CFA Practice Questions vs Exam

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As we know, CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst®. Lots of professionals in the finance industry will try and get their CFA certificate. The CFA practice questions are a great method to help prepare for the actual exam. By the way, are CFA practice questions harder than exam? Let us talk about the CFA Practice Questions vs Exam.

CFA Practice Questions vs Exam

Are CFA practice questions harder than exam? Actually, CFA practice questions and exam are meant to have similar difficulty. However, most readers seem to agree that Level 1 mock exam, at least, is more difficult than the actual exam. It could be that this practice is their first experience. The stress frequently makes the questions seem more difficult.

Individuals who obtain their CFA designation will be able to move up in the finance industry and increase their pay. Ensure you are ready for all levels of your CFA exam with CFA practice questions. To pass the exam, you will try to look for the CFA study materials. Now, there are some free CFA materials scattered on the internet. However, you have to be careful, because the CFA materials discovered on the internet may be inaccurate or outdated. Thankfully, we are going to inform you one of the best CFA study materials you can get.

CFA Institutes – One of Free CFA Study Materials

CFA Institutes is one of free CFA study materials. It offers practice questions which are based on curriculum topics, specially designed to help strengthen your understanding of the curriculum when you study. CFA Institutes are 100 percent free from CFA Institutes which are available to all registered candidates of all levels.

CFA Institutes provides Mock exam for all registered candidates who have access. But, there are some candidates every year who do not know that they have free material from CFA Institute. From year to year, the number of mock exams and formats will vary. You do not miss this chance to get some practices directly from CFA Institute. Need to know that Mock exam is arranged with properly the same topic area weights, format as the actual exam and also time per question. The Mock exam will be released per Level 1 in the Learning Ecosystem approximately two months before your exam date.

Practice Questions and Mock Exam Offered by CFA Institute

CFA Institutes offer two types of practice, including practice questions and mock exam, with Learning Ecosystem to help you prepare for the exam. When you explore the curriculum, they recommend pausing to answer the practice questions, assessing your level of confidence and also accuracy along the way. Then, before the actual exam, please take a mock exam which is almost similar to the actual exam.

  • Practice Questions
    After you take the adaptive placement test to determine the most important areas for you to focus your studies, then you are able to use the practice questions to know your understanding based on the study session. For your information, practice questions are based on lessons in the curriculum to assist you evaluate your topic-level strengths and weaknesses. All questions are rooted in the curriculum right now, and they are in the same format as the questions on the actual exam level you are registered for. You are going to receive in-time feedback on your answers, including detailed explanations for the correct answer.
  • Mock Exams
    Mock exams are specially designed to replicate the timing and structure of the exam. Also, Mock exams are known as question banks. They are posted in the Learning Ecosystem approximately two months before the date of your exam. In terms of structure, each mock exam will consist of the same topic area weights and level of difficulty as the actual exam. The questions are based on the current curriculum and they are in the same format as the questions on the actual exam.

Why Do You Need CPA Mock Exams?

CPA Mock Exams are important to passing.

  • It will help you understand what the main testable topics are.
  • It will get you used to the exam format, under time constraint.
  • It will assist you retain what you have learned.
  • As long as you go through the detailed answers carefully and review concepts you are unfamiliar with, then you are able to improve your scores and timing.

Practice Questions for CFA Level 3 Mock Exam

Here are some practice questions for CFA Level 3 Mock exam:

  1. Which of the principles is inconsistent with the Asset Manager Code of Professional
    A. Principle 1
    B. Principle 2
    C. Principle 3
  2. Which of the principles is inconsistent with the Asset Manager Code of Professional
    A. The risk management process.
    B. Portfolio information.
    C. Business-continuity plan.
  3. Which of Nathan’s client service policies is consistent with the Asset Manager Code of
    Professional Conduct?
    A. Performance reports frequency.
    B. Complete, accurate disclosures, including complex calculations.
    C. Conflicts of interests’ disclosures.
  4. Are the firm’s disclosures regarding management fees consistent with the required and recommended standards of the Asset Manager Code?
    A. Yes.
    B. No, because the average or expected expenses or fees clients are likely to incur are not mentioned.
    C. No, because complicated language is used.
  5. The economic forecasting approaches Jaffer and Arnaud most likely use are:
    A. Checklist approach and LEI.
    B. Reduced-form models and checklist approach.
    C. Structural models and LEI.
  6. Which of the following biases does Wu exhibit?
    A. Status quo, confirmation, overconfidence.
    B. Prudence, availability, look-ahead.
    C. Survivorship, time period, availability.
  7. Regarding the effect of the “horizon structure” of inflation on various assets, which of Jaffer’s notes is least likely correct?
    A. Note I.
    B. Note II.
    C. Note III.
  8. If the Eurozone country’s central bank responds with a reaction function based on the Taylor
    Rule and correctly calibrate the policy rate, which of the following will most likely occur?
    A. Short term rates will fall faster, but growth and inflation may decline less.
    B. Short term rates, growth and inflation will decline rapidly.
    C. Short term rates will fall rapidly but growth and inflation rates will remain steady.
  9. Which of the following behavioral biases is most likely demonstrated by Mrs. Wentworth?
    A. Conservatism bias.
    B. Confirmation bias.
    C. Availability bias.
  10. Which of the following behavioral biases is most likely demonstrated by Jack Black?
    A. Illusion of knowledge bias.
    B. Self-attribution bias.
    C. Hindsight bias.

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