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As an Augusta student, you may want to get access to the D2L. In fact, Augusta also uses the D2L in providing the new way for distance learning methods. As you know, the D2L offers the students, faculty and staff to find out what they need.

For the instructor, the D2L easily gives the students online access to courses, quizzes, assignments,and more. So, we can say that D2L is a trusted learning system to allow the Augusta’s professors also using this electronic course system.

D2L Augusta

If you are an Augusta student and looking for  how to access the D2L, thankfully, you’re at the right page now. This post will guide you in the way of accessing the D2L Augusta, reliability of the D2L at Augusta, and finding out the solution for the D2L issues you encounter.

Logging Into the D2L Augusta

In order to get access to the D2L Augusta, make sure you log into D2L first through this login portal here. At this login portal, you will be required to enter your JagID, fill your username and password. Then, you need to click on the Sign In button to start continuing accessing the D2L.

Logging Into the D2L Augusta

Your JagID can be granted upon acceptance to Augusta University. Moreover, JagID is a unique username which is used in a variety of ways. It’s important to note that your JagID can be recognized as the portion of the email address before the @ symbol. For example, if the email address is mariaclara34@augusta.edu, the username will be mariaclara34.

For the JagID password, it can be the last initial (capitalized) + SSN (no spaces) + an exclamation point (!). For example. Maria Clara (SSN-123-45-6789), that would be C123456789!. You can also change your password by visiting password.augusta.edu.

change your password AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY

Additionally, you can use your Augusta University NetID and your AU password to log into the D2L Brightspace. Well, in order to find the information, you can visit the Accounts and Passwords page.

About NetID

New students and employees should first activate their account within 24 hours once the applicant accepts their acceptance from admissions or within 24 hours of course registration. In order to activate your account, you need to visit the Activate Account Page here.

In this case, your NetID and password are the main keys to access a diverse range of services and resources including D2L, Outlook, axiUm and Citrix. To make password, you should meet the requirements as follows:

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Should be at least 8 characters long and should include at least 1 number and 1 letter.
  • New password probably has not been used previously.
  • Should not include any of the following values: changeme, password and can’t use part of your name or username.
  • Your password should be changed every six months.

How Does D2L Augusta Work?

The D2L Brightspace is Augusta’s learning management system (LSM). This is the main online tool which is used to distribute course content to students. Aside from the students, the D2L really helps the faculty in providing PowerPoint Presentation, online video and online lecture, and PDF documents for the students to review at their convenience.

Moreover, the students will have access to their courses in the Learning Management System for three years since graduating from a program at Augusta University. The courses in D2L Brightspace at Augusta commonly open at 12:00 A.M on the first day of the semester. Well, some instructors probably open theirs up sooner.

The Common D2L Issues You May Encounter

Sure, you may encounter plenty of issues when working with the D2L Brightspace Augusta. Here are they:

  1. Can’t see the course you have registered

If you have registered for your courses, however, you don’t see them when you try to log into. There are some things you should do, they are:

  • Make sure you have no holds on your account in Pounce.
  • Pounce and LMS sync with each other two times every day.
  • If you are registered for a course in Pounce before 11 A.M, you have to see the course in the Brightspace/D2L LMS by 1:00 P.M that day.
  • If you are registered for a course in Pounce before 5.30 A.M, you have to see the Brightspace/D2L LMS by  4:00 A.M the next day.
  • The longest you must have to wait for LMS access once registering (assuming no holds) is 17 hours.
  1. The instructor cannot log into D2L LMS

If a new instructor created an account to access the D2L Brightspace, but he/she cannot log into. In fact, the new instructor accounts will be created on LMS  once your first teaching assignment is turned into Banner. Well, after your assignment is turned into Banner, you surely will have access to the LMS within seventeen hours.

  1. How to get training and support for the D2L Brightspace Augusta?

Your Instructional Systems Analyst (ISA) will provide training and support for D2L Brightspace and for other instructional systems. You can find out which ISA supports your College by visiting the Instructor-Led Training page here.

The Instructional Designers in the Center for Instructional Innovation will help you with implementing best practices and quality standards in the design and delivery of your online and technology-enhanced courses.

  1. The instructor can log into D2L Brightspace, but cannot see their courses

If you are an instructor who cannot see your course, but you can login, it’s because you will have access to the course in LMS within seventeen hours after your assignment is turned into Banner. In this case, the instructor enrollments occur through the Banner.

  1. When to see your courses for a future term?

The courses will be available in the LMS on the first day of the term prior. For example, your summer 2021 will be available to you in the LMS on the first day of the spring 2021 term.

  1. How to allow your teaching assistant to access your course?

If an individual’s involvement in a course is not a part of their official teaching effort, you probably can add them to your course by selecting ‘add a participant’ in your LMS course classlist.

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