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What is D2L Brightspace KSU?

D2L Brightspace is a learning management system which is used to plan, implement, and also assess a specific learning process.

What is D2L Brightspace KSU

D2L Brightspace requires Duo two-factor authentication.


Summer 2021 courses

  • The students have access to Summer 2021 courses in D2L Brightspace on the First Day of their session start date.
  • It can take up to 24 hours after registration in Owl Express for the courses in order to view in D2L Brightspace.

Spring 2021 courses

  • Officially, access to Spring 2021 courses ends on July 9, 2021. If you need your access to a course extended past this date, you are able to contact your course instructor.

eCore courses

  • USG eCore courses are located at https://go.view.usg.edu. Information on usernames, resetting your password and support is located on the eCore site.

For notes: If you are a graduating senior, transferring, or not planning to register for classes next semester, please disable your notifications from your account profile in D2L Brightspace after the last day of classes. If you do not take this step, you are going to continue to receive Brightspace D2L notifications although you are not registered to take classes for the following term. If you need assistance, you are able to contact the KSU Service Desk at 470-578-3555 or studenthelpdesk@kennesaw.edu.


Summer 2021 courses

  • Summer 2021 courses are available to the instructors in D2L Brightspace.

Important D2L News – Continuous Delivery

  • D2L returns to the Continuous Delivery model of software updates, giving regular, incremental improvements. They are looking forward to working with you as they introduce these important changes to D2L throughout the year. You will be able to learn more at uits.kennesaw.edu/d2l, where they are going to l continue to provide updates for D2L Brightspace and Continuous Delivery. For any questions or assistance, you are able to contact the KSU Service Desk.

Course Shell Requests

  • You have to use the Course Shell Request Form to ask a non-Owl Express. For this case, you are able to contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • A course shell functions identically to a normal course, however has no start or end date, and no automated student enrollment functionality. The course instructors have to handle participant enrollment. The course shells cannot be used for course credit-earning activities.

Third-party Integration Requests for D2L Brightspace

  • Lots of third-party publishers and vendors offer integrations with the ability to connect to D2L Brightspace courses. UITS (University Information Technology Services) and DLI (Digital Learning Innovations) facilitate and support these integrations, but need advance notice to ensure successful implementation and that the tool meets the requirements of the University. All third-party integrations have to be reviewed and approved by the Digital Learning Innovation and UITS before implementation.
  • To request the implementation of a third-party tool with your D2L course, you are able to complete the D2L Third-party Tool Integration Form. UITS strives to complete each approved D2L tool integration request as quickly as possible. The requests have to be submitted one semester in advance.

Course Reset Requests

  • UITS Learning Technologies administrators are able to do a D2L course reset upon request. The course reset is going to return the course back to an empty shell in a single, permanent action. The process purges all data, and there is no restore. A key feature is that it cannot affect user enrollments.
  • To reduce the chance of unintentional deletions, you have to fill out and submit the course reset request form.

Why does KSU need two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication gives an extra layer of security for your NetID. It is designed to make sure no one can access your account, even if your password becomes compromised. You are going to be asked to authenticate through Two-factor authentication each time you login to Duo compatible services. The service gives multiple options for taking advantage of this additional authentication method, including push notifications through a Smartphone app, short codes delivered via the app, or phone calls.

Passwords are easy to compromise. At KSU, 80 percent of phishing attacks use compromised KSU credentials. Because these attacks have gotten more complex, the effectiveness of passwords has eroded to the point of being inadequate to protect the data to which the institution is entrusted.

Two-factor authentication is very required, and actively used by the University System of Georgia and member institutions. It will add a second layer of security, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised. With Duo Push, you are going to be alerted right away (on your phone) if someone is attempting to log in to your account. The two-factor authentication is separate from your username and password. Also, the duo never sees your own password.

D2L Brightspace Updates – May 2021

D2L Consistent Evaluation Experience for the Assignments

The assignment evaluation experience is streamlined, thus the most commonly utilized tools are easy to discover and use. The layout is the same as before, with the evaluation tools on the right and student submissions on the left. Also, the HTML editor in the feedback box is updated to increase formatting options.

Accommodations in the Quizzes, Class list, and Class Progress

The new Accommodations are able to activate the following features for a student: Modify the time limit for all quizzes or always allow right-click in quizzes. The modified time will be applied in terms of a time multiplier or a set amount of additional minutes. The right-click accommodation choice will override the setting to disable right-click if enabled in the original quiz settings.

After giving, these accommodations apply to every quiz in the course. The instructors are going to view from the Classlist which students were given accommodations with a new search filter and icon. Also, the icons will be visible in the Class Progress area.

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