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In order to access the D2L, Depaul’s a learning management system, you should login first via Depaul Campus Connect. To login through Campus Connect, it requires your BlueKey login credentials. Aside from being able to access the D2L, BlueKey login credentials can also be used to access a lot of other learning technology systems.

If you’re a Depaul student and want to access the D2L, of course, you should login first. How if you don’t know how to login to Depaul Campus Connect? Thankfully, this post will show you the way to login into Campus Connect. Here you go!

How to Login into Campus Connect?

You can login into Campus Connect by accessing this link.  Then, you will see the Depaul University Campus Connect Login page. You can then click on the blue ‘Student/ Faculty/ Staff’ button to continue login. That means this login button is intended for Depaul students, faculty and staff.

Note: If you do not qualify for BlueKey credentials, your old Campus Connect login credentials can be used and still work on some systems.

D2L DePaul Campus Connect

For the student’s parents who want to access the Depaul, they can choose the ‘Parent Access’ option under the login button. Unlike the Depaul students, faculty and staff who must enter BlueKey login credentials, the parents should enter their UserID and password to access Campus Connect Login.

If you’re only a guest who wants to see the course catalog, make a payment on behalf of a student and also view the class schedule, you can access the Depaul University Campus Connect without logging in. You just click on the ‘Class Search’ option in the Campus Connect page.

Depaul Campus Connect also provides an ‘Authorized Payer Login’ option that can be accessed by parents or others who have been granted access.

How Important Is BlueKey to Access Campus Connect?

BlueKey can be defined as a new seamless and secure login experience for Depaul technology services. When you see the BlueKey login experience, it means that you should login using the username@depaul.edu format which matches your Depaul BlueM@il email address.

The BlueKey is very important for Depaul login. Why? However, this system provides a bunch of advantages for the Depaul students, faculty and also staff. Here are the reasons why BlueKey is important:

  • Provides additional security

The BlueKey will enhance security capabilities. This login experience can allow the Information Services to add more security measures such as multi-factor authentication. Depaul staff can now use BlueKey multi-factor for numerous applications. The tutorial to set up BlueKey multi-factor can be found on the ‘how to register’ page.

The Depaul students are also boosted to register for BlueKey multi-factor due to it will allow them to get the ability to reset a forgotten password without needing to call the Help Desk.

  • Fewer username and password prompt

When the BlueKey is applied to more Depaul applications, you may see fewer prompts for your credentials when moving between systems, especially in case when you visit your BlueM@il and then visit Campus Connect. You may then see fewer prompts if you’re a staff using a Depaul-issued computer.

  • Provide login experience consistently

Because a lot of services are moved to BlueKey login experience, however, it’ll be somewhat easier to recognize a legitimate Depaul service login as opposed to a malicious one crafted to steal your credentials.

Okay, those are the reasons why BlueKey is very important to provide a new seamless login experience. The point is, the BlueKey eventually will be used to login to nearly all Depaul services. However, the transition may take some time. Instead, you’re able to track their progress and see which Depaul services are using BlueKey at the BlueKey services schedule page.

Throughout the transition, the Depaul technology services are going to have numerous different login experiences in place. So, you probably need to use a different username format depending on which login page you see.

What Is the Depaul Campus Connect?

Campus Connect is Depaul’s main portal for students, faculty and staff. It can be mentioned as an interactive web portal which contains a collection of Web-based services which are intended for students, faculty and staff, built on top of PeopleSoft’s Campus Solutions (CS) system.

Within Campus Connect, the students, faculty and staff are able to access a variety of self-service functions and also perform administrative tasks. Of course, Depaul’s faculty and staff who need access to additional functionality within Campus Connect should talk to their managers about requesting additional access.

What Can You Find On Campus Connect?

The things that can be found on Campus Connect will be different for students, faculty and staff. It means that each will get what they need through Campus Connect. Here’s how it breaks down:

For Students

The Depaul students can do multiple activities through Campus Connect, here are they:

  • Find out how to register for courses, course information and see the schedule.
  • Request a course history report or a degree progress report.
  • Review grade history.
  • View pay bills, financial accounts and apply for financial aid.
  • Update demographic information such as your address, phone number and email address.

For Faculty

The Depaul faculty can do multiple activities through Campus Connect, here are they:

  • View teaching schedules
  • Submit grades
  • Review Teaching Evaluation
  • Access class rosters

For Staff

The Depaul staff can do multiple activities through Campus Connect, here are they:

  • Submit time sheets
  • View pay-stubs
  • Update demographic information
  • Sign-up for benefits enrollment

More Depaul PeopleSoft Systems

As you know, Depaul’s Campus Connect is built on top of PeopleSoft’s Campus Solutions (CS) system. Depaul also uses three other PeopleSoft instances for financial and HR information as well as help desk support.

In order to access most administrative functionality is determined by a user’s role at the university. Then, to get access to additional applications or functionality, IS administrators should give additional security access to the environment.

If you want to request access to the PeopleSoft financial system, you can send an email to FinSystemsecurity@depaul.edu. While, if you want to request to the HR or CRM environments, you should fill out a PeopleSoft Access Request Form here.

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