D2L Marquette University Review

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In this page, we are going to talk about what D2L Marquette University is, and also some reviews of Marquette University. For those who want to know that information, you are able to read the following text. Ensure you will not miss any information.

D2L Marquette University

D2L, Marquette University’s learning management system, is used to deliver the online courses, also to support the face-to-face and blended classes classroom instruction.

  • D2L Marquette is user friendly. If you navigate WebPages, complete online forms, and download files from Internet, you will be able to use D2L Marquette.
  • D2L Marquette supports most modern web browsers. Keep in mind that older browsers are not recommended. For your information: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are highly recommended browsers.
  • D2L Marquette uses popup windows for certain features. Please make sure to disable the browser’s popup blockers or add D2L Marquette as an exception.
  • D2L Marquette is supported by the Office of Distance Education.

D2L Marquette University Review

Marquette University Reviews

Here are some reviews of Marquette University:

  • Online learning is not the best, but it is definitely manageable. The professors are good at posting assignments, and other materials.
  • Marquette has a friendly campus and climate. The classes are intriguing and you get to meet a lot of interactive people.
  • For everyone the move to online classes was a difficult transition, however Marquette University made it their mission to make it as smooth as possible. This university truly cares about the learning experiences provided to the students.
  • Marquette University makes it their mission to spread Jesuit values to their students. It is shown through the activities, courses, professors, students, and more.
  • Marquette was my home for 4 years and I could not have asked for anything better. I discovered lifelong friends, obtained a good education, and got to live in a nice city. I highly recommend this University to anyone for furthering their education.
  • I took my last semester of college online due to the corona. The professors were forced to learn how to utilize online teaching in very short notice. I believe that they all did the best they could.
  • Due to COVID- 19 pandemic, some of the classes are online although most are not. Internet access is available in dorms and university housing.
  • This was a beautiful campus. Caring and knowledgeable professors. We found lots of great friends. It had an excellent reputation.
  • I have really enjoyed my time at Marquette University and have specifically appreciated all the time and effort my professors. Aside from that, I have met many of my best friends at Marquette. Overall, it is a great college experience as long as you take the time to explore the Milwaukee area and put yourself out there to meet new people.
  • Professors have been empathetic and flexible in the students’ learning. Despite being given only a limited time, the professors have worked diligently to adapt to teaching virtually by learning the technology. I really appreciated their efforts and behind the scenes work to give the best quality of education under these circumstances. A disappointment related to the experience is I hope they lowered the tuition as online class is generally cheaper than in class.
  • Overall, I love Marquette. With Covid-19 this year I feel the year would have been different. Most of the teachers are passionate regarding teaching and helping the students. The campus is in the city, so it is a new scene for those who want to get away from the suburbs. Also, the food was decent, and apparently better than the years before.
  • Marquette has extremely good values. Lots of the students attending share those same values. The most staff is very good, the student life is exciting, and the campus feels like a community.
  • My last semester at Marquette was entirely online. While it was very difficult adjusting to that, my professors at Marquette made sure that I would be welcomed and that I would not miss out on the college experience. They made it easier to get through the transition to a fully virtual setting.
  • My experience at Marquette University has been excellent. I enjoy Marquette’s way of teaching. Also, I very enjoy the professors and the courses, as well as the prestige that it has.
  • I took some classes online through Microsoft Teams and in pre-recorded lectures. Although I would rather learn in-person, I very enjoyed the online classes. Also, the professors did a very good job using online platforms to deliver class content.

About Marquette University

About Marquette UniversityMarquette University is a private Jesuit research university. It is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On August 28, 1881, Marquette University was established by the Society of Jesus as Marquette College. It was founded by John Martin Henni, the first Bishop of the diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Based on the research, the university was named after 17th-century missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette, with the aim to give an affordable Catholic education to the area’s emerging German immigrant population. At first, Marquette became the first coeducational Catholic university in the world in 1909s once it began admitting its first female students.

Marquette University is part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. This university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and now has about 12,000 students. Marquette University is one of the biggest Jesuit universities in the United States. Also, it is the biggest private university in Wisconsin.

Marquette University is organized into 11 schools and colleges at its main Milwaukee campus. It offers programs in the liberal arts, communication, business, education, engineering, law and various health sciences disciplines. Also, the university administers classes in suburbs around the Milwaukee area and in Washington. Most students are pursuing undergraduate degrees. For your information, the university has over 68 doctoral and master’s degree programs, a law school, a dental school, and 22 graduate certificate programs. The university’s varsity athletic teams (the Golden Eagles) are members of the Big East Conference and compete in the NCAA’s Division I in all sports.

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