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As we know that CodeHS is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping the schools teach computer science. They provide web-based curriculum, resources and teacher tools, as well professional development. By the way, how to get CodeHS answers key? Well, let us find out that great information by reading this entire article.

Accessing CodeHS Answers Key/Solutions

As a teacher, you have the ability to access the assignment answers key, even with a free teacher account. Need to know that you will be able to view the CodeHS answers key/solution in several ways:

  • Through the Assignments page
  • Through the Resources page
  • In your student code editor

To view CodeHS answers key/solutions from the Assignments page, you are able to do these steps below:

  • At the first step, you are able to navigate to the Assignments page.
  • Then, you have to click the ‘…’ next to the assignment you want to view the answer keys/solutions.
  • Next, simply choose Solution. Another page will show the answers key reference.

To view solutions references, you have to do these steps below:

  • At the first step, navigate to the Resources page.
  • Then, you need to choose Solution References.
  • Next, click Switch Course and choose which course you want to view answers key/solutions.

Keep in mind that you can only view solution references for the courses you are teaching. To view answers key/solutions in the code editor, once in your student’s assignment, you are able to click More > Solution in the right corner of the code editor.

Access to All Topics/Curriculum for Free

As a teacher, you are able to make a free CodeHS account to access the curriculum in CodeHS. Apparently, CodeHS makes a comprehensive web-based curriculum for free. Now, you are able to start making an account, setting up your classes, enrolling your students and also getting them started on their CS pathway. You will be able to make a free teacher account by visiting this link; Afterwards, a link of verification will be sent to your own email. After you verify your CodeHS teacher account, you are going to have the ability to access all of the curriculum and teacher resources. If you want to learn about all of the courses and curriculum, simply you are able to click this link here.

Preventing Student Cheating

Apparently, CodeHS Pro has some tools which help you prevent student cheating. You are able to access these tools directly from:

CodeHS Honor Code

First, we highly suggest your students sign the CodeHS Honor Code. This will assist set the tone for the rest of the year around what is acceptable and what is not.

Free Cheat Detection Tools

Code History: The Code History tab is a method for the teachers and the students to see all of the changes and revisions which have been made to a certain program. For your information, it is accessible on any exercise page under the “More” tab in the top right corner. Of course, the History tab is a great tool to assist in cheat detection, because the teachers are able to assume that exercises which are solved in a few code runs or saves are frequently attributable to borrowed or copied code.

Here are actions that cause an entry to be made in the History tab:

  • The student runs code.
  • The student clicks save.
  • The student pastes text in the editor.
  • It has been a minute and none of things have happened however the code has changed

For note: The History tab is available on all students pages regardless of whether their own class is using the free or pro version.

Cheat Prevention Tools (Advanced Settings)

Now, the teachers are able to shuffle quiz questions and prevent copy/paste to prevent student dishonesty. Both of those settings are Pro features.

  • Shuffle Quiz Questions
    This allows the teachers to configure quiz questions so they are going to be ordered randomly for each student. The ordering will alter the search time the quiz is viewed. This is a feature which will help with cheating prevention on tests. As a teacher, the quiz questions will not be dragged when you view them.
  • Copy/Paste Prevention
    When Copy/Paste Prevention is enabled, the students enrolled in the section can no longer Copy, Paste, or Cut to and from the Editor.

You are able to find those cheat prevention tools from “Section Settings,” that you are able to access from clicking on the gear button in the upper right corner of your section page.

Warning: You need to enable Shuffling Quiz Questions and Copy/Past Prevention by visiting “Section Settings.” Those features are not part of the default settings. Also, you need to do this for each section that you teach on CodeHS.

CodeHS Pro Cheat Detection Tools

Time Tracking will display how long students have spent on an assignment. You are able to find the Time Tracking tool under the Progress view. By the way, how is time calculated? As soon as the code editor loads, time tracking will begin for the students. The tracker will record every increment of five seconds that the student is active. The students become idle after 30 seconds of not moving their mouse or typing.

About CodeHS

CodeHS is an interactive online learning platform which offers computer science and programming instruction for the schools and individual learners. It is focused on spreading access to and knowledge of computer science by offering online instructional materials that are supported by remote tutors. In the introductory learning module, the students on the site are going to practice computer science concepts and programming skills by giving commands to a dog named Karel. Same with the genuine Karel programming language developed by Richard E. Pattis, a dog named Karel has to complete lots of tasks by moving around a grid world, putting down and picking up tennis balls by using simple commands. The next learning modules are going to teach more advanced concepts by using languages like HTML, Java, and JavaScript.

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