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MSU Billings has been an integral section of the Billings community. Built in 1927, the university continues to keep a longstanding tradition of educational access, civic engagement, teaching excellence, and community enhancement in an urban setting. In the classroom and community, the students get a good education and training for Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for careers through the University’s five colleges: Arts and sciences, business, allied health professions, education, and City College.

Logging into D2L MSU Billings

New to MSU Billings? How to log into D2L MSU Billings for the first time? Do not worry, now there is an easier way for you to get your NetID, and also get you rocking in D2L.

D2L MSU Billings

  • Start by going to https://www.msubillings.edu. After that, click on the MyInfo link at the top of the page.
  • Once there, you have to click on the big button suggesting you “claim/reclaim NetID”.
  • Now, you have to enter your Student ID (also known as your GID or MSU ID) on the following page.
  • Please enter your birthday in the format indicated.
  • Enter your NetID. For note: If you already have your password set, no need to go further.
  • You have to click the link in the third step to go to the instructions to reset your password. Or, if you have not been following along so far, simply click Forgot Password.
  • Please follow the instructions carefully.
  • Now that you have what you need, just go to the MSU-Billings Homepage, and click D2L in the upper-right
  • On the D2L page, you are able to enter your Net ID and password in the login area and then click Login

Getting to Your Courses

  • After logging into D2L MSU Billings, you are going to be on the My Home screen. Your courses are going to be displayed below, please click on the course image to access the course.
  • If your course does not appear in your list, you have to verify it is on or after the start date for the course. You will be able to look up your course in the Class Schedule.

If you just registered or were added after the course start date, it can take 24-48 hours for that course to show up in D2L. If your course still does not show up, you are able to contact Admissions and Records to verify you are registered. If they show you are correctly registered, they may face the problem of e-Learning Support.

Trouble Displaying D2L MSU Billings

If the D2L MSU Billings page does not display correctly, it may be due to one of the below reasons:

  • Your browser or system is not compatible with D2L, so you have to check compatibility. For note: Edge, that comes with Windows 10, may work, however is not fully supported. If you see odd behavior in a course, you are able to try a different browser to test.
  • Probably, you have been logged in and inactive for a long time. If so, you have to try going back to the main D2L page and logging in.
  • There may be another problem related to temporary files in your browser.

For this case, you have to try clearing the temporary files (browsing history) first. On normal desktop or laptop computers you are able to do this in any browser by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE (for Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (for Mac). Please check the boxes as shown for your browser and press “Clear” or “Delete.”

If you are still unable to clear the browsing history, or are using a mobile device like a tablet or Smartphone, search for other information to clear your cache page for more details.

MSU Billings Student Email

MSU Billings offers a free Microsoft Office 365 license for all students, staff, and faculty members. That license gives an official MSU Billings email address and also online Microsoft Office applications for use on computers and mobile devices.

Here is a step by step to log into your MSU Billings email:

For note: Your FirstLastID is usually your first name and last name separated by a dot. Example: David Smith is david.smith.

  • Now, simply you are able to click Next.
  • Please enter your password.
  • Please click Sign in.

For note: If you have problems logging in, try resetting your password. After resetting your password, it can take up to 30 minutes before Office 365 recognizes it. If you continue to have problems, you are able to contact the Student IT Help Desk at 406-247-5755.

MSU Billings and City College

Since 1927, MSU Billings has made a student-centered learning environment. Since its early days as Eastern Montana College, the university continues to keep a longstanding tradition of education access, civic engagement, teaching excellence, and community enhancement. Between MSU Billings and its two-year college City College, the students get a good education for associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees through one of the five colleges: Business, Arts and Sciences, Allied Health Professions, Education and City College.

Life at the university mirrors that of Billings. The students enjoy the 110 park-like acres sitting at the base of the Rimrocks and taking part in some cultural, service, athletic or educational events. MSU Billings boasts its Yellow Jacket pride through 15 NCAA athletic teams. The students are able to expect individual attention on this campus, from academic advisors and their approachable faculty. No other university in their state can compare with their competitive tuition prices and quality of their small class sizes.

City College is dedicated to the development of the workforce by giving top quality specialized training and learning chances by being responsive, flexible, and market-driven. The 2-year college offers university transfer education, developmental education, career preparation, GED preparation, and workforce training. The faculty there not only have expertise through their education, but also highly qualified by experience in their field of work.

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