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California State University Long Beach or CSULB has a thing that makes it possible for the students, the faculty and the staff to access more than one service by logging in once at a single URL. This kind of thing is called Single Sign On, which is also more known as SSO in short. The statement means there is no need for the students, the faculty or the staff to log in to each service offered by the university, which is good as it can reduce the time and energy.

In order to Single Sign On, here is step by step to follow:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to open this link: https://sso.csulb.edu.
  2. When you are there, you have to provide some information, including the email address, the phone number, or Skype.
  3. When you are done entering one of the things, please click Next.
  4. Then, enter the password. For your information, the password is the Campus ID.
  5. In the end, you will be able to access a lot of services that are offered.

Talking about the services offered by California State University Long Beach, there are a lot of them. The list is different for students and for the faculty or staff. For the students, the list includes:

  1. Accessibility Statement: This one makes it possible for all students to access electronic and information technology. In addition to the students, employees, general public, as well as those with disabilities are also allowed to access these.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud: This one is the name of a suite of well-known Adobe apps. It can be accessed online through a service that is based on subscription.
  3. Beach Central: This one the name of a virtual waiting line, sign up and get texted when called to the window. It is designed for all students.
  4. BeachBoard: This one is counted as the learning management system. It belongs to the campus for the course content delivery and collaboration.
  5. BeachMail (Outlook): This one is the name of the email that is made by CSULB for the students of the university.
  6. Beach Scholarships: This one is the name of the scholarship management system. It houses most of the CSULB’s scholarship and grant opportunities.
  7. BeachSync: This one is the name of an online campus community or club management system.
  8. Calculus Placement (ALEKS): This one is described as the guide for the students so make sure that they are ready to face the exam.
  9. CareerLink: This one is the name of a portal to career services, jobs, and internships. It is especially designed for students with the exception of the CPIE students.
  10. ES Protected Forms: This one is the name of the enrollment services forms for the students. Actually, you are not able to see it on the SSO dashboard. You are suggested to contact the Office of Enrollment Services System Integration by sending an email to EnrollmentService.SystemsIntegration@csulb.edu.
  11. Free Software (Software Depot): This one supports the students (as well as the faculty and staff) of the university by giving them access to the software that is licensed by the university.
  12. Graduate Business Career Services: This one is the name of a career management platform that is especially made for the graduate business students.
  13. Housing Portal: This one is made for each student of the university who wants to apply for on-campus housing and also to choose rooms and roommates.
  14. IT Help: This one is the name of the support for campus services. If you want to ask something about the services offered by the campus, you can use this. It is owned by the Division of Information Technology and it has three ways to contact it, which includes the phone number (562.985.4959), the email address (helpdesk@csulb.edu), and the office (Technology Help Desk Brotman Hall 188).
  15. Lynda/LinkedIn Learning: In the past, it was known as Lynda.com. It is the name of a CSU system wide training platform that is based on computers. This one is owned by the Academy Technology Services. It is for students as well as for all faculty, and staff, auxiliaries.
  16. National Student Clearinghouse (Verify)
  17. OneDrive – Student: This one is the name of the direct link to OneDrive. It is included in the Student Apps – Office 365. It belongs to the Academic Technology Services. It is for those with an official @student.csulb.edu email address.
  18. Parking: This one is the name of the online parking services for the campus. It belongs to the Parking and Transportation Services. It can be used by the students as well as all faculty, staff, auxiliaries, emeritus, and volunteers.
  19. SSC – Advising & Tutoring: This one is the name of the advising and tutoring scheduling system.
  20. Student Apps (Office 365): This one is the name of the Office 365 productivity application. It is designed for the students of the university.
  21. Student Center (MyCSULB): This one is the name of the thing for managing enrollment and courses.
  22. Student Health Services: This one is the name of the thing that makes it possible for the students to access their medical records, online appointments, and filling out forms for services.
  23. Student Virtual Lab: This one is the name of a virtual desktop with the instructor requested software.
  24. University Library: This one is the name of a series of web pages and web services. It is designed to serve the research needs of all the campus community. The University Library is the owner of it. This service is for the students, as well as for all faculty, staff, and auxiliaries.
  25. Virtual Movie Screening: This service is hosted by ASI Beach Pride Events. There is no need to pay for every movie, meaning everything is free. Each single of them is able to be watched every time as there is a 48-hour streaming period. If you want to access the films, all that you have to do is to sign in to the CSULB SSO account.
  26. Zoom: This one is the name of a tool. You can use it to hold a video conference, hold an online meeting, online courses, and webinars. Academic Technology Services is the owner of it. Aside from the students, the other ones who can use it include all faculty, staff, auxiliaries, student employees, emeritus, and volunteers.

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