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Do you want to cancel your CFA exam? You may want to do that and now you need a CFA deferral request form 2022. However, where can I get the CFA deferral request form 2022? If you want to know where you can get it, you are able to read about CFA deferral here according to the CFA Institute site.

Where Can I Get Deferral Request Form 2022?

According to the CFA Institute site, if you are candidates who are registered for an exam and you want to cancel your exam for some acceptable reasons so that you can move to another time, you are able to find the deferral form on the website of CFA Institute on the CFA Program Deferral Policy page when it is available for exam window. On that site, it is also explained that deferral requests for August 2022 will be accepted beginning 1 August and you need to wait until the deferral form is available for your window to be able to submit your deferral request.

Things to Know About Paid Deferral

If you are a scheduled candidate, you have a permission to buy a deferral for USD 399 up until 24 hours before your scheduled exam appointment that permits you to defer your exam from your current exam window to a future one. Let’s say that you do not have a scheduled appointment. If so, you have up until 3 days following the close of the exam window to buy a deferral.

When a deferral is bought, you may be able to defer your exam appointment for up to 12 months, depending on the level of your exam. If you have bought the deferral, then your registration and scheduled appointment will be cancelled soon. Before you decide to postpone your exam, it is important for you to note that your decision is binding. For every paid registration, the one that is permitted is only one paid deferral. You will not be permitted to postpone a second time except if you pay for a new registration. And also, another thing that you have to remember is that there is no refund available.

Things To Know About Emergency Deferral

As a candidate of CFA exam, you are able to request an Emergency Deferral up to 3 days following the close of the exam window. However, you need to note that you will be permitted to get a free emergency deferral if you are experiencing one of the things below.

  • You are suffering from life-threatening illness or your immediate family member is suffering from it.
  • There is your immediate family member who just passed away.
  • You are facing mandatory military deployment during the exam window.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have rescheduled the exam by Prometric and after you contact Prometric, you cannot find a new acceptable appointment date.
  • There is a government order restricting travel where it is because of the local pandemic situation. To a specific candidate or location, documentation needs to be issued and public guidance about general COVID protocols cannot be accepted.

Documentation needs to be provided where it is done to support claims for an emergency deferral, for free. After the deferral is approved, you may be able to postpone your exam appointment for up to 12 months, depending on the level of your exam.

What will happen if I am not eligible for an emergency deferral or eligible but cannot provide the proper documentation? If this thing happens, you will not qualify for an emergency deferral and your request will be rejected. However, you do not have to worry because you are able to buy a deferral.

It is important for you to note that all deferral requests obey the terms of the Candidate Agreement, up to and including review by the Professional Conduct department. You have to wait until six weeks for the team to validate the documentation that you provide and to complete processing of the emergency deferral requests.

How about cancelling exam appointments because of government ordered covid restrictions? If so, you will receive a deferral without any additional cost. Let’s say that you buy a deferral and exams at your original test center are cancelled afterwards. If so, you will not qualify for a no cost deferral or a refund. The future exam registration options for you will depend on exam appointment availability and you will be sent an email about the detailed information if your exam appointment needs to be cancelled.

Cited from CFA Institute site, here is the eligible exam windows for deferred August 2022 candidates.

Moving From You may be eligible to register for one of the following windows depending on your level. It is important for you to note that registration and scheduling deadlines apply and in case registration has already closed for a window, you are not able to register.
August – Level I February 23, May 23, or August 23
August – Level II May 23, or August 23
August – Level III February 23 or August 23

Other Things To Know About CFA Exam Deferral

You may wonder whether you are able to continue to have access to the Learning Ecosystem or not during your deferral period. Well, as explained on the CFA Institute site, you will be able to continue to have access to your Learning Ecosystem account throughout your deferral period. Let’s say that you register for an exam in a future calendar period. If so, your LES will be updated at that time with the new curriculum.

If you buy a deferral but you need to change your plans again, it is important for you to note that only one paid deferral is allowed for each paid registration. After the initial deferral is bought, you are not able to defer again. Let’s say that another change is required. If so, you need to pay for a new registration.

What will happen if I purchase a deferral but then I decide that I am able to sit for my exam after all? If you have chosen and paid for a deferral, it cancels your registration and scheduled exam appointment (if applicable). You need to note that it is a decision which is binding and it is not able to be changed and even you cannot get a refund.

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