Course Hero Payout Failed. What to Do?

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You may be a tutor in Course Hero platform and now you experience where Course Hero payout is failed. So, what do we have to do if the Course Hero payout fails? Let’s read some information about Course Hero Payout failed below and the other things related to the Course Hero.

The Things That You Have To Do If Course Hero Payout Failed

If you become a tutor on the Course Hero site, you are able to be paid. The money that you earn can be withdrawn. But, what do we have to do if Course Hero payout failed? As explained on the Course Hero site, if you want to withdraw earnings from Course Hero, you need to make sure that you give a valid email address which is associated with a PayPal account. In addition, you also need to give your tax information if you are a resident of the United States or Canada. After you give this information, then a button to withdraw your earnings will be seen.

Course Hero Payout Failed. What to Do

If you want to edit your PayPal email, you are able to do that any time on your Account Settings page. But, it is important for you to note that for your security, there is a waiting period around 3 days before you are permitted to withdraw earnings after you change your PayPal email. This waiting period will not happen if it is the first time you provide your PayPal email.

You have to make sure that you have checked the email that you have provided on the Tutor Earnings page several times. Make sure that the email matches the email which is linked to your PayPal account. Course Hero will not be responsible for payments which are sent to the incorrect PayPal account.

So, you have to check everything before payout so that it does not fail. However, if you are  sure that you have checked everything and you see that the Course Hero payout has failed, you are able to contact Course Hero support. If the issue is with your PayPal account, you have to contact PayPal support. As explained on the Course Hero site, Course Hero cannot return payments which are sent via PayPal back to your Course Hero account. If you find that a payment is refused or returned to Course Hero, you are able to contact Course Hero team via the Intercom widget which is located on the tutor dashboard. Alternatively, you are able to send an email to so that the Course Hero team can investigate it.

Salary of a Course Hero Tutor

On the Making Sense of Cents site, for each question that a Course Hero tutor answers, they are able to earn an average of $3. However, make sure that the answer is the correct and valuable information. It is also explained on the Course Hero site, earnings may vary due to a number of factors such as the number of questions answered, question difficulty, subject category, answer quality and other factors.

Let’s say that you are able to earn between $12 to $20 per hour as your Course Hero tutor payment. If so,  it means that working as a Course Hero tutor is a good thing to do because you really spend your time well. As explained on the Making Sense of Cents site, the salary of tutors at Course Hero is the average of $300/ week and the salary of the top tutors is around $500 a week. On the Course Hero site, there is also an explanation that if you are a top tier tutor, around $1,500 can be earned by you per month.

How Tutor Can Earn Money on Course Hero

You may wonder how you are able to earn money on Course Hero and where the money is from. The money comes from the students who pay for access to Course Hero study resources and tutors. When you become a Course Hero tutor, it means that you help them to get the information that they need. So, Course Hero pays you for your time and knowledge.

As explained on the Course Hero Support page, the value of payout for successfully answering questions of the students is able to be checked under each posted question on the question details page.

Let’s say that as a tutor, you submit an answer and explanation. Then, the feedback will be given by the students if the explanation is helpful or unhelpful. The students evaluate the explanation based on its completeness, clarity and relevance to the question which is asked.

Applying to be a Tutor in Course Hero

As explained on the Course Hero site, if you want to be a Course Hero tutor, the steps are as explained below.

  • First, you are required to create your Course  Hero tutor account.
  • After creating a Course Hero account, you must choose subjects that you want to be a tutor for. For your information, some subjects require an assessment quiz.
  • Then, you must upload your ID and academic credentials such as a diploma, professional certificate or license, or school transcript.
  • At last, if you are approved, you are able to begin tutoring.

More About Being a Course Hero Tutor

You may wonder if you want to be a tutor on Course Hero whether you have to be a certified tutor or a professor. No, you do not have to be a certified tutor or professor. However, you are required to share sufficient credentials as proof that you have an expertise in the categories which you want to tutor.

So, how long do we have to wait to hear back about my tutor application? Usually, after you apply, you will hear back from the Course Hero team within 1 to 3 business days. Sometimes, it may take longer if demand is high or during the holidays.

When you become a Course Hero tutor, you do not need to tutor for a certain amount of time or answer a minimum number of questions. This job is a contractor position and it is independent. However, note that if you have a higher rating, you will be able to get more opportunities to earn money.

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