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Portland Community College is one of the academic institutions which apply the D2L learning management system in giving the student’s online courses. The D2L Brightspace at PCC allows the students to access their online course which includes course calendar, syllabus, lessons, an assignment drop-box, quizzes and discussion forums.

Guides for D2L Brightspace PCC

For the start guide of D2L Brightspace at PCC, it is composed of four modules where each contains several pages of the content and ending with a quiz. Once you have completed the quiz at the end of each module, well the next one will be available soon.

D2L Brightspace PCC

At the end of the module, you will complete a readiness assessment which will open in a new window/tab. After this assessment is completed, you can then have the option to save or email a copy of your results to yourself.

Once you’ve completed the readiness assessment, the final step requires you to return to D2L Brightspace and then review the last page titled ‘Start Guide Completion’. You should then  read over the full page. To submit your completion of the Start Guide for Online Learning and acquire the prerequisite from this course, you have to  click the large Submit Results button at the bottom of the page.

Afterwards, you’re able to confirm that you’ve completed the Start Guide for Online Learning fully by checking the ‘My Courses’ tab of MyPCC and noticing whether the Virtual Backpack icon is listed within the ‘Ready to take online classes?’ box now has a green check on it or not.

How to Access D2L Brightspace PCC?

In order to access the D2L Brightspace PCC, the users should login first by entering their username and password through the available portal page. At least, there are multiple ways that you can do to access the D2L Brightspace PCC, here are they:

  • Through the Login Portal

You can go to the Login portal that you can access here. After that, you will be taken into the PCC login page. In this step, you should enter your username and password. Then, click on the Login button.

Login Portal Portland Community College

If you use this way to access the D2L Brightspace PCC, it will require your MyPCC credentials to login. Then, if you reset your MyPCC password, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before you can use your new password on the direct login page.

Of course, after you’re done working with the D2L Brightspace at PCC, you should log out to ensure that your PCC login session is terminated. You can click on your Name at the top-right corner of your account. Now, you have to view a page which tells you that you have been logged out and you should then close your browser.

  • Through MyPCC

If you have an issue accessing the D2L Brightspace using the first way, you can then try to log into D2L Brightspace through your MyPCC account. Once you access the D2L Brightspace through MyPCC, you can click on the Laptop icon located near the upper-right hand corner of your MyPCC account.

Afterwards, find the Quick Links box on the Home tab and then click on the D2L Brightspace Login link. You can access MyPCC here.

Note: Today, on May 28, 2021, the MyPCC is not available from 7 P.M to 10 P.M. Some MyPCC services will not be available until 11:30 PM. Meanwhile, the D2L Brightspace and PCC email will be available.

How if you cannot login to access the D2L Brightspace?

If you have an issue where you cannot login to the D2L login portal, you can try to clear your browser cache and history. Sometimes, some browsers are stubborn and refreshing will not work. So you have to remove the page copies your browser is saving. However, it’s named clearing your cache.

Aside from clearing your cache and history, you can also close your browser completely and try to re-open the browser and try to access the D2L Brightspace through login portal or via MyPCC.

If you confront any issues even though you have tried the ways above, you can try to use a different browser and check if  you can login to access the D2L Brightspace or not.

If you still have the login issue or your account is deactivated, you can try to find out the troubleshooting of your issue through Student Help Desk at https://www.pcc.edu/help-desk/ to get any instructions or send email to shd@pcc.edu or 971-722-8222.

Can You Access the D2L If You’re a Guest?

You may want to explore the online learning environment first before taking an online class. At PCC, you’re allowed to access the D2L Brightspace, though you’re a guest. PCC’s online learning team have built a sample online course which will allow you to explore their online learning environment.

Of course, you can explore the PCC online environment by using a guest account. You can enter the guest username with jsample and password with takealook.

Is the D2L Available in the App?

Of course, the D2L learning management system has been included into a mobile app named Brightspace Pulse app. This app is available for iOS and Android which allows you to see important information about your course through your smartphone or tablet.

Within the D2L app, you can see upcoming items which are due, view a graphical view of workload for the week, see Notifications/ Announcements, find the content and grade, see and reply to Discussions. Otherwise, if you want to complete assignments and quizzes, it’s better for you to use PC or laptop as the Brightspace Pulse app may not be available in some areas.

To get the Brightspace Pulse app, you can go to Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS users). You can then look for the Brightspace Pulse. Once you get it, click on the Install/Get option.

To log into the Brightspace Pulse app, you should open the Pulse App. Find out Portland Community College. If you login on the PCC login page, you have to use your MyPCC credentials. If you currently have changed your MyPCC password, you have to wait up to 24 hours before you can sign in with the PCC login page.

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