Can Parents Sign Up for Raz-Kids?

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Raz-Kids is an online resource that can be used by children for having a library of differentiated books. On this platform, children can read, listen and take a quiz. They are able to practice reading anywhere including in school, at home, or on the go. Because this is for children, can parents sign up for Raz-Kids? Let’s find out about it here.

Parents Signing Up for Raz-Kids

According to the official website of Raz-Kids, parents are able to sign up. Parents can log into Raz-Kids as their child to request access and then they have to click on the Parents link which can be found at the top right of the page. Then, parents need to follow the instructions to provide an email address. The teacher of their child will have to approve the email address before parents can see their child’s information.

Parents can use the Parent Portal to see the books and activities that their child has completed. Besides, they also can monitor their child’s progress and send them messages. With this portal, parents can monitor what their child does on this platform.

Parent Tool Kit at Raz-Kids

By using Raz-Kids, parents can do some learning activities with their kids. Here are several things that they can do with their kids and Raz-Kids.

  • Parents can read a book aloud to their child.
  • Parents can have their children read a book to them.
  • Parents can try choral reading. What does it mean? It means that parents read aloud together with their children.
  • Parents can do a buddy read where it takes turns reading aloud.
  • Parents can practice with the Glossary or Words to Know.
    • Parents and their children can find the words in the text and then discuss how they are used.
    • Parents and their children can review the meaning of each word.
    • Parents and their children can draw pictures to represent each word.
    • Parents and their children can create sentences for each word.
    • Parents and their children can practice spelling each word.

With Raz-Kids, parents and their children will be able to spend time learning while enjoying it without having to feel that they are learning because the lessons in Raz-Kids are fun to learn.

Some Tips for Talking About Texts

For parents, there are some tips for being able to talk about texts. Parents can engage with their child by asking the questions below before, during and after reading a variety of texts.

  • Before Reading Text

Before reading text, parents can ask to their children about what their child think about the book will be, the title, the topic that their children know about it, the questions that their children have, whether the story is real or imaginary, the author of the book and whether or not their children have read any other books by this author.

  • During Reading Text

During reading text, parents can ask their children about what will happen next in the story, their opinion, where and when the story takes place, how the character will handle the situation, why the character undergoes the things which are told in the story, and the meaning of several words in the text.

  • After Reading Text

After reading the text, parents can ask to their children to retell the story, the things that their children will ask to the author, the most important events in the story, how the character changes in the story, how their children would solve the problem and the evidence that their children can find in the story.

A Guide to Use Raz-Kids for Parents

Here, we have a guide to use Raz-Kids for parents such as how to login and some more things. First, let’s find out how to log into Raz-Kids.

  • To log into Raz-Kids, parents have to access the official website of Raz-Kids at If they are in the Learning A-Z website, they can click on the Raz-Kids menu at the top of the screen to access Raz-Kids website.
  • When they are on the Raz-Kids page, they have to click on the green tab which says Kids Login.
  • After that, they will be taken to a page where they have to type their child’s teacher’s username in the space under Your Teacher’s Username. If parents do not know the information about it, they can contact their child’s teacher. After entering the space, then click on the Go button.

In Raz-Kids, parents can look for and click on their name or click on Change Teacher, put a new teacher’s username in and then they can come back to the screen to find their name.

After logging in, parents can see Your All-Time Super Stats and Stuff section. In this section, parents can see the amount of the text that their children have listened to and read, quizzes, interactives, level up, messages and badges. Under it, there is Your Recent Assignment where parents can see their children’s recent assignments.

In the All-Time Super Stats and Stuff section, there is a Level Up link. What is it? If this link is clicked, you will be taken to a new page. On that page, exactly at the top of that page, there is for example ’25 Tasks Left’ which means the tasks that the child has left before they can level up. It is also the page where they will work on their story tasks. After the children click on a story, then they have the option to listen to or read the story.

At the top right corner of Raz-Kids, there is a pull-down tab with three dots. If you click on the pull-down tab, you are able to access stats, messages and badges. In the stats, in the Rewards section, you are able to see the stars earned by your child, the stars to spend by your child and badges that your child has earned. Besides, as explained earlier that in stats, in the Reading section, you can see the number of listens, reads, quizzes and interactives which are done by your child.

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