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For those who want to know the questions and answers for Lesson 3 – Classify Triangles, here we are going to share it. Make sure you read the text below carefully.

Lesson 3 – Classify Triangles

Here are questions of Lesson 3 – Classify Triangles:

  1. Determine the number of congruent sides. Then, try to classify the triangle based on its sides. How many sides of the triangles are congruent? ____
    The triangle is a ___
  2. An equilateral triangle is a triangle with ___ congruent sides.
  3. An acute triangle is a triangle with ___ angles each less than ____
  4. An obtuse triangle is a triangle with one angle which is bigger than ____
  5. Try to look at the triangle on the top of White House in the picture. Then, describe the sides and the angles of that triangle.
  6. Serena has an easel with sides of equal length. She opens the easel and desk according to its sides. Try to classify the type of triangle that formed by the easel and the desk according to its angles.
  7. The picture shown at the right consists of many triangles. Please describe the different types of triangles found in the picture. Explain how you classified each type.
  8. A triangle has two sides that are perpendicular. Could the triangle be isosceles, scalene or equilateral? Explain it, including drawing to support your answer.
  9. Which of the following picture is an obtuse triangle?


  1. 0, scalene triangle
  2. Three
  3. Three, 90°
  4. 90°
  5. On the top of the White House in the picture, there are two congruent sides; one obtuse angle, two acute angles
  6. Isosceles; acute
  7. Isosceles, scalene, acute, right, obtuse.
  8. If a triangle has two sides that are perpendicular, then it is a right triangle. It is able to be isosceles or scalene. It cannot be equilateral because all the angles in an equilateral triangles are acute.
  9. The picture ‘A’

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