Can You Get Financial Aid for Penn Foster?

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Education is important, but of course if we want to take it, we need to have enough money. So, talking about money, Penn Foster claim that the programs offered there are affordable. But, is it possible for us to get financial aid? Let’s find out the fact about it here.

Financial Aid at Penn Foster

Federal financial aid is not accepted by Penn Foster. Even if the financial aid is in the form of student loans or grants, such as the Pell Grant, available via FAFSA, Penn Foster cannot accept them. So, the alternative that Penn Foster offer for making students easier in getting education at this institution is through affordable payment options with 0% interest. If you are able to pay your tuition at Penn Foster fully, you will be able to save up to 25%.

 Can You Get Financial Aid for Penn Foster

With these alternatives of payments, studying at Penn Foster will not make you worried about the tuition because this institution will walk you through all of the details of the payment plan options and then they will work with you to create a customized plan which is suitable for your budget.

If we want to get education at Penn Foster, how much  money do we need to start? You are able to register now with a low initial payment and monthly payments as low as $39. At Penn Foster, the interest is 0% but you can get all learning aids and textbooks included in the cost of your program.

Tuition and Payment Options at Penn Foster

If you are able to pay the tuition at Penn Foster fully, you are able to save up to 25%. With this payment, it covers the whole cost of tuition including course materials, books, and the support of dedicated faculty of Penn Foster.

What are the payment plans which are offered by Penn Foster? You can pay your tuition at Penn Foster in one payment, an automatic payment plan or pay by mail. Whatever plans that you choose, Penn Foster will work with you to make a plan that can work with you. Also, whatever payment that you choose, it will include all learning materials and academic support from Penn Foster faculty.

You are able to get more information about payments plans of your tuition at Penn Foster by contacting an admissions specialist of Penn Foster at 1-800-275-4410. Alternatively, you are able to chat with them online.

Now, how about the payment methods that we are able to use at Penn Foster? Penn Foster provides a number of payment methods including:

  • PayPal
  • Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Automatic withdrawals which are authorized from checking and savings accounts from U.S. banks

The Cost of Programs at Penn Foster

Every program which is offered at Penn Foster has its own tuition and it is affordable. This institution also has several payment options with 0% interest. As a student of Penn Foster, you are able to pay your tuition fully or pay monthly. If you decide to pay in full, you will not be assessed a finance charge. A lot of programs can be enrolled for an average cost of $2 a day.

For the most popular programs at Penn Foster, the average monthly cost is around $5 or less. What are the most popular programs at Penn Foster? Those are:

  • High School Diploma
  • ABC Certified Wedding Planner
  • Auto Repair Technician Career Diploma
  • Certified Personal Trainer Career Diploma
  • Dental Assistant Career Diploma
  • Home Inspector Career Diploma
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Career Diploma
  • Medical Transcriptionist Career Diploma
  • Motorcycle Repair Technician Career Diploma
  • Physical Therapy Aide Career Diploma
  • Small Engine Repair Career Diploma
  • Travel and Tourism Specialist Career Diploma

The Reason Why High School Program Is Not Free at Penn Foster

You may wonder why high school program at Penn Foster is not free like it is in school districts. It is because Penn Foster High School is a private school, not a public school. This institution is funded through tuition which is paid by the students. Meanwhile, public schools are funded from taxes which are paid by residents of that Community.

The Reasons Why Programs at Penn Foster are Affordable

Programs which are offered by Penn Foster are affordable. But, why? It is because Penn Foster does not have a brick and mortar campus for students to attend. So, the money that the institutions get from the students tuition is used for operation costs. This institution believe that everyone has a right for being able to get an education and finances should not be a reason why people cannot get their education and achieve their goals.

What Will Happen If We Miss a Payment and What If We Want to Pay Off Our Tuition the Next Several Months?

If you miss a payment at Penn Foster, you do not have to be worried. Penn Foster has Student Services which can be accessed on Monday to Friday at 9 am to 6 pm (Eastern time). You are able to get help from them with any payment questions. If you miss a payment, there is also a grace period.

Then, what if we want to pay off our tuition in the next several months? You may wonder whether we will get the pay-in-full savings or not. Well, if you want to get the pay-in-full savings, you need to pay the program in full at the time of enrollment. According to Penn Foster website, the difference between the payment options is the dollar amount the credit will cost you for choosing a monthly payment plan versus paying in full. If you want to increase your tuition savings, you are able to enroll in automatic payment plan.

If We Finish Our Semester But Still Owing Money, Will Our Payment Go Up?

As explained on Penn Foster website, if you finish your semester, but you still owe money, whether your payment will go up or not, it depends on how much money you owe from your previous semester in the degree program and also the cost of the next semester which is different for each degree based on the number of credits needed for each semester.

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