Can Teachers See if You Use Course Hero?

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When you use answers from Course Hero, you may wonder whether your teachers can see it or not. If your teachers can see it, it can be a problem for you. Let’s read about it here according to some sources.

Can Teachers See If I Use Course Hero?

When you use answers from Course Hero, you have to be careful. As explained on PriorityLearn site, you are able to get caught using Course Hero. It can happen if you copy paste information or answers from Course Hero and then your teachers check your answers by using plagiarism checkers. So, you have to use Course Hero wisely where you have to use it as a resource. Make sure that you do not copy the answers from Course Hero word by word. Instead, you have to paraphrase it.

For your information, a number of academic institutions now use premium plagiarism tools to be able to detect cheating. Plagiarism such as Turnitin and UniCheck have the ability to crawl Course Hero content and flag any content which is plagiarized. As explained on the Course Hero’s Honor code, the platform encourages tools for monitoring content to be able to crawl their materials so that it makes it easy for plagiarism checkers to find and flag any content of students which is copied from the platform.

On the LearnPar site, it is also explained that you have to make sure that you use this kind of platform as study guides only and reduce the chances for your professor to know that you used the platform so that you can stay safe in using the platform. On LearnPar, it is explained that the only mistake which can make your teachers or professors know that you use Course Hero and then make you in trouble is because you copy-paste everything from Course Hero and send the same to your teachers or professors as your own. As explained earlier, universities have plagiarism checkers to be able to detect if you copied content from this kind of platform. So, you have to avoid copying. By using the plagiarism checker, your teachers or professors will check your content and then if you copy paste the answer, they will know that you got it from Course Hero.

Furthermore, on LearPar, it is explained that there are some schools which have accounts on Course Hero. It means that before the teachers give any homework or assignments, they will also check the same questions on Course Hero and get their solutions. If you just copy paste the answers carelessly without making some modifications in the answers, then your teachers will find that you get the answers from Course Hero and it will be a trouble for you.

Will Course Hero Notify Your School?

As explained on the LearnPar, here is the explanation whether Course Hero will notify your school or not. Actually, if you use Course Hero services, Course Hero does not notify your school. However, in extreme cases, there may be institutions which ask Course Hero about the details of particular areas of plagiarism as detected by their tool. If there is a case like this, it will be handled according to their privacy policies and user protection rules.

On the LearnPar site, it is also explained that those institutions are bound by the law to cooperate in upholding academic integrity. However, there is a law in the federal government which manages the industry for the goal of protecting the interest of the institutions and the students. On request, there are some details that Course Hero can tell your school.

So, it is recommended for you to read and understand the terms and conditions to use those kinds of platforms before you use them. So, you are able to avoid future errors and mistakes. It is also important for you not to use and claim their answers as yours.

Is It Safe to Use Course Hero?

As explained on the Priority Learn site, Course Hero has 24 million students and instructors and it does not have relevant safety incidence. This platform is one of the biggest community-sourced educational resource providers and this platform has information sourced by the community of instructors and students. On the Priority Learn site, it is also explained that Course Hero generates a random username for students automatically to permit anonymity on the platform. Furthermore, it is explained that student information is kept confidential and Course Hero encourages students to obey their respective institution’s code of academic integrity and honor code while using the services.

How Does Course Hero Overcome Copyright Issues?

According to the Course Hero site, copyrights are held by the creator of the material. However, it is important for you to note that there are some exceptions including, but not limited to these things as explained on Course Hero.

  • Fair Use content
  • Public Domain content
  • Employers who have the rights to employee work

The Things That You Can Do and Don’t Do in Course Hero

Here are the things that you can do and don’t do in Course Hero according to the Course Hero site.


  • You are permitted to use Course Hero materials to study more effectively and to make you understand more about the material.
  • You are permitted to upload quality original study materials to Course Hero that you have made by yourself.
  • You are permitted to use Course Hero study materials and tutors to help you with your tasks when it is appropriate.
  • You are permitted to use Course Hero as long as you follow the academic honor codes of your instructor or institution.


  • You are not permitted to copy answers directly from Course Hero resources and submit them as your own work.
  • You are not permitted to upload study materials of another person to Course Hero and claim them as your study materials.
  • You are not permitted to use Course Hero materials or tutors to complete tasks when you are asked not to use outside help.
  • You are not permitted to use Course Hero in a way that violates the academic honor codes of your instructor or institution.

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