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In this page, we are going to talk about what D2L Normandale Community College is, and also some reviews of Normandale Community College. If you want to know about that information, you have to read the following text. Make sure you will not miss any information.

D2L Normandale Community College

D2L, Normandale Community College’s learning management system, is utilized to deliver the university’s online courses, also to support the face-to-face and blended classes classroom instruction.

  • D2L Normandale is really user friendly. If you navigate WebPages, complete online forms, and download files from the internet, you will be able to use D2L Normandale.
  • D2L Normandale supports most modern web browsers. Keep in mind that older browsers are never recommended. For your information: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are highly recommended browsers.
  • D2L Normandale uses popup windows for certain features. Please ensure to disable the browser’s popup blockers or add D2L Normandale as an exception.
  • D2L Normandale is supported by the Office of Distance Education.

D2L Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College Reviews

Here are some reviews of Normandale Community College:

  • It is a good affordable school. Overall the teachers and facilities are great. There is a calm and neutral environment perfect for learning in and be surrounded by. (Perla)
  • It is a great campus with faculty which care about you. The affordable textbooks and a high opportunity of getting a scholarship. There are many ways to be involved in campus including, programs, clubs, volunteering, and on campus jobs. However, there is no housing or sports. (Jenna)
  • Normandale is a really diverse and well run college. Our professors challenge us to study and give us many opportunities to learn outside of the class room and also practice the skills we have learned. Also, there are many opportunities to get involved with different student groups and clubs on campus. Overall, Normandale is an absolutely wonderful place to go to college and learn without spending a lot of money on tuition. (Katharine)
  • Normandale is a good college. The students have lots of opportunities for growth. Normandale connects the students to them with accessible counselors and postings all over campus. The school is very diverse in lots of ways and I am blessed to be a student here. (Abby)
  • Normandale is a great college. Everyone is very helpful and always there if you need help. The parking lot is not the best, but it is okay enough. As soon as you walk into the building you are able to sense all the good energy around the place. They are very resourceful there, if you need help trying to get around the building, or anything like that. There is always somebody there willing to help. (Nia)
  • Normandale is a fantastic establishment for some reasons, the first reason is the academics of the school. The professors make themselves available to the students. Anytime I needed help on a specific chapter of my assignment, easily I could contact my teacher to get assistance from them. The second reason is the extracurricular activities after school like kpop club. (Jameel)
  • Because it is a community college, you may not have the normal college experience, however I think it is a great school for the value. I have had great professors. Overall I have had a good experience. (Jolene)
  • Normandale is a great community college with a large amount of variety. There are many teachers for every type of learner. They are very passionate. Of course there are challenges, however they are all necessary and things you will use later. The students and the atmosphere are all amazing to work with. I am very lucky to be a student in such a wonderful place. (Shannon)
  • It is a good college to go to. Everyone is very approachable. Also, the professors and other staff are very helpful and resourceful. It would be good if there were school sports. The class sizes are the right size. Every student who attends Normandale, are willing and motivated to get good grades. The Supplemental instructors are there to assist the students who are struggling with certain subjects. Overall, the education is very great and a good price for each class. (Jasmine)
  • Normandale community is the best college school to go to after high school. I am glad I select to enroll to it. The school is diverse and has many great opportunities available. (Samia)
  • Normandale has a very friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to make new friends. All teachers dedicate time outside of the classroom. If you struggle with any of the classes, the teachers are going to help you as long as you ask. Also, I love the smaller class sizes so that it feels more interactive. (Rachael)

About Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College is a public community college that located in Bloomington (Minnesota). The college serves the communities of the southwestern portion of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area. Founded in 1968 as Normandale State Junior College with an initial enrollment of 1,359 students, now Normandale annually enrolls more than 14,000 students. Normandale Community College is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

The college is located exactly at West 98th Street and France Avenue South in Bloomington, Minnesota, on a 90-acre (36 ha) site 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Interstate 494. It is accessible to persons with disabilities, and has eight contemporary brick buildings around a central courtyard. Those buildings include the following: Academic Partnership Center, Building Services, College Services, Activities, Library, Science, Fine Arts, and a newly renovated Student Center. Also, the campus has a Japanese Garden. For your information, Academic Partnership Center collaborates with Minnesota State University. The Minnesota Japanese School, previously held its classes at the college. Aside from that, Nine Mile Creek transects the college campus near East Marsh Lake Park’s wetlands. It was the initial site for their host city’s “Adopt A Wetland” service learning prototype (2003–2004).

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