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If you want to submit your transcript, you may need the correct address to send. In fact, California State University Long Beach gives you two options to send your transcripts either directly or electronically. Of course, you will need the correct address either email address or campus address as well.

No worries! This post will show you the address both email address and campus address. So you will be able to send your transcript to the correct address and your transcript will be received immediately by campus. Let’s see the CSULB address for sending your transcript in our post!

CSULB Address to Submit Your Official Transcripts

California State University Long Beach requires you to send your official transcripts from the college or university from which you have earned your bachelor’s degree. Well, you need to submit your official transcripts to the university by the application deadline (or earlier).

If the students are still in progress with their bachelor’s degree, they can send an official transcript that shows classes that you have earned up to this point. The offered admission to the program will send a final transcript that shows the degree was earned no later than Summer 2022.

The CSULB’s students should send their official transcripts based on the specific instructions below:

  1. Domestic Colleges and Universities

The students who attend domestic colleges and universities can submit their official transcripts to the Enrollment Service either by email or mail.

  • By Email

If  the applicants want to submit their official transcript by email, they can send it electronically directly from a U.S. college or university to ES-IDPTrans@csulb.edu.

  • By Mail

If the applicants want to submit your official transcript by mail, you can submit it directly from the university or by applicants as long as they are in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution. They can send their official transcript to the address below!

Enrollment Services/Admissions

California State University, Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90840

Additionally, if you received your bachelor’s degree from California State University Long Beach or haven’t attended any other colleges, you may not want to submit the official transcripts. Then, once you submit your complete application, Enrollment Service will inform you if any official transcripts are necessary from California State University Long Beach (CSULB).

It’s important to note that you do not send your official or copies of transcripts to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office. Then, it’s crucial for you to submit your Cal State Apply Application and official transcripts prior to the application deadline. However, it allows the College of Education faculty and staff to access your transcripts. That’s because reviewing your transcript is part of the review of your program application.

  1. Foreign College and Universities

If you are an international applicant or domestic applicant with foreign coursework, you also need to submit official transcripts to the Center for International Education. To submit the documents, you need to visit the Center for International Education website.

Additionally, the steps that are listed for international applicants can also apply for domestic applicants with foreign coursework.

It’s important to note, the international applicants (F1 and J1 visa) and also the domestic applicants with foreign degrees will have additional application requirements. You can see the International Applicants tab in the left-hand navigation for additional information.

How to Order the Transcript?

In fact, most graduate programs will require transcripts to apply for admission. Then, the students who want to enroll at an institution other than CSULB must check with their respective college/program of interest for instructions. If you want to order the transcript, you can visit the Student Records or contact Enrollment Services at (562) 985-5471.

CSULB Application Process

To enroll at California State University Long Beach, you may pass some steps until you’re finally accepted as a CSULB student. Here are for general admissions process:

  • You should use the Cal State Apply to file all application materials before the deadline including statement of purposes, letters of recommendation and more.
  • You must pay a non-refundable $70 fee.
  • You have to submit your official transcripts.
  • You should wait for notification.

Talking about Cal State Application, make sure to complete all components of the application by the publish deadline. Need to know, the Cal State Apply dashboard consists of four sections including:

  • Personal information includes biographic information, contact information and financial information and more.
  • Academic History includes GPAs, colleges attended, etc. You shouldn’t hand-enter transcript information.
  • Supporting Information: You can enter ‘I am not adding any experiences’.
  • Program Materials include recommendations, statement of purposes and more.

In section 4 of Cal State Apply application will require you to submit supplementary program materials for the Admissions Review Committee. You can then upload some materials on the ‘Documents’ tab in the Program Material section of Cal State Apply. Here are for the materials:

  • Statement of purpose prompt

You can submit a 2-3 page, 12-point font response, double-space addressing the two questions below!

  1. What are your professional and academic experiences that led you to apply to the program?
  2. What are your professional and academic goals and how will this program help you achieve them?

Additionally, each question may be answered sequentially. You can also investigate your responses to all questions into one central discussion.

  • Résumé

You should upload the most recent copy of your resume. If you need help with updating your resume, you can visit the CSULB Website for tips and resources: GSO Tutorials and Tips for Applying here.

  • A copy of your credential

You can also upload a copy of your teaching credential if it is held.

  • A copy  of unofficial transcripts

You can also upload your unofficial transcript from each college and university in which you earned a baccalaureate, credential and/or graduate degree.

For more information about the application process, you can try to contact the College of Education Graduate Studies Office at ced-gradstudies@csulb.edu. Additionally, you can find the Statement of Purpose  and other required materials under ‘Program Materials – Documents Tab in Cal State Apply’.

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