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The D2L online learning management system has been used by tons of schools around the world. The D2L provides convenience in accessing various activities needed either by the students, faculty and staff. Within the D2L, there are numerous features that you can use based on what the users need.

One of the schools which use the D2L program in its learning system is Anoka Ramsey. The D2L Brightspace at Anoka Ramsey is used for enrolled student, hybrid and also online courses. Anoka Ramsey uses the D2L Brightspace to give course materials to their students online.

D2L Anoka Ramsey

Sure, if you are working with the D2L, you will get a lot of tools for teaching and learning in the classroom and online. To get access to the D2L program, you surely need to login first using your username or also StarID. If you want to work with the D2L, please find out what you want from our post below!

Logging Into the D2L Anoka Ramsey, Here’s the Guide!

To login into the D2L Anoka Ramsey, you should use your StarID in order to access the D2L. However, the StarID and password are needed to access your student email account and other campus information. The StarID is your login username/ ID that you have obtained when you register to Anoka Ramsey.

Anoka Ramsey gives two options for logging, they are with your StarID and Non-StarID. It means that the users who do not have the StarID are able to access the D2L Anoka Ramsey. Here’s how it breaks down!

  • Login with StarID

Visit the login portal here.

Login with StarID

Once you’re at the login portal. you need to enter your StarID and password. Then, click on the Sign On button to start exploring the D2L Anoka Ramsey.

  • Login with Non-StarID

As an alternative, if you have no StarID or you’re a guest, you’re able to get access to the D2L Anoka Ramsey by entering the username and password. Visit the login portal with Non-StarID here.

Login with Non-StarID

Once you are at the login portal, you need to enter your username and password. Then, click on the Login button to get access to the D2L Anoka Ramsey.

The Requirements to Access the D2L Anoka Ramsey

In order to get access the D2L Anoka Ramsey, make sure you meet plenty of requirements as follow:

  • Your computer should have the internet connection, browser support and minimum of Windows operating systems.
  • Make sure to activate your free student email account.
  • Run the D2L Brightspace Anoka Ramsey system to make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to get access to the D2L Brightspace. Additionally, a plenty of courses may require that you install additional plug-ins.
  • Ensure to fill the username bar with your StarID and also with password, you should enter your StarID password.

To note, the students can log into the D2L Brightspace 55 days before the semester starts but have no access to their courses until the course start date, unless otherwise specified by the instructor. And after the instructor makes the course active. Depending on what time of the day you register for classes, of course, you cannot see your D2L Brightspace course until the daily integration has been performed.

If you get an issue in activating your StarID, you can ask help by accessing the Help Support here. On this Help Page, you will find out the solution based on the issues you encounter.

About Anoka Ramsey StarID

StarID is a username which replaces a lot of login IDs with one ID, one password everywhere. After you activate the StarID, you’re able to use your StarID and password anywhere which accepts StarID. You surely can use the same StarID across Minnesota State.

The StarID format consists of two letters which are followed by four numbers, followed by two letters such as ab1234cd. In this case, the StarID format was chosen based on analysis of usernames across all of Minnesota State.

Moreover, your StarID can be used across all institutions, so using any part of your name, university, college, Tech ID, netID or also D2L username is impossible as these identifiers may be duplicated across institutions and  because of increased privacy requirements and laws like FERPA.

Even email addresses will be assigned and re-assigned at many institutions. For more information, the StarID is never duplicated and never re-assigned. It means that after being issued, you’re able to use the same StarID every time you visit a participating institution over the lifetime of your relationship with Minnesota State.

All students, staff and faculty of the Minnesota State System which are eligible for a StarID are entitled to own the StarID. However, you need to activate it before using it for any purpose. It’s important to know that the StarID is random and computer-generated, so it cannot be sure who and when to own the StarID.

What’s New on the D2L Anoka Ramsey?

At least there are new features that you will find on the D2L Anoka Ramsey, they are Short Message Service and Discussion Posts Appearing.

SMS or text messaging, aside from receiving email notifications about course activity in D2L Brightspace, you are able to receive text messages. You can then follow the directions to receive text message notification through your mobile device.

If you get confused with Discussion Posts Appearing as Read/Unread, you surely can watch the video to see how auto mark works and how you can select the setting you prefer for this feature.

If you want to know where you are ready and where you are not, plus offer resources to help, well, the SmarterMeasure will tell you. In case of completing the assessment, you have to spend approximately 30 minutes.

After completion, you can then print a customized report which addresses your strengths and areas for improvements. Moreover, you can also use the  report for planning and advising sessions.

When working with D2L, you probably will find the Kaltura Mediaspace which is a cloud based media management system which allows you to upload, edit and also manage media such as audio and video which you will use for your coursework.

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