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You may get a variety of issues when accessing the D2L, DePaul’s learning management system. Don’t worry! The user who gets the issues associated with the D2L is not only you. However, there are a lot of users including DePaul’s students and faculty who have the same problem.

Certainly, if you get any D2L issues, DePaul provides Help Desk Support to assist the users finding the troubleshooting based on the issues they encounter.

DePaul provides Help Desk

What you should do when getting D2L issues is to go to Help & Support in section of Technology FAQ or find the solutions through Student Success page in section of Technology.

The D2L Issues You May Face

This post will list a variety of the D2L issues that you may face. Then, how, the DePaul Help & Tech Support give the solutions. Here you go!

  1. The D2L course is not appearing

If you get an issue when the D2L courses are not appearing, you should note that it will take up to 24 hours after enrollment for a course to appear in D2L. Meanwhile, if you’ve enrolled in a course, however, it’s not appearing under ‘My Courses’ in D2L, it commonly means that the D2L courses page has not yet been made ‘active’ and visible to the students. Alternatively, you can email your instructor to activate the page.

  1. Activating a D2L course

When accessing the D2L, you may face the issue of activation where the D2L courses are not active yet. In this case, you should note that teh D2L course should be activated for the students to be able to access it. If not, your D2L courses will not be displayed in your list of courses in D2L at all.

Need to know, all DePaul courses are initially set to ‘inactive’ status, so the students cannot access the course site before set up is complete. For the solution, you should activate the settings for the course site which can be found on a page named ‘Course Offering Information’. There will be links to this page in two different places in D2L, they are:

  • The list of courses on the D2L home page
  • Through the course site main menu

To note, the person who is responsible to activate the course is your instructor. So, consider contacting your instructor to see when your courses will be activated.

Here’s how to activate courses from D2L Home Page!

  • On the D2L home page, hover over the course image.
  • After that, choose the ‘ellipsis’.
  • Then, choose the ‘Course Offering Information’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Here, you need to choose the ‘checkbox’ beside ‘Course is active’, under the section titled ‘Active’.
  • Choose ‘Save’. Then, the course is now activated and the students will view it listed when they log into D2L.

Here’s how to activate the course from within the Course Site!

  • Firstly, you need to go to the D2L course site which needs to be activated.
  • After that, choose ‘Edit Course’ from the course navigation bar.
  • Then, choose ‘Course Administration’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose ‘Course Offering Information’.
  • Here, you need to choose the ‘checkbox’ beside ‘Course is active’, under the section titled ‘Active’.
  • Choose ‘Save’ to save the changes. Then, the course is now activated and the students will view it listed when they log into D2L.

That’s it! You now successfully activate your D2L courses and others. So, you can get started to learn through the D2L learning management system.

  1. Your class is not appearing after enrolled in last term

If you want to see a previous course, you can use the terms options on the D2L homepage to navigate to the term during that class. Of course, if your class is not appearing in the list of your class, you need to contact your instructor to activate your class.

  1. View feedback on a Submission

If you want to view feedback on a Submissions, you should go to the Submissions area of D2L and find the assignment. Then, if the instructor has provided feedback, it will be available under the ‘Evaluation Status’ column as a link which reads ‘“Feedback: Unread.”.

Here, you need to choose this link to be taken to the feedback page. Certainly, feedback will appear in the ‘Overall Feedback’ section within the rubric or by choosing the View inLine Feedback link under the ‘Inline Feedback’ column.

  1. How if you want to add a video to a Submission Folder?

If the post folder has a text box for an assignment, the video must be uploaded to Panopto first. Of course, you should follow the instructions on Uploading Videos to Panopto. You can then see the Student Guide on Panopto for the information on accessing Panopto and submitting a video to a submission folder.

You can also use the insert stuff icon in the textbox to show a menu of options and choose Panopto Insert Stuff. A window will then open with ‘My Folder’ in Panopto. You can choose to insert and proceed to insert the video to the textbox. In this case, the video file can be attached like any other files if the submission folder asks for an uploaded attachment.

  1. A quiz cannot be accessed

If you find a ‘Not Authorized’ or ‘Internal Error’ message when you cannot access a quiz, the message can be for one of a few reasons. However, the quiz may not be available as the due date has passed. In this case, the quiz may also not have been released yet. So, you can contact your instructor. Well, if the maximum number of attempts for the quiz have been reached, the access will be denied at all.

  1. Cannot post to a discussion

If you get an issue where a discussion will not allow you a new post even though the discussion is visible, it may be caused by the discussion’s permissions being set. What you should do is to check to see when the discussion was due. If the due date has passed, you can then reach out to the instructor for further information.

Well, those are part of the issues that you may face when accessing the D2L.

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