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Because the pandemic of Covid-19 has not ended yet, almost all schools in the world have been forced to do online learning. Of course, many schools use a variety of online learning by applying several online learning management systems.

One of the online learning management systems which is trusted and has been used by thousands of schools, academic institutions, and corporations is the D2L. The founder of D2L, John realized that the education system today has to look at the world in new ways. The goal of the D2L is to provide the best possible learning opportunities for everyone.

Well, one of the colleges using the D2L in their online learning method is East Tennessee State University. Many guests may wonder how the D2L works at ETSU whether it is reliable to use or not. If you’re one of them who are looking for the D2L review used at ETSU, let’s see our little research below related to the D2L review!

The D2L Overview

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The D2L at ETSU gives the students, faculty and also staff even a guest to find out what they need. This online learning management system also allows the instructors to easily give the students online access to course syllabi, assignments, quizzes, and more. In other words, D2L is a trusted learning system where a lot of professors at ETSU also use this electronic course system.

Of course, in order to get access into the D2L at ETSU, you should login first using your ETSU username and password. To log into D2L for ETSU, access the URL here. You will be required to enter your ETSU username and password. The credentials are the same username and password that you can use when logging into the computer labs on campus.


The D2L Features at ETSU

The D2L at ETSU has common features that you may find at other schools which use the D2L system for online learning. Here’s a list of the D2L features that you can find at ETSU:

  • Content

Content is a D2L feature at ETSU to house course materials which your instructors have made available to you. The Content at D2L is organized by modules and also sub-modules.

  • Calendar

The Calendar feature on D2L is available to manage course-related or personal tasks. This tool can also hold course and assignment due dates, exams, virtual office hours, and other information which instructor posts for you.

  • Classlist

The Classlist feature provides the information about the faculty and the students enrolled in your D2L course.

  • Discussions

The Discussion feature allows the users to get the  class and group discussions based on a particular topic.

  • Groups

The Groups section allows your instructor to divide your class into some groups for discussions, projects and other assignments.

  • Notifications

The Notifications feature surely will  automatically notify the students about a lot of information related to their courses.

  • Assessments

You can use Assessment to access quizzes and exams which your Instructor has made available to you.

  • Dropbox

The Dropbox tool is used to receive electronic files for evaluation and feedback. This Dropbox feature exists to organize group discussions and  projects. The students can submit the assignments by uploading files to folders in the Dropbox. The instructors will then see your submitted files, provide grades and also feedback all from within the Dropbox.

  • Grades

Through this feature, you can see your individual grades, comments and also class averages. Only you and your instructor are able to see your grades, the other students cannot see your grades at all.

East Tennessee State University

The D2L ETSU Reviews

Based on our little research of finding the D2L ETSU review, almost 95%, the students either the junior, senior or also alumni, feel satisfied to use the D2L at ETSU. However, we do not only show the D2L review, but also the online learning method that ETSU provides during the pandemic of Covid-19.

We got the reviews from Niche.com which provides the information about the profiles on every school and the college with-in depth explanation in America and also show over 140 million reviews and ratings for every school and college. So, we think that using the Niche to find out the D2L ETSU review will not be useless.

Here are some review of the D2L and other online learning methods at ETSU that we got from Niche.com:

Rating 5 out of 5

Junior reviewed 11 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says:

“All of the online classes that I’ve taken at ETSU have worked smoothly. My professors were able to use the software well and to their advantage and they were still able to effectively teach.”

Freshman reviewed 2 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says:

“I havent taken any online courses i am going to be taking all on campus courses because they offer a wide variety of courses”.

Rating 4 out of 5

Sophomore reviewed 8 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says:

“Online classes are the hardest when you first attend them. After awhile you get used to keeping up with the classes. You do need to set aside time to work on everything and check D2L frequently.”

Junior reviewed 2 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says:

 “Online classes have been a bit difficult and I know that everyone has been struggling this past year. However, the professors have all been wonderful to me and the patience and understanding has been so greatly appreciated. While most of my classes have used Zoom to host weekly class meetings, some have been asynchronous through D2L. Either way it has not been the same as being on campus but everyone has done their best to keep us moving forward!”

Rating 3 out of 5

Senior  reviewed 7 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says:

“Most courses offered at ETSU involve some kind of online coursework, and some are hosted completely online.”

Senior reviewed 6 months ago about the D2L ETSU and says

“The online aspect felt worse than in person. But that could have just been the whole pandemic thing. The gen-ed courses online needed proofreading; too many errors.”

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