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Are you looking for free stuff from college station craigslist? If you are looking for it, here we will guide you how to find free stuff of college station craigslist. Even we will give you a list of free stuff that you are able to get from that platform.

How to Access Free Stuff on College Station Craigslist

In College Station Craigslist, you are able to find a lot of stuff for sale. However, if you need something for free, you are also able to find it. How to access free stuff in College Station Craigslist? You are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to access the official website of College Station Craigslist at
  • Then, when you are on the website, find the For Sale section.
  • After finding For Sale section, find Free and click on it.
  • On Free page, you are able to find a lot of stuff which are free or $0.

College Station Craigslist Free Stuff1

A List of Free Stuff on College Station Craigslist

When you access free stuff on College Station Craigslist, you will be able to find a lot of free things there. What are they? In the list below, we have some of the free stuff that you can get from College Station Craigslist.

  • Moving Boxes (La Reata Ranch)

These free moving boxes include some big boxes for flat screen TV’s large, medium and a few small. The condition is like new.

Moving Boxes (La Reata Ranch)

  • 8′ Floresent Single Pin Tubes (College Station)

In the description, it is written that there are a bunch of 8′ floresent single pin tubes and 18 or so electronic ballasts to give away. These things are all used. However, they still function.

8' Floresent Single Pin Tubes (College Station)

  • Window

There are 2 windows and each window is 34″ wide and 46″ height.


  • Router Table (Bryan)

Router Table (Bryan)

  • Free Plastic Pots (Bryan)

The sizes are various and those are free. The condition is fair.

Free Plastic Pots (Bryan)

  • Beautiful Tabbies (Bryan)

There are two beautiful tabbies. Two males which are spayed, housebroken, quiet and adorable.

Beautiful Tabbies (Bryan)   Beautiful Tabbies (Bryan)1

  • Adorable Free Kittens

There are 4 kittens which are females. They were born on January 30th, 2021. They are very sweet and cute. If you want to get these kittens, you are able to contact 979-281-1826. They stay on Wellborn rd.

Adorable Free Kittens

  • Books

The books include Every Move You Make by William Phelps, John Grisham The Innocent Man, The 20/20 Diet, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide Beating Debt by Steven D. Strauss and Azriela Jaffe. There are no missing pages of the books and the pages are not stuck together. They are readable but the condition is not pretty.

book1  book2

  • Free couch for Lounging

It is a regular couch with spring broken. The sit is a little low but still comfortable. It is up on wood blocks, but it can be good for lounging in a studio.

Free couch for Lounging

  • Shower Door 62 1/2 x 24″ (Caldwell)

The condition of this door is fair.

Shower Door

  • Kids Kitchen (Downtown Houston)

This is a wooden kids kitchen for toddlers. It is small around 3 ft at its highest point, 1.5 ft to the counter. The owner lives in Downtown on the corner of Fannin and Rusk. There are scuff marks on the bottom of the kids kitchen. The overhanging rod is a little loose but it likely can be tighten. It is mission one of its legs so that it will not stand on its own. However, a simple wooden block will fix it.

Kids Kitchen (Downtown Houston)

  • Desk (Pearland)

The condition of this desk is good.

Desk (Pearland)

  • Variety Pack (Del Webb)

In this pack, there is a living room chair, patio chair, fan, light bulb extension poles, and dual side heated king bed mattress pad.

Variety Pack (Del Webb)

  • Truck Tire (Channelview)

It is no good for use on road. If you want this tire, you can pick it up in Channelview.

Truck Tire (Channelview)

  • Mattress + Box Spring + Bed Frame (Houston)

In the description, it is written that if you want to get it, you can pick it up by Saturday.

Mattress + Box Spring + Bed Frame (Houston)

  • Mirror (Montgomery)

There are two mirrors. If you want to pick it up, you are able to contact 7135164232.

Mirror (Montgomery)

  • Free Books (Rosenberg tx)

You are able to check the photos of the books in a box in College Station Craigslist.

Free Books (Rosenberg tx)

  • Free Set of Four Antique Chairs Reupholstered

If you look at the photos, they are still beautiful and they have reupholstered in new fabric. You are able to contact (424) 318-1177.

Free Set of Four Antique Chairs Reupholstered

  • Kid’s Bicycle

This is a kids 12″ bicycle. There are new inner tubes and new tires on it. This bicycle still works well.

Kid's Bicycle

If you want to see more free stuff, you are able to access College Station Craigslist website.

The Other Things to Find at College Station Craigslist

If you access College Station Craigslist, there are a lot of sections there including Community, Housing, Jobs, Services, For Sale, Discussions Forums, and Gigs. So, you are able to access based on what you need.

In the For Sale section, besides you can find free stuff, you can also find antique stuff, appliances, furniture, garage sale, auto parts, jewelry, bike parts, aviation, barter, motorcycle parts, boats, sporting, computer parts, electronics and many more. In the Services section, you can find beauty, automotive, marine, lessons, creative, computer, pet, financial, event, farm + garden and many more. In the Community section, you are able to find about events, activities, artists, pets, politics, volunteers and many more. In Housing section, you can find housing swap, housing wanted, rooms/ shared, vacation rentals, parking/ storage, real estate for sale and many more. In the Jobs section, you are able to find any fields such as education, accounting + finance, admin/ office, biotech/ science, customer service, art/ media/ design, government, human resources, manufacturing, medical/ health, general labor and many more.

In the Discussion Forums section, you are able to find any topics such as android, garden, frugal, pets, photo, politics, autos, arts, history, housing, recover, bikes, jobs, beauty, sports, vegan, words, writing, parent, outdoor, food, film, eco, diet, manners, marriage, money, travel, tax, divorce, dying, jokes and many more.

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