CodeHS 5.9.7 Fraction Math Solution

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For anyone who needs help with the CodeHs 5.9.7 Fraction Math (Java), you might want to check out a thread on the popular forum called Reddit made by u/xxdani0336xx two years ago. Keep reading the post until the end if you are interested.

As stated on the post, the user has no idea what he is doing wrong. He thinks he is using the ”this” keyword incorrectly, but he is not sure. Below is what he has so far:

//Calculate by using the FractionMath class, then update

//the numerator and denominator from the returned Fraction

public void addFraction(fraction other)


FractionMath.add(this, other);



* Updates this fraction by multiplying another fraction

* @param other Fraction to multiply to existing fraction



//Calculate by using the FractionMath class, then update

//the numerator and denominator from the returned Fraction

public void multiplyFraction(Fraction other)


FractionMath.multiply(this, other);


There are a total of four responses under the thread. Here is the detail of each response:

  • The first one is from _andy_andy_andy_. This user asks if this code giving errors. Aside from that, he also adds that the OP will need to modify the numerator and denominator of this Fraction instance.
  • The second one is from bic204. This user says that technically, the OP is using the FractionMath.add() and FractionMath.multiply() correctly, using the correct arguments. The thing that the OP is forgetting to do is to set the numerator and denominator.
  • The third one is from MeganStormblessed. This user suggests the OP to add this.numerator = numerator; this.denominator = denominator;. By following the step, there will be no error created. However, it still does not work as intended.
  • The last one is from PlatoAssortedCheeses. This user writes public void addFraction(Fraction other) { numerator = FractionMath.add(this,other).getNumerator(); denominator = FractionMath.add(this,other).getDenominator();.

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