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Anyone else having problems with logging in on CSULB Okta? If you get this problem, you should read this entire article, here we are going to give you a great solution. So, do not go anywhere.

Changes With SSO Update

Unable to login to the CFS/CSULB Okta? Or do you loss of Data Warehouse and CFS chiclets within SSO? Do not worry , here you will be able to get a solution.

CSULB Okta Unable to Sign in

As a result of the transition of CSULB SSO services from OKTA to My Apps, you will need to set new bookmarks or set your business steps. If you are having challenges, do the following steps to determine if they resolve your problem.

  • Firstly, you are able to access sso.csulb.edu. You are going to see a new look.
  • After that, you have to replace existing bookmarks within your browser.  If you want to replace a bookmark on your mobile device, you should learn how to make a Shortcut on Mobile Devices.
  • Along with the change to My Apps, a decision was created to improve campus security by timing out access to CFS and DWH after 60 minutes of inactivity.  If this happens, you have to close all instances of your browser window completely, please re-open the browser window, and re-authenticate via DUO or the keyfob.

If you have attempted all of the above steps and continue to experience problems, you are able to look for help from CSULB team support.

How to sign in to CSULB Okta?

To sign in to CSULB Okta portal, simply you are able to follow these steps below:

  • At the first step, you have to go to csulb.okta.com. This is going to bring you to the Campus Single Sign on page.
  • After that, you need to enter your CSULB Email Address.
  • Then, simply you are able to enter your password.
  • The next step is to click on “Sign In” to access your student center.
  • You will be able to navigate the student center to see your personal info.

CSULB SSO (Single Sign-On) Help & Brief FAQs

Talking about CSULB SSO (Single Sign-On), here we are also going to share some CSULB SSO (Single Sign-On) Help and Brief FAQs.

What is SSO (Single Sign-On)?

In CSULB, SSO allows you to enter your BeachID Username and Password only once. Then you are able to access certain web applications during an Internet session with no having to log in again to each app. For note: Your CSULB SSO web session remains active until you close your Internet browser.

Who can log into the CSULB SSO Service?

All BeachID account holders are able to log into CSULB SSO. After log in, you will be able to access SSO-enabled campus computing resources.

How do I log into CSULB SSO?

To log in CSULB SSO, you are able to visit https://sso.csulb.edu to log in. After successfully logging into CSULB SSO, then you are able to access your authorized SSO computing resources without having to login again for the duration of your web browser session. For note: To access CSULB SSO app, make sure that your web browser has pop-ups enabled for https://sso.csulb.edu. For instructions, you are able to learn an article about how to configure a web browser to enable pop-up windows for trusted CSULB servers.

How do I log out of CSULB SSO?

To log out CSULB SSO, you have to choose the CSULB SSO Sign out button, and then close your Internet browser to exit all SSO applications accessed during your session. Until you close all windows and tabs of the Internet browser utilized for your CSULB SSO session, your SSO-enabled resources remain accessible. Just like you do when using the Internet for any sensitive financial or personal information transactions, please always end your CSULB SSO session by completely closing your web browser, particularly if you are using a publically available computing device. To ease log out steps, it is very recommended your browser is configured to open SSO services as new tabs within the existing browser rather than open in a new browser. For instructions on how to configure your browser, you are able to learn an article about how to  configure Standard Web Browsers for Tab Viewing.

What are available SSO Services for the Students?

SSO buttons are dynamic. Therefore, you will only see participating services for which you have access to. You are able to learn articles about Student Single Sign-On (SSO) Participating Services for an explanation of all available SSO services for the students.

What are available SSO Services for the Employees?

Like the SSO buttons, you are only going to see participating services for which you have access to. For this case, you should learn article about Faculty & Staff SSO participating services for an explanation of all available SSO services for employees.

What are SSO (Single Sign-On) benefits?

Here are some benefits of CSULB SSO:

  • It will be able to enter your campus email address and password only once to access lots of campus computing services.
  • It will be able to use one campus URL (web address) to access participating web-based services

How can campus organization apply to have our BeachID-authenticated application use CSULB SSO?

For those who want to apply for CSULB SSO (Single Sign On) authentication for your BeachID-authenticated web app which managed by your organization, simply you are able to open a request to discuss the technical requirements and costing by contacting ITS-ServiceManagement@csulb.edu.

Can I change the way my buttons are arranged in CSULB SSO?

Yes, you are able to visit Single Sign-On (SSO) – making a New Tab to see how.

Is there a mobile app that I can use on my mobile devices?

No, but you are able to make a bookmark or shortcut on your mobile devices.

Well, that is the explanation about the way you can do it when you are unable to sign in to CSULB Okta, and other information related to CSULB SSO (Single Sign-On).

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