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CNN10 Student News was the longest running show of CNN. The program was aired for the first time in 1989. Unfortunately, the program did not last long and it was replaced by CNN 10. What is CNN 10? If it is your first time hearing this and you are curious about it, you can just read this post to kill your curiosity.

The replacement of CNN10 Student News called CNN 10 refers to a show that showed up as a daily digital video on the official website of CNN at The main mission of the show is to explain the global news to the global audience. This one specifically made for middle and high school students.

CNN 10 is able to be viewed freely without a charge, without having to register, and without having to subscribe. It is available on the page of CNN10 on the official website of CNN at In addition to that, it is also available on CNN 10 Youtube channel.

CNN10 Student News

CNN 10 can be used to teach the students in the class. With this program, it is possible for the teachers to make the students learn things that are currently happening. It has extra info and commentary so it is clearly good. The teachers can use it as the starting point before doing some activities. They can ask the students about the topic featured on the news and ask them what they think about it. It is a good idea to ask the students about the story that they love the best and ask them to learn about it more. The teachers can ask the students to watch some videos at their home. To explore the creativity of the students, they can also ask them to make their own news broadcasts related to the curricular goals. Another thing that can be done is to ask the students to compare the one made by CNN with the ones reported by the other media.

There are limited supports offered by CCN 10 to be used in the classroom, including broadcast transcripts, weekly quiz questions, and a daily email sent the night before the broadcast to the teacher. To prevent something bad from happening, it is a must for the teachers to preview each episode of CNN 10 before sharing it with the students.

Everyone loves it as it features three to four stories. Apart from that, there is also a bit of trivia, a funny video clip that is currently on the trend, and some closing puns. There are actually tons of reasons why CNN 10 is well loved. Here is the list of the most popular ones:

  • The videos are able to be downloaded ahead of the time by going to the RSS feed. Besides, everyone is also able to subscribe to the video podcast on iTunes. By doing so, each new episode will be downloaded automatically. Downloading the video is recommended, especially when the internet connection is weak. There is nothing to worry about having to deal with lagging.
  • The program is short. It is only 10 minutes, which is perfect, especially for those who tend to have a hard time concentrating and get bored easily. As it is short, there might be a time to discuss and to do something else in the class. The rest of the time can be used to do a few things, including to do a simple homework assignment.
  • The host, Carl Azuz, is the best. He is so fun and everyone can relate to him, even though his jokes are mostly the ones thrown by the fathers. He has so much energy so it is impossible if the students even get bored. What makes him best is the fact that he is straightforward, not dramatic, and not that serious. He usually makes puns, which are either good or tragic. In short, he is the best one when it comes to the students.
  • The show is actually good and is fair from unfair and unbalanced, unlike the other shows produced by CNN. It has been known that CNN is biased but this show is different. Everything featured in the program is refreshing.
  • It is interactive. Every day, a quick trivia question is inserted in the middle of the video. This trivia question leads into one of the stories. The students have to answer these questions.

For those who want to give feedback about CNN 10, there is a Keep in Touch link found on the home page. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page where you are able to fill out an email with your feedback. The second way to give feedback is to leave a comment on the daily transcript page. In addition to these, you can also leave a comment on social media on the CNN 10 page on Facebook. All feedback is welcomed so feel free to give as much as you want.

For more information about CNN 10, you are recommended to visit the official website of CNN at There is a page that unveils CNN 10. In case there is something to ask, reach out to them through social media.

CNN 10 is really helpful. In this modern era when there are tons of controversies surrounding the news, literacy skills are needed. The students need to know the variations of reporting. It is also important for them to not eat everything served by the media. With practice, they will be able to decide which one is wrong and which one is right. In order to practice, CNN 10 that is broadcasted every day has everything. There is no doubt that this program is top notch. Even though it is good to practice the students in thinking, however, the teachers have to make sure that the students are not over thinking, which might lead to something bad. It might be hard to control the students but as the time goes by, everything can be handled well.

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