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Club Green Meadows is the largest and most complete private recreational facility in Northwest. To join the Club Green Meadows, at least you should understand its golf course scorecard. Why? It’s because the golfers will be able to track their score through the scorecards.

Aside from that, the scorecard also provides important information about the course. The total score is based upon handicaps and strokes and also compared to the other players to determine a winner. So, let’s take a look at the Club Green Meadows Course Scorecard below!

Here’s a List of Golf Course Scorecards of Club Green Meadows!

Club Green Meadows Golf Course Scorecard

How to read the Golf Scorecard?

If you find it difficult to read the Golf Scorecard, no worries, we’ll give you tips and tricks to read the Golf Scorecard. Here’s how!

Understanding the scorecard

Reading the Golf scorecard is started by finding the ‘hole’ column that lists the holes from 1 to 18. Sure, this is the first thing on a golf scorecard. Need to know, Golf courses will vary between 9 hole courses and 18 hole courses.

After that, try to identify the front and back 9 sections which split the course into two halves. In this case, holes 1 to 9 are known as the front 9, while the holes 10-18 are known as the back 9.

Then, make sure to notice the color names on the side that indicate each hole’s distance. Here’s for the explanation:

  • Black or gold tees are the furthest from the holes.
  • Blue indicates the tee boxes for local competitions.
  • White tees are the middle tees.
  • Red tees are the shortest member’s tee.
  • Green tees are generally used by beginners or junior golfers.

In this way, you need to look for the handicap section that ranks the holes by difficulty. In fact, most scoreboard will have a column that notes the handicap or index of each hole. Those numbers range from 1 – 18 and note the difficulty for each hole.

Identify the PAR information that notes how many shoots you have to take. For example, you need to take 4 shots on a par 4 and 3 shots on par 3.

Trying to mark the scorecard

After you understand the scorecard, you can try to mark the scorecard. In the way of marking the scorecard, you need to write down the initials of everyone in your group. Keep in mind that you cannot play with more than 3 other players during a round of golf.

Here, you need to score where each player gets on each hole. In this section, you need to write down the number of strokes each player took. That’s not the number of shots they took versus PAR.

It’s time to calculate everyone’s total at the end of the round. You can do this by adding 9 holes at a time. You can also add your score for the first 9 holes. Then, mark your total in the relevant box in the ‘Out’ Column.

Afterwards, you may need to mark each golfer’s score versus PAR in the total column. Make sure to find the difference between each player’s total and the PAR of the course, after you have calculated how many shots each player took.

Last, you need to sign to the ‘scorer’ and ‘marker’ sections at the end of the card. However, this is very essential if you are playing in a tournament or competition. It’s important to note, if you fail to mark your card, you will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

Okay, that’s how to read the Golf Course Scorecard easily.

About Club Green Meadows

About Club Green Meadows

Club Green Meadows can be found in Vancouver, Washington. To get it, it may take just minutes from downtown Portland with easy access from I-5 and I-205. They have a number of programs for everyone from juniors to seniors.

They attract the members from all corners of the Portland/ Vancouver area. Throughout the area, it consists of a golf field, tennis field and also athletic field. Over the past year that began as a golf driving range in 1960, the Club Green Meadows has developed into one of the largest recreational facilities anywhere.

This Club Green Meadows is also known as the family-oriented facility that features a number of programs and activities for all ages. Aside from that, the club also has areas for banquets, dining and also entertainment.

Here are the main features that can be found in the Club Green Meadows:

  • It has a 18-hole championship golf course with outdoor short-game practice facility and indoor driving range.
  • They provide the largest indoor tennis center in the Pacific Northwest that hosts a wide-range of tournaments and clinics.
  • The Junior programs that the Club Green Meadows offer include golf, bowling, swimming, basketball, etc.

Here are a number of areas that can be found in the Club Green Meadows:

  • 18-hole Championship Course
  • Expansive 180,000 square. feet. Club house
  • Fitness Center with Deluxe Locker Rooms
  • 8 tennis courts (7 indoor, 1 outdoor)
  • 2 Swimming Pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • Handball, squash, pickleball and racquetball
  • 3 basketball courts
  • Fine and Casual Dining with Banquet Facilities
  • Complete Junior Center with an eight lane bowling alley
  • Steam Room, Sauna, and Whirlpool

If you want to get a low price, you can also take the membership. They actually provide several different membership categories that fit the needs of prospective members. The membership options include Athletic membership, Golf membership, Tennis membership, Golf and Tennis membership, corporate membership, Senior membership, Silver and Fit membership, Jr. Membership and Social membership.

Club Green Meadows Hours of Operation

Athletic Club

  • Sun-Sat 5:30am-10:30pm


  • Sun-Sat 7:30am-7:30pm


  • Mon-Thurs 4:00pm-9:30pm
  • Fri 3:30pm-9:30pm
  • Sat-Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm

Holiday Hours

  • Fourth of July – Closes at 5pm
  • Thanksgiving Day – Closes at 2pm
  • Christmas Eve – Closes at Noon
  • Christmas Day – CLOSED
  • New Year’s Eve – Closes at 5pm
  • New Year’s Day – Opens at Noon

Junior Center

  • Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:30pm
  • Sat-Sun 12:00pm-8:30pm
  • Summer Hours 12:00pm-8:30pm


  • Adults 17 & Older
  • 5:30am – 10:30pm Daily

Children 16 & Under

  • School- Mon thru Fri 4:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Sat & Sun – 1:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Summer – 1:00pm-8:00pm Daily (lifeguard on duty)

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