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Kutztown University has D2L as its learning management system. This one is used to deliver the online courses of the university. In addition to that, it is also used to support the fact to face and blended classes. In order to access the D2L Kutztown, you will need to log in. This post will uncover about the D2L Kutztown login and some other information.

D2L Kutztown Login

Logging in to D2L Kutztown is easy. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the D2L Kutztown page at https://desire2learn.kutztown.edu/. When you are there, you will be able to see three options at the frontpage, which are Kutztown Users, Millersville Users, and Guests. As you want to log in to the D2L Kutztown, please choose the first one, the one with yellow color. By clicking the option, you will be directed to the Single Sign On page.

D2L Kutztown Login

Signing in to the D2L Kutztown only requires you two things, which are KU User ID and password. For those who have no idea about the User ID, it is the one from your Applicant Acknowledge Letter. Each student of Kutztown University will get a unique KU username or User ID right after enrolling in the university. The username will be sent immediately to the home address of the student after the acceptance. Once you have a User ID in your hand, you can just enter it and the password. After entering these two, the last thing is to click on the Sign On button.

In case the system notifies you that the username and or the password are invalid, please make sure that your password is current. If it has been 180 days since the last password reset, this error might happen to you. As for the username, it will remain the same.

In case you forgot the password, there is a link named Forgot Password? that will take you to the KU Account Management page. In this page, there are some options available to choose from. If you want to reset the password via email, you can click *NEW* Reset password via email. For the students who have forgotten their password, they can choose the one link for students. There is also a link to get the new password for the faculty and staff. For every new applicant, you can set up your account by clicking the last link.

If you decide to make reset the password and make a new one but the system does not want to take it, please make sure that the new one meets the requirements for a strong password. Another thing to make sure is that there is no part of your name in it.

Talking about the password, please take a note that the Kutztown University at no time will ever ask for your password and it is prohibited to share your password with anyone.

In case you are having a hard time while log in to the D2L Kutztown, there is IT Help Center provided by the Kutztown University. It is like your personal assistant that will help you about the information technology services. Each faculty, staff, and student are able to take the advantage of it. There are a few ways to contact the IT Help Center, including:

Online chat:

Contact resnet:

Contact D2L:

About Kutztown University

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, which is also more known as Kutztown University or KU, refers to a public university located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. This one is included in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education or PASSHE and is accredited by the Middle Class Commission on Higher Education.


  • Nickname: Golden Bears
  • Motto: It’s Good to be Golden.
  • Type: Public university
  • Established: 1866; 155 years ago
  • Location: Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Parent institution: PASSHE
  • Academic affiliations: CONAHEC
  • Endowment: $33.7 million (2020)
  • President: Kenneth Hawkinson
  • Academic staff: 552
  • Administrative staff: 563
  • Undergraduates: 7,391
  • Postgraduates: 918
  • Campus: Rural, 326 acres or 132 ha
  • Colors: Maroon and gold
  • Athletics: NCAA Division II – PSAC
  • Sports: 21 varsity teams (8 men’s and 13 women’s)
  • Website: kutztown.edu

Kutztown University Website

In 1866, Kutztown University was established for the first time. Actually, it started as the Keystone Normal School based out of the now named Old Main Building and specializing in teacher education. A few years later, the name was changed to Kutztown State Teacher College. In 1960, the school grew bigger and spread its wings outside education to be christened Kutztown State College and in 1983, it became Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

There are some programs offered by Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, including the ones in the liberal arts and sciences, the visual and performing arts, business, education, and some graduate studies. It has eight men’s sports and thirteen women’s sports that usually compete within the NCAA Division II and the PSAC or the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is known as a census designed place in Maxatawny Township, the one outside the borough of Kutztown and it is the main population of the university. According to the 2010 census, the population was 2,918 residents.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has produced some successful individuals, including A.J. Petrucci, Andre Reed, Arenda Wright Allen, Arthur Granville Dewalt, Bill Beckley, Bill DeMott, Bob Cesca, Brian Nichols, Bruce Harper, Craig Reynolds, Craig Rivera, Don Everhart, Doug Dennison, Eric D. Schaeffer, Gary G. Lash, George S. Messersmith, Gus Yatron, Guy L. Moser, Harry Hoch, Isaac Hoffer Doutrich, James Delgrosso, Jeremy Culver, Joe DeRoda, Joe Emrick, John Gabriel, John Linder, John Mobley, Jordan Morgan, Jose Lorenzo Pesquera, Karen TenEyck, Mark Gillen, Mark Rozzi, Mark Ruwedel, Mark Schultz, Matthew McGurk, Paul Frederick Berdanier, Peter Zug, Rick Vito, Robert Gibb, Roy C. Afflerbach, Ruth Mountaingrove, Ryan Vogelsong, Ryat, Scott Menzel, Stephen Dennis, Susan Daigle-Leach, Thomas J. Hylton, Tom Warburton, Tyler Lepley, Vicki DaSilva, Wanda Shirk, William Martin Croll, etc.

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