID, WiFi, printing, computer and more, you are able to contact the Normandale technology Support Site or you are able to contact it via phone at 952-358-8181. The Help Desk hours are from Monday to Friday at 7.30 am to 7 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, they are closed. You are also able to get help by sending email to ITS-Helpdesk@normandale.edu.

If you are looking for text and video guides for D2L, Zoom, MediaSpace and Office 365, you are able to call to access Minnesota State Technology Support Site or via phone at 1-844-456-3876. Alternatively, you are able to send an email to servicedesk@minnstate.edu.

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