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Is there a free trial for Course Hero? According to research, the Course Hero platform does not offer free trials at the moment. However, that does not mean you will not be able to have a choice to get your hands on free resources at all, Course Hero is still glad to offer you several options to unlock materials and use them for free.

Is There A Free Trial For Course Hero?

Once again, we inform you that there is no free Trial for Course Hero. While Course Hero platform does not offer a free trial to explore the entire platform, there are some methods to unblur documents and use Course Hero for free. You will be able to access uploaded documents for free and help other users to learn, once you upload your own study materials and documents.

Need to know that uploading documents is going to give you Unlocks. And any Unlocks you obtain are good for 30 days. Unlocks are able to be used to unblur and see full Course Hero documents, explanations, Textbook Solutions and Q&As. Also, questions you earn are good for 30 days and can be used to ask the questions of their online tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, now you are able to learn how to upload documents and get Course Hero for free. Warning: Unlocks and questions are not redeemable for cash.

Ways to Unblur the Course Hero for Free

Here are some ways that you can do to unblur the Course Hero for free:

Way 1: Uploading Study Documents

The first way to unblur the Course Hero for free is by uploading study documents. For this case, you have to upload many study documents and materials to get access to some study material or a library of the courses. Keep in mind that the content you are uploading must be of good quality. Also, the content you are uploading  must be helpful for other users in Course Hero. Your study documents must get positive responses from other users on the Course Hero site. After you finish uploading ten study documents, then you are going to get five Course Hero unlocks for free that you are able to use whenever you need. Every time you upload a study document on Course Hero, you are going to obtain a credit which will allow you to unblur the file you want to read obviously.

Way 2: Rating Content on Course Hero

For those who do not want to use any plugins or upload any documents, then you are able to go to your existing account, and then give a rating to the contents in the Course hero site that were uploaded by the tutors. We think that it is the simple way to unlock Course Hero for free. You only need to send several feedbacks and ratings for study documents of other users. But, you have to access at least a few Course Hero documents by using the free unlock methods.

If you want to have access to some study documents by using free unlock methods, then you will be able to give ratings for files of other users. After sending feedback and ratings on other user’s documents, then you are able to  request your free unlocks on Course Hero as soon as possible. Of course, this is the way on how to unblur Course Hero if you do not have much money to spend on the Course Hero subscription.

Way 3: Using A Chrome Extension

Another to unblur the Course Hero for free is by using Chrome Extension. You have to know that the Chrome extension is a little program which assists to modify the experience of the users or to add more functionality to the Google chrome browser. This Google Chrome extension will be able to unblur all answers from Course Hero. Aside from that, it will assist in removing all types of conspicuous banners that are shown during the sign-up process.

You need to log out from Course Hero for the unblur function to process and work. This Google chrome extension is going to replace all types of the texts with some random Latin texts when you log in. However, you are only able to unblur the text cards. Any kinds of images and notes in the form of PDFs will remain blurred.

Way 4: Inviting Friends and Earning Referrals

The last way to unblur the Course Hero for free is by inviting friends and earning referrals. For those who do not like to use any plugins or upload any documents or want to use any ways we have explained in the above headings, then you will be able to refer to Course Hero site to your friends through any social media platforms or the sites you use. If your friends sign-up to the Course Hero site you referred to them, then both of you are going to obtain a free trial on Course Hero. Also, you will be able to obtain $25, which you may use to access any documents uploaded by lots of tutors. Of course, this is also a way to unblur Course Hero if you do not have enough money for the Course Hero subscription.

What is a Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online educational site. Its office is in Redwood City California). Their main goal is to support the academic professionals as well as the students with lots of informative contents and documents, with their big online library with more than 20 million study documents, having lots of contents on every topic you want. Also, you are able to collect e-books and other reference material in Course Hero related to your research topic. Those detailed documents are available on the website, provided by the students and the tutors.

However, if you are exploring Course Hero for free, you are only able to read the first paragraph of these files. You need to purchase the premium subscription for viewing the complete files. Yeah, this is the only drawback of Course Hero. Also, Course Hero helps their users with free subscriptions for study-related resources and tutors.

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