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Are you looking for the Chevening Scholarship application form in Pdf? If you are looking for the Pdf form of the application form of this scholarship, then you don’t have to. It is because to apply for this scholarship, you have to fill the form online. How to do that? You can see the procedure below.

Uploading PDF Documents Required in the Chevening Scholarship

Applying for a Chevening scholarship, you do not need to fill the application in the Pdf form, but you have to fill it online. However, there will be some documents that you have to upload and those documents must be in Pdf file.

In section 3, where you have to enter your education details, you have to attach a transcript or certificate. A scanned version of this document and the file must be in PDF format.

In section 6, where you have to fill in the UK university application, you can also upload a scanned version of your conditional or unconditional offer letter if you have one. If you got this information from the university in an email, you have to use PDF converter software to convert it to a PDF to be able to upload it.

In section 10, where you have to fill in your immigration details, you also have to upload a scanned version of your passport and the files must be in PDF format.

To know more about how to apply for a Chevening Scholarship, you are able to read the guidance below.

Checking For Your Eligibility

Before you apply, you will be asked simple questions to decide whether you are eligible or not to register for the Chevening Scholarship. The things that will be asked are listed below.

  • Work experience
  • Undergraduate educational qualification
  • Leadership aspiration
  • Citizenship/ nationality
  • Any previously received UK government scholarships
  • Whether you or your family are or have been an employee of the UK government or related organizations
  • Commitment to going back home for a minimum of two years after your scholarship
  • Whether you have researched UK university courses and are prepared to apply for entering to them

Registering to Chevening Scholarship

If you find that you are deemed eligible to apply, you will be asked to make an account. When you create an account, you have to enter your name, email address and password. You can also create an account by clicking the LinkedIn or Facebook button and entering your existing account details.

Completing the Application Form

In the Chevening application form, usually, 10 sections are provided and you have to complete all sections before your application is submitted. After you completed the application, you will be asked to sign a declaration electronically to submit. Here is the information that you have to fill in those 10 sections.

In section 1, it is about your personal details. So, the information that you have to enter is title, name, date of birth, citizenship, and current place of residence.

In section 2, it is about your contact details. The information that you have to provide is your email address, phone number, skype ID and current postal address.

In section 3, you have to provide your education information such as country of study at undergraduate level, university/ college attended, dates of study, degree type, degree subject, course title, result scale, and result. Here, you have to attach a transcript or certificate and you can upload a scanned version of your qualification or transcripts and the files must be in PDF format to be uploaded.

In section 4, you have to enter your work experience including your current employment status, previous work experience including name of employer and position held, dates worked, total number of weeks worked during this time period, average number of hours per week worked, and summary of your responsibilities.

In section 5, it is about your English language qualification. If this is needed in your award category, you will be asked if you have taken an English language test and if you have taken it, you have to provide your test results. However, it is important to note that not all applicants will be asked these questions.

In section 6, you have to enter your UK university application information such as names of universities/ colleges, names of courses, whether you have made an application for entry, and if so whether you have got a conditional or unconditional offer. You have to research and choose three university course choices and you have to list three UK university courses that you want to attend. Make sure that it is different courses but they can be at the same university.

In section 7, it is about application questions. There will be some short essays of up to 300 words each including your personal statement, your academic background, your leadership and networking skills and your career plan and benefit to your home country.

In section 8, you will enroll two referees and these referees will be contacted to provide a reference on your behalf once you submit your application. It is recommended for you to choose referees who can write about your talents, abilities and leadership potential in English. Make sure that they are not your family members, friends or colleagues at peer level as potential referees. When enrolling each referee, you have to enter their name, job title, organization, capacity in which known, telephone and email.

In section 9, it is an applicant declaration where you will confirm the status of some areas including whether you or your immediate relatives are employed by the UK government, Chevening or its partners, citizenship, requirement to go back home after completion of your Chevening Award and any previous UK government funding received.

In section 10, it is about immigration questions including whether you have a valid passport; whether you have previously been to the UK and if so, in what capacity; whether you have a valid UK visa or other permission to get into the UK already; and whether you have been refused a visa or have any criminal convictions. Here, you have to upload a scanned version of your passport and the file must be in PDF. You will also be asked some basic information including an equal chances monitoring form, questions about how you heard about Chevening, and whether you are applying to other scholarships.

After completing all sections, then you have to sign a final application declaration and you can do that by ticking a box which indicates that you confirm the statement on the screen and submit your application.

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